Baba Ka Dhaba Owner Files FIR Against Gaurav Wasan
Gaurav Wasan VS Kanta Prasad. (Photo: The Indian Express)

Baba Ka Dhaba Owner Files FIR Against Gaurav Wasan

Nearly 1 month ago, ‘Baba Ka Dhaba’ — a small eatery run by Kanta Prasad, was able to make only ₹200-300 a day because of the Covid-19 crisis. But their earning boost up to ₹6000-7000 a day because of a blogger and YouTuber named Gaurav Wasan. He posted a heart-wrenching video of Kanta Prasad and his wife Badami Devi, who were facing a hard time to sell their food and earn money to even meet their basic needs. The video went viral on different platforms. Gaurav Wasan promised the 80-year-old couple that he would help them by sharing the video and handover all the donation that comes to his account. Click here to know more about ‘Baba Ka Dhaba’ But recently, Kanta Prasad filed an FIR against Gaurav Wasan.

FIR against Gaurav Wasan
Kanta Prasad and Badami Devi showering blessings on Gaurav Wasan. (Photo: Dnaindia)

Why did Kanta Prasad file an FIR against Gaurav Wasan?

Kanta Prasad has filed an FIR against Gaurav Wasan for his alleged fraud of taking away the donations received on the name of Baba Ka Dhaba. Kanta Prasad claims that the donation money was received by Gaurav Wasan in his family’s bank accounts without his knowledge. He says that he didn’t get any receipt of the payment and isn’t sure whether payment of ₹75,000 has been made or not. Kanta Prasad alleged that Gaurav fraudulently collected a huge amount and kept him in the dark about the transactions.

However, Gaurav refused to accept the allegations and shared copies of his bank transactions. He also shared the videos of him, handing over the cheque to Kanta Prasad assuring that there isn’t anything hidden. He also posted the copies on Facebook but users alleged that the documents were heavily edited since it was initially shared in the form of excel sheet. The new revelation turned social media against Gaurav who was once considered as a ‘hero’.

The donations were coming in three different ways:
1) In cash, which was directly given to Kanta prasad.
2) Gaurav’s bank account and his wife’s Paytm account and other accounts which were handled by Gaurav himself.
3) Directly to Kanta Prasad through his QR code which an activist Madhur, uploaded on his Instagram.

The food blogger Gaurav Wasan says that on 8th October 2020, he took baba to his bank i.e Central Bank, in order to deposit the donations that he had received in cash which was somewhere around ₹75,000. In a video, he showed that he gave ₹2,33,677 to baba which came in the form of donation. He also did an NEFT for ₹1,00,000. Later he came up in public with his original statements for the past three days.

What does Kanta Prasad want to say?

80-year-old Kanta Prasad tells that Gaurav Wasan helped him first and then he betrayed him by taking his money. Baba says ‘he came and gave us ₹2,33,677 and said that our money matter is clear and I did not receive any money further. But someone showed me that Gaurav received Rs. 3 lakhs after that, but he did not transfer it to my bank account’. He claims that ‘my bank account is seized for now but how does Gaurav knows that there are Rs 20-22 lakhs in my bank account?’ When the video went viral, Gaurav shared his and his family’s account, and most of the donation was received by these accounts. But baba has no idea about how much money Gaurav received from the donation. Baba’s question is, ‘if they donated ₹75,000 in just some hours after the video went viral then how come he only received ₹2,33,677? If Gaurav has taken a part of his donation then people should take it back and give it to some other people like us or send it in my bank account”, and then he gave them his bank account number.

What Gaurav Wasan has to say?

Gaurav Wasan states that on 8th October the bank official told them that Kanta Prasad’s account has been seized because a large amount of money was received in a short span of time. He says “I assured baba that I’ll give him the donation money so I deposited only ₹2,33,677 into his bank and you can also check the receipt”. He also published a bank statement to show the transactions.

He added “I don’t know what the controversy is all about, people are trying to defame me and spread negativity about the one who helped this old couple in difficult times. After this, I don’t think people will believe in humanity anymore”.

What do people tell about this case?

Just like any other dispute, some people have been in support of baba, while some are supporting Gaurav Wasan. Those in his favour said that he was the one who made a video on Baba Ka Dhaba on the first place and it is only because of him that they got overwhelming support and now Baba is being ungrateful, greedy and perfidious.
While, those against him accused Gaurav of being a fraud and they unsubscribed his channel, disliked his videos and commented negatively. They said that it’s everyone’s right to know about their money and since baba doesn’t know a lot about online banking, Gaurav has done some scam by taking advantage of the old couple.

Social media influencer- Madhur’s role in Baba Ka Dhaba Scam

Madhur, also know as ‘the placard guy’ reached out to baba on 24th October to enquire about funds. He asked baba whether he received all the money that came in the donation and baba says that he did not receive the donation that made to him online. When Madhur asked Gaurav Wasan about the donation money, then he said that he deposited ₹1,50,000 yesterday in the bank but now he says that he will give ₹2,00,000 in cash to baba. Madhur says “I am confused because he said that he had deposited the money in the bank, but now he is saying that he will pay them in cash again and if the funding of over Rs 1 lakh was received in one night itself, then how come total funds are only ₹2,10,000?”.

The truth behind Baba Ka Dhaba

As FIR against Gaurav Wasan has been filed, police are looking into Kanta Prasad’s account and after a thorough investigation, the truth shall
come out shortly. Let us continue our humanity and help the needy ones out there, but not by trusting blindly.

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