8 Best Formal Wear for Women Online

8 Best Formal Wear for Women Online

With an increase in the participation of women in corporate spaces, women have been scuffing around to find the best formal wear that they could.

A proper and inclusive market specifically for best formal wear for women online is still lacking but many brands have taken a step forward in the right direction where they are trying to stock up their department of formals for women.

A good collection of formals is something that every woman needs, be it a schoolgirl, a collegiate, a working woman, or a homemaker. Formals not only add an edge to your personality but also improve your stance and boost up your confidence. 

For an interview or any formal setting, you must set up a good first impression. Your dressing style speaks a lot about your behavioral conduct and hence you must make sure that you leave no stone unturned in bagging that job or internship that you aspire to!

While formal wear is a vast entity, we can broadly divide it into two major categories – Indian formals and Western formals. The accessories are also quite significant for an elegant formal look and you must pay equal attention while pairing them. 

Best Indian Formals for Women

1. Sarees

Sarees are often regarded as a business outfit due to their classic Indian appearance. Women can traditionally wear sarees, with the pallu over the left shoulder, to the office, or any other formal occasion.

Solid, pastel colors with simple motifs, rather than huge, colorful decorations or graphics, are preferable when picking colors for sarees.

Avoiding overly stylish or designer necklines and blouse designs while using textiles like silk cotton, chanderis, and Kota silk and avoiding overly stylish or designer necklines and blouse patterns ensure comfort and produce appropriate Indian formal wear for the office.

2. Kurtis

It is a subject of wide speculation that whether Kurtis are considered formal wear or not. While Kurtis is supposed to be formals, you should make sure that yours adhere to the standards of any formal wear. Plain, straight, and A-line cotton Kurtis are best suited as office wear.

You must ensure that there aren’t any frilly sleeves or huge borders in your Kurti. For an elegant look, avoid pairing them with tight leggings, instead pair them with some trousers or formal pants.

Choose neutral colors, such as light browns, off whites, and ochres. Neon shades or bright colors are an absolute no-no. Plunging necklines and figure-hugging kurtas should also be avoided.

3. Salwar Suits

There is a major distinction between formal salwar suits and those that are not. You must keep in mind that there are several sorts of salwars available, with the majority of variances being in the top or kameez designs, and that not every style is appropriate for the workplace.

Straight-cut salwar suits in cotton, jute silk, chanderi, tussar silk, and other materials are ideal. 

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Best Western Formals for Women

4. Skirts 

Formal skirts are one of the best formals for women. They exude elegance and confidence, and they go nicely with solid full-sleeved shirts and blouses. For office and high-functioning corporate gatherings, skirts are a wonderful formal dress option.

For a formal look, knee-length or below-knee skirts are recommended. Avoid skirts with bright colors or ornate patterns with a lot of sparkles. For a more professional appearance, stick to neutral colors like beige, brown, and black.

5. Trousers

A pair of black trousers along with any light-colored shirt can save your date at all times. For individuals who want to try out a western formal dress for the first time, the traditional shirt and trouser combination is ideal.

This is one of those outfits that never goes out of style. Trousers can be paired with shirts, blouses, and even kurtis. They are essential for every woman who is frequent to a formal setting. 

6. Dresses 

It is a bit difficult to make out the formal dresses from the informal ones. Avoid dresses with big patterns or sparkle that may attract unwanted attention when shopping. Also, make sure that there isn’t any prominent embroidery or graphic on those dresses. A maxi dress is also a big no.

Make sure the dress is well-fitted and there isn’t any unwanted aspect attached to you. Comfort must be your top priority while you experiment with dresses and if the dress makes you uncomfortable or under-confident in any way, then it’s better if you leave that one and move on. 

7. Shirts and Blouses 

The mantra of less is more works best for shirts and blouses when you are aiming for a formal look. Shop for shirts that are of light pastel shades and ensure that they are devoid of any frill, glitter, or graphics.

A plain white shirt is a must-have as it can be paired with almost anything. While getting a shirt or a blouse, you have to make sure that it fits you perfectly and it does not hang loose or seems baggy. For shirts, the preferred material is cotton whereas for blouses it is satin.

8. Accessories

It is advised that you go with minimal accessories and there should not be anything flashy paired with your formal clothes. Some simple diamond studs for earrings and a plain gold or silver chain suffices your need for any jewelry if you wish for it that is.

An unornamented watch with preferably a plain band and an unfussy dial is best suited for formals. You must ensure that every article you accessorize yourself with is not flamboyant. You must refrain from any anklets, bracelets, and scarves.



Best formal wear for women

There are some etiquettes that you need to keep in mind while opting for formals but once you start wearing them, you can surely experiment with more options. Just keep the tones light and the add-ons minimal, and you’ll be set for your next interview or board meeting!

With this, we bring an end to “Best Formal Wear for Women Online” though we would love to know your favorite formal wears in the comments.


The choice of brand is completely up to you and your tastes. Some popular brands for western formals are Allen Solly and H&M and for Indians, you can go with Biba or FabIndia. This is completely subjective and you must choose your outfit according to your comfort levels and not just by brand name.
If you choose the right Kurti, keeping in mind the code for formals, then you can wear them in any formal setting. Make sure they don’t have a broad border or large motifs on them.


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