How to Promote a Business on Instagram: 8 Tried and Tested Tips That Actually Work!

How to Promote a Business on Instagram: 8 Tried and Tested Tips That Actually Work!

When it comes to promoting a brand or a business, social media is often disregarded. That’s precisely why business owners today are at a significant disadvantage. One of many misconceptions is that social media apps such as Instagram are considered a space solely meant for amusement. And it possibly couldn’t get any worse.

Out of approximately 1 billion active users on Instagram, 90% of Instagram users follow at least 1 business account. According to the statistics compiled from multiple sources, it has been confirmed that 1 in 2 people have used Instagram to discover brands. 

And who knows how many times your target audience has been disappointed by discovering that your business has no separate account on Instagram. However, you will not have to worry anymore if you decode how to promote a business on Instagram because we are presenting 8 not-so-complicated tips to grow your business on Instagram that actually work. 

Let’s walk through the process step by step. 


Create and Optimize a Business Account

The initial step is as simple as it sounds. However, by creating a business account, we mean filling every blank after creating it. Once you have given your Id a username, upload a neat profile picture. It could be anything linked to your business—for example, your business logo or the name of your business with alluring graphics and font. 

Next, complete your bio. Remember that your bio should be short, to the point, and as creative as possible. Why? Imagine you are an entrepreneur, and you want Sharks to invest in your venture. You’ve got one shot to impress them. So, what do you do? You craft a killer sales pitch highlighting everything that would draw their attention, right? 

Now, let’s jump back to the bio scenario. In this case, you have less than 30 seconds to attract your potential customers as it’s non-verbal communication, you have to communicate through words, and that’s your bio. Use a fewer number of words (not long sentences) but strategically. 


Engage and Stand Out

It’s important that you have a good number of followers because, on this Gen Z platform, you need to have followers in order to grow. But keep in mind that followers do not automatically translate into buyers; you must engage with them and cultivate your network. How? 

  • Post informative and out-of-the-box content 
  • Ask questions, run a survey through polls, solicit feedback, etc. via stories
  • Engage on other brands’ page
  • Organize giveaways
  • Establish your USP
  • Answer every query you receive, be it from your comments section or your DMs.  

These are some of the most fundamental yet critical factors that you should not overlook. These details not only develop your brand but also strengthen it by directing clients to buy your service/product without hesitation. 

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It is a given that branding is unquestionably the real game in any business. What crosses your mind first when you hear the brand “Boat”? Kartik Aryan? Gen Z-themed products? Its quality?

Basically, everything that makes it stand out from other similar brands. And that, dear friend, is why “Boat” is a successful brand today. You can refer to your rival brands and gain inspiration but always come up with original ideas. 

Make sure you focus on the following:

  • Maintain a good color scheme running on your page and products. 
  • Focus on your USP
  • Sell it in a manner that leaves a good impression, meaning that it should have a distinct identity for better brand recognition. You can also explore the ‘paid promotions’ feature on Instagram, as that’ll help you build your presence. 


Add Testimonials

Testimonials from your highly satisfied customers can truly supply you with all of the glitters you need. It took years of perseverance and money to build that business.

Now is the time when you have to showcase to the world that you are one of a kind brand too. And the best part? By adding testimonials, it is not you who’s saying it. So, go ahead and attach those testimonials. 


 Power Dynamics Of Social Media

 Decoding the power dynamics can be quite tricky but not impossible. Hashtags, TrendsTrends, and Types of posts are the 3 most crucial facets that rule Instagram. All these elements help your brand pop up on the other screens.  

  • Hashtags should be relevant and trending. For this, you can use hashtags generators available for free on search engines. 
  • Adhering to trends will accelerate your brand growth. For this, you will have to devote a good number of hours on Instagram to track the trending music, trending posts, etc. 
  • There are carousel posts, single posts, reels, and IGTV. All these should be employed according to the objective of your content. 

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Quality and Content

 If you have tried out all of the above-stated tips and still have not reached where you want to be, then this is the point where you are now falling short. Both the quality of your posts and the quality of your content should be rich. It should not be jeopardized at any level. 

Poor quality pictures and poor content are a huge turn-off to anyone who visits your profile. Every post should be thoroughly scrutinized and reviewed before posting. A Visually appealing profile with just the right amount of quality, packed content can do wonders. 

  • Usage of good graphics
  • Call to Action 
  • BrandingInformation about your product 

 All these should be mentioned clearly. 


 Cross collaborations with other brands of similar interest or brands that would complement your brand can really boost your sales. You can collaborate with Instagram influencers, actors, and even small businesses. 

 Mutual understanding between collaborators can help both businesses flourish, and this also helps in retaining the influence of your product in the minds of your target audience. 



 In order to prove that you are not a hoax, release bloopers behind the scenes or schedule Instagram live sessions where you can directly communicate with your target audience and clarify their doubts. 

 If there’s any sort of shooting going on to promote your brand, take a quick turn around the space and release it on the gram. People tend to like bloopers or behind the scenes because they get a sneak peek into your workstation and therefore derive some satisfaction in understanding the process. 

You can also hire social media managers, social media marketers, graphic designers, and content writers because they are professionals and bring fresh ideas to the table to elevate your brand. 



These were some of the tried and tested techniques that have been proven advantageous to numerous businesses out there. It’s high time for you to step out of your traditional promoting styles and learn how to promote a business on Instagram because, in the years to come, Instagram will also be known for its power to promote brands along with its power to entertain people, more than ever. So, do not underestimate its value and kick start your business on Instagram without any kind of reluctance.


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