10 Things You Can Do To Manage Stress
Ways to manage stress. (Photo: Pexels)

10 Things You Can Do To Manage Stress

The road to any destination is not always smooth. It does have some obstacles. But when and how you will reach the destination depends on how you deal with the obstacles that come your way. Every day you may feel stressed about certain situations or things in life. It may be corporate responsibilities, household chores, non-accomplishment of targets or simply something someone said to you. You shouldn’t expect life to be without stress, but instead, learn to manage stress.

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Although there’s no hard and fast formula to deal with stressful times as it largely depends on what you are going through. But definitely, this general guide may help you manage it.

10 practical ways to manage stress:


First of all, identify what is causing you stress. Because no matter what you do, if you don’t work on eliminating the real cause, it won’t give you a sigh of relief. For example, if a job is causing you stress due to overtime or a lot of responsibilities, look for another job. If you have toxic people around you, cut off from them instead of developing negativity.

In some conditions, stressors are uncontrollable such as the death of a close one. The worst part is that you can’t get them back, so in such cases, you can only manage stress and not eliminate it.



No matter what is the cause of stress, one major facts adding onto it is your lack of time and care for your own self! If you really want to manage it effectively, you need to focus on yourself. A great way to do it is by indulging yourself in what you love. Whether you like to sing, dance, sketch, paint, go out or play, DO IT! There’s no better way of eliminating stress than doing what you love to.



Dress up not to impress but to express! Many-a-times it is just little things that give us happiness. Isn’t it? For a lot of us, dressing up or grooming ourselves makes us feel more confident, positive and happy. So, pull out that long-kept attire from your wardrobe and wear it along with your favourite lip shade and of course heels!

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Dress up. (Photo: Pexels)


You can also put on your favourite face mask or hair mask to enhance your body as well as mood.



No matter how helpful social media can be for certain things, it can be equally stressful due to a number of reasons. Some of these include a feeling of inferiority, social bullying, inadequate sleep etc. For this, you should limit your screen time (specifically using social media). Also, ensure that you turn off your smartphone or internet at least half an hour before your sleeping time. It’s important to live in real-world and not in virtual one to sustain a stress-free life.



Eating is directly connected to stress, even if you don’t believe it. What you eat can cause physical stress as well as stress. On the other hand, if you are stressed, you are likely to eat unhealthy, which can help elevate your mood instantly. But the same can make you lethargic and in fact worsen your condition in the long run. Try to eat protein, fibre and vitamins and limit the consumption of carbs and trust me, you’ll feel light and better.



Meditation is a really effective practice to manage stress. Meditating for just 15 minutes every morning can drastically improvise the quality of your day. Whether you want to chant, listen to calm music or concentrate at a point, stay quiet and focus. Let go-away all the negativity from within and you will feel light, relaxed and contented. I personally find calming music as an effective way to feel relieved from everyday stress. You can plug into your earphones and check out the video below:



Although stress can be a common cause of overload of work, it can be due to several other reasons. No matter what is causing you stress, it can affect your everyday work. And therefore, making your daily-tasks more manageable is important even if you have limited tasks. Note down all your To-Do things on a paper and also list your priorities like: urgent and important, important but not urgent, not urgent, not important. This way, you can easily manage them and not let it add on to your stress levels. Also, you should schedule your tasks a night before, so that you don’t waste your morning and start it with maximum efficiency.



Many-a-times it isn’t external things, but instead, our own expectations that cause stressful conditions in our life. Therefore, the need to be pragmatic can’t be underrated. If you are wondering what I really mean, let me state it better for you. Did you expect to score a 100 in an exam but little less? Is it making you feel low now? Here’s how you contributed to making your life more stressful. I won’t say don’t expect but keep your expectations minimal or as per your previous results and performance and not according to others.



When you feel low, you need someone to boost yourself up. And if this ‘someone’ is ‘you’ yourself, it couldn’t be any better! Reminding yourself that this too shall pass, can really help you stay positive in stressful times. Every morning you wake up, remind yourself of your worth and of how you handled similar situations in the past. Trust me, it will help you manage stress by a great extent.

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Positive self talks. (Photo: Pexels)

If you feel like you can’t manage work alone, seek help from your batchmates or colleagues. If you have tried every possible thing but still fail to cope up with it, do not hesitate to seek help. Discuss your problems with your family and friends, asking for solutions. As a last resort, meet and discuss with a counsellor or psychologist.


Remember, stress is a part of life and it isn’t as complicated as it seems to be. You can overcome stress by doing little things for you as well as others. Just like by sharing this blog to help spread smiles? 🙂 Haha!

Also, do not forget to share about how you cope up with stress.

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