12 Soothing Music For Anxiety Relief

12 Soothing Music For Anxiety Relief

Everyone experiences stress over major and trivial matters. And almost everyone is aware of at least one tip’ n trick to calm their raging nerves. Music is one of them. 

And every kind of music evokes different emotions like Upbeat music can lift your spirits and mood; while slow music can make you feel relaxed, and fast music can make your mind alert and conscious. So, finding the right tune for your nerves can be a minor challenge.

However, fret not! You can follow our playlist to find soothing music for anxiety relief with ease. But can music help with anxiety? 

Does music help with anxiety?

The question is plausible, and the answer to it is, yes. The researchers at Stanford University have said, “listening to music seems to change brain functioning to the same extent as medication.”

Also, finding the right music can reduce anxiety by up to 65%. Thus, using music for anxiety relief is a valid step towards a healthy mind.

How does music help with anxiety?

Music affects directly on endocrine, autonomic, cognitive, and emotional domains of the humans’ stress response. To put it in simple terms, listening to music for anxiety relief will also drastically affect your physical health via stress reduction.

Meaning: No stress, no mess

Music For anxiety relief

  1. Weightless by Marconi Union

Marconi Union – Weightless (Official Video)

Weightless is a delicately strung tune, with calculated gaps in between the tunes, and is also scientifically proven to be calming and relaxing. And according to the British Academy of Sound Therapy, Weightless lowers blood pressure, slows down the heart rate, and reduces cortisol (the stress hormone) at exceptional rates. 

Note: Scientists highly discourage you from listening to this while you are driving, because it can make you fell asleep.

  1. Starlight by Indra Jamal


Indra Jamal composed an incredible piece, Starlight. This composition can relax your muscles tremendously. 

Hear this while you meditate, and you can feel yourself taking a serene journey around space. It calms your nerves with every keynote and resonating tunes.  

  1. Farscapes by Milan Moux


Grab your escape ticket with Farscapes by Milan Moux. Unlike the others, Farscapes will drown you into an abyss of calm and tranquility with its gapless and steady notes of serenity. 

  1. Let Go by Chama Wijnen 

Chama Wijnen – Let Go

A Calmingly nostalgic piece composed by Chama Wijnen will have you Let Go of all your stress and negative thoughts. The perfect, but not too long gaping between the keynotes will be a refreshing restart.  

  1. Easy Mind by Alma Meris

Easy Mind

This is a piece of great music for anxiety relief. Plugin your earphones and concentrate on the soothing sound of music with water running tranquility in the background.

Ah, this one had me loosen up instantly.

  1. For Now by Leah Maur

For now

Leah Maur amazingly described the words of consolation. With every note- from low to high, you can hear music say, “For now, let’s go slow. For now, let it go. That truly had me reeling over things, nostalgically.

  1. Gentle Stream by Syla Lo

Gentle Stream

A gentle stream of calculated high notes can make you calmingly conscious of yourself. Lie down and feel the metal, gentle and slow. Feel your nerves running down to your fingertips to your toes; it’s strangely alarming but calming. 

  1. Serenity of Touch by Niigata

Serenity of Touch

Like a mandala art, Serenity of Touch lets you experience a journey that feels pure and satisfactory. And the occasional flute will transfer you right onto the edge of serenity. Plus, it makes you feel cleansed from all your worries and negative thoughts.      

  1. Persistence by Johann Eder


It is an encouraging composition by Johann Eder, Persistence. All the high and low keynotes will feel like it’s encouraging you towards positivity, and to be persistent. 

It’s telling you to keep going. So, keep moving!  

  1. Tidal Flow by Yonder Dale

Tidal Flow

The slumber pace of tunes and detailed gaping of Tidal Flow is remarkable. Since it is a piece from ‘Eternal Slumber’, it honestly can make your worries have a nap. 

Plus, you’ll feel you are on a journey, and in the end, you have finally achieved your goal gracefully. 

  1. (Twilight) by Woong Sun Hee


by Woong Sun Hee is a piece of dawn. It’ll instantly take you to the edge of the serene hill station, where the breeze is just right, and the sun’s over the horizon. Just a few notes and over-the-edge impact.

You can play this music while doing chores; or in your free time, where the book is your companion. What a lovely evening.

  1. Farewell by Echo River

Echo River – Farewell

This piece somehow made me felt nostalgic. Also, the right bass frequency and perfectly strung keys formed a serene tune.  

However, I felt like I was bidding a farewell to something. Was it my worry? Or the stressful thought? I don’t know, but in the end, my mind was at ease. It was peaceful.    

So, these were music for anxiety relief. Hope you had a peaceful journey. Also, share this with your friends and relatives who are having a hard time.


A recent study shows that music can affect negatively, especially background noise. But, it also depends on the music you hear. Thus, finding the right tune and consulting with the therapist before the therapy is a must. 
Sleeping with music on is not necessarily bad. But using headphones or earphones can cause serious damage, as they are not only uncomfortable but can also hurt your ear canal.
The foremost danger would be, not everyone understands music and delicate emotions. Especially, if the person had any brain injury, or has any neurologic disorder. It can cause confusion and overstimulation.

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