How To Celebrate Diwali This Year – 2020
Celebrate Diwali 2020. (Photo: Unsplash, designed by Aastha)

How To Celebrate Diwali This Year – 2020

And here’s our most-awaited and joyous festival, Diwali. This festival has a very significant place in the hearts of Hindus. Diwali celebration marks the return of Lord Rama from fourteen years of exile. It symbolizes the triumph of good over evil, and light over darkness. But this year we will not be able to celebrate Diwali in the way we do every year. Like we will need to maintain social distancing, proper sanitation and we will be not be going to all our relatives for greetings as we used to. But this doesn’t mean that this occasion will be celebrated with any less excitement. Here is a list of things you can do to celebrate Diwali this year 2020 celebration safe and green.


Support small businesses

We all shop during Diwali be it of clothes, sweets or decoration items. So why not make the most out of it? Many people suffered due to COVID-19. But small businesses are one of the worst-hit during this pandemic. Rather than buying products from highly popular brands, you can buy from local or support small businesses. Doing this, you are not only bringing happiness to your house but also give hope to the local owner to celebrate this festival with joy. This Diwali, be vocal for local.

Diwali rangoli competition

Rangoli on Diwali. (Photo: Unsplash)

Rangoli is one of the most popular ways to decorate our homes on Diwali. It is a design drawn on the ground using coloured powders or chalk or flowers. It is a very easy and inexpensive way to brighten up your house on this occasion. This Diwali, you and your friends can have a little competition as it doesn’t require any physical contact. You can draw a rangoli and send a picture of it to your friends.

Donate to needy children as this year’s Diwali is on children day

If you didn’t notice then this year, Diwali and Children’s day are on the same date. To spread more happiness, let’s help the children who are in need. You can donate clothes or blankets to NGOs or those kids who are sleeping on streets during this cold season. They also deserve to celebrate this joyous occasion. So, celebrate this Diwali by spreading happiness.

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Don’t burst crackers

Diwali is mainly about lights. Some people put on lights on their house, light lantern and Diya. Whereas some people burst crackers. Crackers don’t only pollute our environment but also harm innocent creatures like animals. But this Diwali, let us be a little more responsible towards our earth and not burn crackers. Even if you really want to burst some crackers, switch to green crackers over conventional ones. Watch this
video to know more about the difference between green crackers and conventional crackers.

Creative DIY decor

Diwali is a great occasion to show your creativity. And if you think that you are not a creative person then there are hundreds of tutorials on YouTube. You can use the stuff that you already have at your home, to decorate your home or worship place this Diwali. Some of easy DIY’s are painted diyas, flower rangoli, hanging lamps, decorated candles and fairy lights with a twist.

Spend time with your family this Diwali

For months, you’ve already spent so much time with your family but this day is going to be special, more exciting and with more hope. It’s a special day with decorations, lights and sweets. And we are slowly going back to our pre-lockdown life and when everyone will go back to their busy life then we will hardly get some time with our family. So let’s not waste this opportunity and have a lot of fun with our family.


One thing that this pandemic taught us how important it is for all of us to keep ourselves and our home, surroundings clean. Every year before Diwali many of us deep clean our homes and some people even repaint their house. A clean environment protects us from diseases and keeps us hygienic.

Make entertaining videos

After this lockdown, many things are done virtually whether it’s work, study or any meeting. This Diwali we will maintain our social distancing and greet our friends and relatives on a video call. Or we can also put some efforts to make an entertaining video and share with our family members and friends. Like wishing them Happy Diwali and sharing how you are going to celebrate this day at home.

Gift your loved ones

This year has made us realize the value of our loved ones and our friends about how special they are and it’s because of them, that we went through all the crazy things that happened this year. So why don’t we take some time and thank to them for being there for us and appreciate their help? We can gift them sweets, care box, gift hamper, houseplants or any other thing.

Get stylish

celebrate diwali 2020
Dress up, get stylish. (Photo: Unsplash)

Diwali is a great reason to get stylish and glamorous. We especially buy clothes for this occasion. You can get dressing tips from influencers on Instagram or any other social media platform. And styling doesn’t need to be hard, you should style yourself in such a way that you feel confident and comfortable. And when you are all prepared on Diwali, don’t forget to click some pictures.

Click pictures

diwali 2020
Click selfies with friends and family. (Photo: Unsplash)

While you are making such great memories, click some pictures of it so that you can look at it and remember how you celebrated Diwali during Covid-19. Include your family members in the photographs and click pictures of your house decorations so that you can also share it with your friends and relatives on social media.

So, these were some ideas to make your Diwali safe and yet celebrate in exciting ways. Let us make this celebration fulfilling and share happiness with whoever we can. And do not forget that the pandemic is still not over, we should be a little more responsible towards the environment as well as social distancing. Comment down below, how you are going to celebrate Diwali 2020 and which of these ideas you liked the most?

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