Are Long Distance Relationships Worth It?

Are Long Distance Relationships Worth It?

Last year, my boyfriend decided to move halfway across the globe for his career. Of course, I was one of the happiest, but one looming question was, “What about our relationship?” 

I was unsure how we would make it work or whether long distance relationships were worth it. Initially, we both were very skeptical about the idea of an LDR and uncertain about the future. 

But with late-night video calls, texting throughout the day, and surprise meet-ups, we made it through our long distance relationship.

Are Long Distance Relationships Worth It?

Like everyone else, I went to the Internet to find answers to my questions. But I didn’t find anything except that long distance relationships are hard and would not work. Based on my experience, I’d like to answer the question, “Are long distance relationships worth it?” differently.

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What is a Long-Distance Relationship?

Are Long Distance Relationships Worth It?

A long-distance relationship is a romantic and intimate relationship with geographically separated partners. In this relationship, both partners are physically apart and often lack physical and face-to-face contact. 

Maintaining a long-distance relationship can be challenging, but it also has benefits and surprises. 

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How to Make Long-Distance Relationships Work?

With the world getting smaller every day and everything available at our fingertips, it is essential to know that it is easier to stay connected and maintain long-distance relationships. It has even proven to work better and more conveniently for both partners and has sustained a long-term relationship in most cases.

Whether you are together every day or live in separate cities, relationships are always worth it. But how to make long-distance relationships work?

Maintaining a long-distance relationship is not that hard. Following are the five easiest ways to make your long-distance relationships work!

Trust Among Partners

The key to a healthy long-distance relationship is trust among the partners. Trust is the foundation of every relationship and is even more significant and essential in long-distance relationships. Being honest and transparent is necessary to foster a stronger bond and to let each other know about your concerns and feelings. This would encourage a sense of security in your relationship and allow you to have a more grounded relationship even after living in separate cities.

Communication is the Key

Are Long Distance Relationships Worth It?

Regular and meaningful communication is the key to any relationship. Keeping in contact daily allows you to have a stronger bond even after being physically apart. After a long and hectic day, all you need is a little time from your partner to talk about how each other’s day went. Schedule video calls, phone calls, and texts whenever you can to be involved in each other’s lives and stay connected. Make a little effort to share your thoughts and emotions and maintain intimacy.

Clear Expectations

Defining and setting clear expectations early on in the relationship would help you both prevent misunderstandings and conflicts later on. Talk about your schedules, availability, plans, and how often you’ll visit each other. 

Having a clear understanding of what the other partner wants and expects will make you both comfortable and at ease with each other.


Independence can be a significant aspect of making long-distance relationships work. When you have your partner alongside you, if not in the same house but in the same city, it is easier to rely on them for emotional comfort and validation. 

But in a long-distance relationship, you’re far away from your partner, so relying on them too heavily for emotional comfort can strain the relationship. Being independent would allow you to manage your emotions without burdening your partner. 

Planned Visits and Surprises

Are Long Distance Relationships Worth It?

Planning visits and surprises for your partner can help sustain your long-distance relationship more easily. Planning these surprises and visits can help strengthen the connection between both partners and maintain excitement and love. 

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Even if you can’t be physically together, you can still have meaningful dates and surprises to get you going and stay connected.

Are Long-Distance Relationships Worth It?

Research reports that about 24% of internet users have used the internet or emails to maintain their long-distance romantic relationships. Being continuously in touch through texts, calls, video calls, and social media has made staying in a long-distance relationship easier.

But are long-distance relationships worth it? Let’s find out why they are!

Frequent Intimate Conversations

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When you’re in a long-distance relationship, you want to make the most of your time and try to spend most of your time together, even more than some of the most proximal relationships. In a long-distance relationship, conversations are what you rely on. 

Intimate conversations help maintain closeness and emotional connection while away. Through these meaningful conversations, you can understand each other better, share your values and beliefs, and get to know each other better.

Greater Emotional Intimacy

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Emotional intimacy is crucial in every relationship, but it becomes particularly significant in long-distance relationships without physical intimacy. While you are apart, being connected emotionally is one way you can maintain your relationship and grow stronger. You can discuss your future and have meaningful conversations.

Little Things Matter

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In every relationship, little things matter. In Little Things, Dhruv knew that Kavya was down, so he ordered a biryani to cheer her up. Even after being miles apart, you need to know the little things about your partner and how you can cheer them up without being physically close to them. 

In LDRs, you start to value small things more, which might not be the case in every relationship. These little things are often what make a difference. Sharing photos and videos, talking about your day, and even sending a good morning text can make a difference.   

Heightened Experience Of Love

While in a long-distance relationship, you experience a heightened experience of love. Throughout the day, you have so much to talk about, and by telling each other about your respective days, you get to know every single detail of each other’s days.

The absence of your loved one makes you grow fonder of them. You want to pursue the relationship because of love and nothing else. Plus, the excitement of planning visits and surprising each other can never get boring! So come on and plan something for them!

You Make The Most Of Your Time

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When you have a limit on your time together, you automatically try to make everything worthwhile. You want to do everything in that limited amount of time while still being relaxed and basking in each other’s presence.

Be it having a date night, some cozy time at home, or simply spending some quality time, you make sure to make the most of your time and be together as much as possible.

Reality Check of Long Distance Relationships

Long distance relationships are challenging and can drain you if your efforts are one-sided. So, it is important to get a reality check every once in a while and evaluate your communications. 

Are the efforts made very one-sided? Analyze your plans, emotional connection, and an effort to spend quality time together regardless of the distance. Give yourself a reality check about your relationship, and then move forward.

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While having a long-distance relationship can be extremely rewarding, it can be challenging and overwhelming for some. With the new modes of communication and technology allowing you to stay constantly in touch, it has become easier to maintain their relationship. 

To answer the question, ‘Are long distance relationships worth it?’ Yes, long distance relationships are worth everything and more. They are worth giving a shot if you truly love the person and are willing to make an effort. However, knowing red flags and when to pull away from the relationship is also essential. Evaluate and analyze your relationship and move forward!

You both are gonna make it through this and become even stronger!


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