How To Move On From A Toxic Relationship: 11 Tips

How To Move On From A Toxic Relationship: 11 Tips

Moving on from a relationship where you were loved and cherished can be hard. But moving on from a toxic relationship can be even harder. Every time I hear a person say, “I would leave immediately if my partner had done something like that” something inside me snaps. People often make it seem like the person in a toxic relationship cannot use their mind or somehow make them believe that it’s their fault for being in that relationship.

But it’s NOT. No one sees it coming until they have experienced it. Anyone of us can end up in a bad relationship where we might allow our partner to mistreat us or damage our sense of self-esteem, but what is important is to get out of that toxic relationship, heal, and move on to a new chapter of life.

Let’s delve into what are abusive and toxic relationships and how you can move on from them. All the best for your healing journey!

Abusive Relationships & Toxic Relationships

How To Move On From A Toxic Relationship: 11 Tips

Most of the time it is not easy to recognize the line between abuse and toxicity in a relationship. All abusive relationships are toxic, but not all toxic relationships are abusive.

Abuse stems from a need to hold power over someone else and be in charge at all times but it might not be the case with toxic relationships. Many of these relationships include toxic behavior from both partners, even when none of them are abusive towards each other.

There can never be an excuse for abusive behavior. Therefore, it is necessary to recognize the signs of a toxic relationship and consult a therapist or a National Domestic Violence Hotline.

You can surround yourself with positive people and engage in spending time with friends or family members. It is always a difficult decision to leave an unhealthy relationship, but prioritizing your mental health is necessary.  

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11 Tips To Move On From A Toxic Relationship

Moving on is never easy. But leaving a toxic relationship takes a long time to heal, more effort, time, and a lot of support from people around you. Following are some basic tips on how to move on from a toxic relationship that can get you started with your self-paced process of leaving an unhealthy relationship.

  • Cut Off The Contact

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Cutting off contact with your partner is the very first and basic step towards moving on from any relationship. It can be a crucial step in moving on from a toxic relationship. Cutting off contact with your toxic partner would give you space and room to heal and grow without any interference from the toxic person. 

While it can be difficult to cut off contact with your partner completely, it is necessary to safeguard your mental health and sever the emotional ties and co-dependencies involved in your relationship.  

  • Take Professional Help

How To Move On From A Toxic Relationship: 11 Tips

Seeking professional help from therapists and support groups can be a huge step towards moving on from a toxic relationship. A therapist can provide you with a non-judgmental and open space for you to communicate, to share your feelings, and guide you to process your emotions. 

Processing your emotions would help you build your self-esteem back and embrace the process of forgiveness. Moreover, they would help you with identifying your boundaries and setting them to preserve your mental health.

  • Letting Go Of The Toxic Relationship

Letting go of the toxic relationship is an important step in your process of moving on. You need to accept the fact that you were in a toxic relationship, which can be difficult if the emotional attachment is strong. You need to set boundaries to safeguard yourself and establish some source of independence in your life. 

Try to process your emotions, be open to the path of forgiveness, and be patient. The process of forgiveness and healing is a long path. Remember, this is a road of rediscovering oneself and getting yourself back.

  • Let Go Of Blaming

How To Move On From A Toxic Relationship: 11 Tips

It is important to know and accept that your relationship was toxic and both of you had a part to play in the dynamic, whether it is being toxic or letting someone be toxic and abusive towards you. Letting go of blaming yourself or the other person would allow you to focus on your healing journey.

Instead of mulling over the fact about who is to blame, it is important to let go of thinking much about it and focus on the journey forward of regaining your old self, free from any negativity. 

  • No Self Judgment

Often in a toxic and abusive relationship, a person might blame themself for the problems and circumstances that may arise. By not judging yourself, you can separate yourself from the toxic dynamic of your relationship and move on toward a journey of healing and self-growth.

A toxic relationship may leave you with insecurities, damaged self-esteem, and a broken sense of self-worth. Adding self-judgment to this can only result negatively and adversely affect your growth.

  • Be Kind To Yourself

Being kind to yourself is one of the key aspects in the process of moving on from a toxic relationship. You need to allow yourself to acknowledge your feelings and set boundaries that do not allow anyone to jeopardize your mental health. 

Focusing on self-care, seeking support, and eliminating negative self-talk is equally important to rebuild your self-esteem and regain your strength, and resilience, and be independent of your partner.

  • Trust Yourself And Others

Trusting yourself and giving the chance to trust others is one of the most crucial aspects of moving on. After a toxic relationship, there are high chance that you’re left with self-esteem issues and a damaged sense of self-worth. In this condition, it is important to trust yourself and your judgment.

Restoring trust in yourself is a stepping stone towards listening to your gut, making choices that you want to make, and recognizing your worth. You need to trust yourself that you deserve a healthy and fulfilling relationship.

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  • Let Yourself Grieve

Grief is a natural response to any kind of loss and ending a toxic relationship may result in loss of your expectations, dreams, and hopes for your relationship. Acknowledging and processing your emotions is necessary rather than suppressing them. 

Grieving would allow you to validate your hurt and pain caused by the relationship and would help you accept the reality of what has happened and be practical about the ways you cope and move on. 

  • Allow Yourself To Be Happy

How To Move On From A Toxic Relationship: 11 Tips

Often in toxic relationships, one partner is left with negative emotions, self-doubt, and major self-worth issues. With these emotions swirling in your mind, it is important to regain your happiness and be content with yourself. 

Embracing happiness and letting yourself live your life the way you want will allow you to break the cycle of toxicity and present it as a form of self-care.

  • Do Things That YOU Love

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In toxic relationships, people may tend to focus on doing activities and things that the other one likes to make them happy or to like the things that they like. This would ultimately result in you losing your identity and personality.

To move on, you need to refocus on doing what you love, rekindle your passions and hobbies, and embrace your old self. This would allow you to be relieved from any sort of co-dependency between the two of you and gain yourself.

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  •  Loving Yourself

Toxic relationships can leave you with significantly damaged self-worth and possible self-image issues. Loving and accepting yourself as you are and being comfortable in yourself is a major step towards moving on from a toxic relationship.

Loving yourself just as you and not as someone’s partner or an independent personality is vital in healing from a toxic or abusive relationship.

Final Words

Toxic behavior and relationships can adversely affect your mental health, severely diminish your sense of self-worth and self-esteem, and can cause you to crumble your future relationships too. It is important to follow through on your healing journey and how to move on from a toxic relationship. 

Leaving a relationship would be a difficult but courageous step, but to be happy and safeguard yourself, you must take this step. You can do it. There are good people out there, so don’t let this incident sabotage your future.


It’s NOT you.

You’re NOT the problem, it’s NOT you.


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