Hey, I’m Aastha Kochar — the founder of I have been a lifestyle blogger for last three years. I’m a foodie, travel enthusiast and an influencer. I love to spread positivity and happiness into everyone’s life through my blogs. ‘Not So Complicated’ is an initiative with the same purpose i.e— to make life less complicating, but trust me life isn’t that complicated, it is WE who make it. On this site, you’ll find blogs that will make your journey of life, much more easy and fun.
Here you’ll find blogs of mainly 6 categories, these are:
  1. LIFESTYLE: Under this category, I’ll talk about making those everyday tasks easier, that we often mess up and make our life seem more complicated.
  2. TRAVEL: Travel is that unavoidable part of life, which helps me discover myself. I’m sure you love it too! Even if you don’t, just sit back and relax, my blogs will make you travel virtually.
  3. FASHION AND BEAUTY: We’re always looking to present ourselves the best, Isn’t it? You will find all kinds of fashion and beauty hacks on my website.
  4. SOCIETY: Let us together explore society and make it better by reversing the evil norms and stereotypical cultures created by us.
  5. FOOD AND BEVERAGES: Food is something we can’t live without. I’m a person who loves cooking food as much as I love eating it. Here we’ll be sharing food reviews, recipes and much more.
  6. TRENDING: Don’t miss out on anything, stay updated with the current trends and everything that is happening around you.


Our team consists of 15+ people who are working for different roles like blogging, graphic designing, social media managing among others. If you’d like to join us, feel free to contact us!