69 Dirty Pickup Lines For Him

69 Dirty Pickup Lines For Him

Look, men are not the only privileged species to be bold! Gen-Z and even millennial women are now using pickup lines to grab the attention of the opposite sex. 

What’s more? Even in the era of online dating, sometimes people choose to go for physical meetings in bars or elsewhere. 

Imagine you’ve had a long day and are ready to get sloshed when a hot dude walks up to you in the bar. With all his good looks and heart-melting smile, you surely can’t resist him. How about dropping a killer pickup line that will have him floored? 

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It’s not necessary that you have to use a sweet pickup line. Or even worse, do not go for cringe statements.

To make sure that you do not mess up with pickup lines, here’s a compilation of the best dirty pickup lines for him. 


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69 Best Pickup Lines For Him

Dirty Pickup Lines For Him

Trying to amp up your flirting game? Looking to hook up with a Tinder date? Want to make your romantic interactions more adventurous? Whatever your cause, this list of smooth dirty pickup lines for him is all you need to dive into a sizzling romance

1. You look too good for a pickup line; so let’s get to business straight away!

2. ⁠You are way hotter than the bottom of my laptop.

3. Roses are red. Violets are fine. Wanna be the 6 to my 9?

4. ⁠Tired of doing my homework. Let me do you now!

5. ⁠My bedroom is offering a 100% off sale on clothes tonight.

6. ⁠Are you monsoon? Because you’re making me wet.

7. ⁠Do you know what the doctor told me? I’ve got a vitamin D deficiency. Would you like to fix it?

8. ⁠If I were you, I’d also want to have sex with me.

9. ⁠The only reason I would love to kick you out of my bed would be to f*ck you on the bedroom floor.

10. ⁠Your body contains 70% water and I’m thirsty for you.

11. ⁠If you’re cold, you can use my legs as earmuffs. 

12. ⁠Are you expecting a snowflake? Beautiful, unique, and with one touch, you’ll feel how wet I am.

13. I need a good place to brainstorm. Let me sit on your lap and we’ll see the first thing that pops up.

14. I’ve been trying to conserve water for some time now. Why don’t we shower together and save more water?

15. Excuse me; is there space for another tongue in your mouth?

16. Soon you’ll have 206 bones +1!

17. Do you prefer briefs or boxers? Either way, you won’t be needing any tonight.

18. All I want on hot days like these is to lick a popsicle. Can I get yours?

19. Mind opening a lock? You see, my keyhole is wide open for you. 

20. Suddenly I’ve got this vamp feeling in me- want to suck everything outta you.

21. Hope you like pets because I can show you my kitty tonight.

22. I hope you aren’t claustrophobic because I have a mind to wrap my thighs around your face now.

23. Think of me as the reverse of your mother, she slid you out of her, but you’re gonna slide inside me.

24. Without you, my bed feels so cold!

25. May I know your name? Just wanted to confirm what I am gonna scream tonight.

26. I finally realized what was missing in my bed. It’s you, of course!

27. There’s no Uber ride, can I ride you at home?

28. Tonight feels like my birthday because I am going to blow the candle all along. 

29. Not gonna pardon you for the crime because I want to sentence you to my bed. 

30. Be my Santa and I’ll let you go down my chimney.

31. Feeling super thirsty, do you have a cup of milk?

32. Thank God, I swiped right, or else you would not have your hottest love at first sight every morning.

33. What do you think of settling this with a tongue-wrestling match?

34. With all your hotness, you make the Equator look like the North Pole.

35. Mind getting me on Santa’s naughty list this year?

36. Apart from the temperature, what else is falling? Ooops… I can see your zipper is falling.

37. Normally I go for dirty pickup lines, but you kinda seem dirty enough. Let’s not waste time and get started.

38. There are adorable people, admirable people, and then there’s you- fckable.

39. Won’t mind being your damsel in distress if you push me to undress.

40. Seems like your lips would align just right with my southern lips.

41. Don’t like it when people pull my hair, but I wouldn’t mind it tonight!

42. In my native zone, we greet people with a kiss on the mouth. Will you give me a slow greeting?

43. No need for dinner tonight. Because I’m already in the mood for dessert. 

44. Like Aquaman you make me go all wet. 

45. You aren’t a sea lion, but I can sea you lion in my bed tonight.

46. I am no genie, but I definitely can fulfil your dreams. 

47. Wanna use me as a blanket against this freezing cold?

48. Are you a soap? Because I can feel you all over me!

49. I ain’t Elmo, but tickle me whenever you want.

50. Your lips look lonely without mine.

51. Nothing but latex will stand between us now.

52. Let’s pretend that my legs hate each other while they love you.

53. I’d let you visit my Restricted Section tonight.

54. Your lack of nudity is disturbing me!

55. Need no vibrator when I have got this pickled dick.

56. I know that you are no weatherman, but can I expect a few inches tonight?

57. Something special is in the sack for you!

58. Missing my teddy… would you please sleep with me?

59. Baby, make me see stars and stripes…!

60. Valentine’s Day is incomplete if you don’t get my V after dinner.

61. I have a mind to show you my secret passage, but first, you have to solemnly swear that you’re up to no good. 

62. Installed a huge mirror in my bedroom. Wanna come over and watch some porn?

63. What’s your favourite thing to eat? After tonight, it’ll be your second favourite. 

64. Baby, can you lend me a kiss? I swear to give it back to you. 

65. Kiss me on the cheek if I am wrong, but tigers can bark, right?

66. You look good in that shirt, but you’ll look even better without it.

67. I can read your mind; yes, I will sleep with you.

68. Hey baby, are you a light switch? Because I am turned on!

69. You know what I like in me? Your dick!

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How To Use Dirty Pickup Lines For Him?

Now that we have listed the best dirty pickup lines for him, include them in your conversations. 

Feeling confused about how to use pickup lines for him? Some tips to get you started are as follows:

  • Rather than jumping into a super raunchy or explicit statement, begin with a subtle line to test the waters. It will give you clarity on his reaction as well as you will understand what to say next.


  • Avoid using sensitive or controversial words and phrases in dirty pickup lines for him. Not only will it turn him off, but he may feel offended and say something which you may not like. 


  • No matter how daring you are, pickup lines don’t belong everywhere. For example, you’d rather not use any pickup line or flirt with your colleague and be mindful of professional etiquette. 


  • Don’t go for something coarse and vulgar. Be playful and confident in your approach.


  • If you’re using a pickup line over texts, make sure to set the tone so that he does not freak out. 


  • It might be that he does not like what you say. In that case, be prepared to apologize humbly and divert the conversation gracefully. Don’t worsen things by coming up with another such pickup line.


  • Even if you know him well enough to be comfortable with throwing pickup lines, know when you must stop. They may not say it aloud but drop verbal or non-verbal hints expressing discomfort. Common signs could be avoiding eye contact or being busy with the phone.


  • Focus on building a solid connection via compliments and other comments apart from dirty pick up lines for him.


Have you ever tried throwing pickup lines on guys? If not, now is the time! 


Dirty Pickup Lines For Him

Be it online or offline dating, getting into the flow of the conversation is important. But, be careful of the vibe he is generating so that you do not end up sounding like a creep. Assess the situation before rushing to make things spicy. After all being respectful is as important as being adventurous.

If he’s dropping flirty hints, sure, go ahead with a risque quip. So, take a chance to see how you fare in the dating zone with some naughty dirty pickup lines for him. Good luck with getting their attention and making them stick around. 

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