10 Foods that Lift Your Mood and Make You Happy

10 Foods that Lift Your Mood and Make You Happy

There are times when our moods need immediate upliftment and we seek solace in our food. Food is something that not only nurtures our body but also fulfills our soul. Our cravings make us give in to the most unhealthy of food but we must ensure that the type of food that we indulge in doesn’t worsen our mood that was bad, to begin with.

So in this article, we’ll talk about foods that lift your mood and make you feel happy.

When or Why do you eat?

You eat food in three situations, which are:

  1. You are hungry
  2. You are stressed
  3. You are just bored.

How food affects your mood?

Hunger is not the only thing that partakes in our eating habits. Stress eating is something that is a not-so-recent phenomenon that is due to the fact that food relieves us and makes us feel good about ourselves. Over-indulgence while stress eating is bad for your health, but every once in a while, it’s okay to crave into our unhealthy fantasies.

The tendency of everyone (yes, you are not the only one doing this) to go open their fridge while they are bored out of their mind and grab whatever looks appetizing contributes a lot to our eating habits based on health. 

The COVID era has led to people sitting in their homes with work that they are either too lazy to do or with deadlines they are so nonchalant to miss. These couch potatoes are binge-watching most of the time and every movie or TV show requires a big bucket of popcorn or a huge bowl of loaded nachos. 

During all these instances, we sometimes undermine our health and the capacity it has over influencing our moods. The excess salt present in most processed food is a major contributor to our anxiety.

The excessively salty food and the sugary drinks might give us the instant gratification that we desire, but they are also the reason for our bloated stomach, unhealthy skin, and bad temperament.

Foods that Lift Your Mood

Here are some delicious, appetizing, and healthy foods that lift your mood and make you happier.

1. Dark Chocolate

The initial bitter taste that is usually the first thing that registers, easily subsides within seconds and you can enjoy the dark chocolate, which is not only a great anxiety booster but also a better option over the sugar-loaded milk chocolates. 

Foods that Lift Your Mood

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2. Roasted Foxnuts

Fox nuts or commonly known as Makhana are the latent superheroes that are rich in various essential nutrients. They are used in many delicacies all across the globe and as they tend to be quite light, they are the perfect mood lifters and healthy substitutes to your regular fried chips.

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3. Roasted dry fruits

These dried fruits are high in vitamins and proteins, and they also help to enhance immunity and avoid lifestyle illnesses like diabetes and cholesterol. The majority of dried fruits are high in minerals, proteins, fiber, and vitamins, as well as being flavorful and pleasant. Dry fruits are a great and nutritious alternative to regular snacking.

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4. Chiwda

Indians love all forms of Poha, but this particular form is versatile. It can be eaten as porridge with some yogurt or can be roasted with some veggies. Regardless, it has the perfect amount of proteins to help you lift your mood. Fun fact, it is quite light and easy to digest as well. 

Foods that Lift Your Mood

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5. Coconut Ladoo – Make a powder of dry coconut and then combine it with your choice of dry fruits and some milkmaid. You have a munching snack ready. The benefits of coconuts go way back to our ancestors where it was offered to the deities and then served to the whole family. Coconut has various good fats and it is rich in protein, which makes it perfect for our spirit and wholesome for our body.Foods that Lift Your Mood


6. Sooji Dosa – This can be a twisted version of the infamous Rawa dosa which is a popular south Indian delicacy. Just combine some sooji with some curd and veggies of your choice. Add water to make it to a batter consistency. Cook it by spreading it over a pan and making sure to cook evenly on both sides.

This is a healthy, crunchy, and easy-to-make recipe that has the goodness of coarse wheat and all the nutrients that come with it. It is light on your stomach and hence, very good for your mood.

7. Water-rich Fruits – Watermelon, oranges, strawberries, and all the water-rich fruits are essential in everyone’s diet, especially those who are susceptible to anxiety. That is because they keep you hydrated and ward off any sort of irritation that comes with the daily stress.

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8. Paneer sandwich – For a healthier mind and high spirits, it is important to include a lot of protein in your diet. Paneer is a great source of protein and a paneer stuffed sandwich will help you kickstart your day with the right mood.

Foods that Lift Your Mood

9. Sweet potato salad – Sweet potatoes are rich in potassium that helps with depression. Boiling the sweet potato and dressing it in some lemon, a pinch of sea salt, and some chaat masala would make the ultimate snack and you can have it as a light dinner too. 

Foods that Lift Your Mood


10. Beetroot-walnut salad – Beetroots have plenty of folates which aids in cell repair. It also helps in repairing your frame of mind when you might feel down. Some grated beetroot combined with yogurt, some salt and black pepper topped with walnuts for the crunch can serve you for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Additionally, the aesthetic baby-pink color of this salad can make it the ideal Instagram post.

So, these were 10 Foods that Lift Your Mood. But you must remember, to live a healthier, and free-spirited life, you must avoid all sorts of sugary soft drinks, fried snacks, and processed foods. The key to a better mood is a light diet that keeps you away from all the illnesses and inculcates a healthy mind. 



You can boost your mood naturally through the intake of a healthy diet, some exercise, and a good sleep routine.
Citrus fruits like oranges are proved to be good for depression and anxiety.
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