8 Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend Under 500 

8 Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend Under 500 

Visited every gift shop around your neighbourhood, asked your friends what to buy for your boyfriend and even tried asking your parents indirectly? Nothing in your budget, yet you are on a hunt to give something that feels like a part of you? *Yes, yes and yes*.

Uff..things you had to do to see that big smile on his face and those pretty eyes twinkling with happy tears while he unwraps your gift, hugs you and says, “This is the best gift I’ve ever received”- now that’s the moment you’ve been waiting for, right? It’s special and precious. We get it. 

So, here we are with an updated list of birthday gifts for your boyfriend under 500. (because our gift ideas aim to express love and not empty your pockets, also because it’s efforts that count) 


Birthday Gifts for Your Boyfriend Under 500

Keeping in mind the building blocks of any relationship- Effort, love and respect, the following are some of the best gifts for your boyfriend under 500.  

A Hamper 

A collection of carefully chosen items arranged in a basket and neatly wrapped in a laminated sheet with a cute little ribbon on it never fails to impress any person. 

You can add a range of chocolates or souvenirs like a customised key chain, a couple of skincare products, a wallet and a handwritten birthday note. This is a steal for a birthday gift for your boyfriend under 500.

Here’s where you can get your hands on it:


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A Photo Frame

Nothing beats the thrilling feeling of seeing a ‘meant to be together’ picture of you and your partner placed on your side table or put up against the wall. 

One photo frame is capable of transporting you back to times you desire, and you can re-live that frozen moment. 

So, convinced to get a photo frame? Find the best ones here:





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A Magic Mug

We know we know mugs are a very cliche option to gift someone, but have you considered a ‘magic mug’ though? No, not the classic photo-printed mugs. This is truly one of the best and cutest gifts for a teen boyfriend.

Here’s what you can do. You can pick out your favourite lyric or write one for your boyfriend- something nice that motivates him or reminds him of you while sipping his morning coffee in it.  

Found it interesting? Click on this links below to buy them: 


A Handwritten Note and Some Homemade Cookies

8 Classic Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend Under 500

STOP! One of the best options is to always create or make something that your boyfriend loves. Any dessert or chocolate cookies filled with love, warmth, affection and, well, extra choco chips.😬 Who wouldn’t like that?  

Pouring out your feelings in a letter, some home-baked cookies and a candlelight dinner at home – whatta nice, warm gift. 

We recommend any one of the recipes from this video by Pick Up Limes:



8 Classic Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend Under 500

Gift a fragrance that smells like love. Men and perfumes have a strong bond. Gift them one, and they can bathe in that every day.

If your boyfriend, too, loves wearing perfume all the time, then buy a perfume of your choice so that it reminds him of you. 

We recommend buying any of these: 

Books / Journal

Books and Journals are very thoughtful gift options. If your boyfriend is an avid reader or has a writing habit, then this is going to be the best gift ever. Quickly scan his bookshelf, and before you buy him a novel, who knows if he has read it already, right? 

We recommend “World’s Best Boyfriend” by Durjoy Dutta and “Falling in love again” by Ruskin Bond. We assure you that bookworms find books/ journals as a sexy gift option. Yep, you read that right. Can’t do anything! 

And for the journal, check this out:


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Scented Candles

8 Classic Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend Under 500

Scented candles are a rage these days. Easy to use, a portable and tiny wax container that spreads nothing but happy vibes all over.  

The aroma of these candles calms your mind, and it almost feels like someone’s massaging your head after a long day at work.

Find the best scented candle here: 

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A Grooming Kit

Men and their obsession with maintaining their beards and hair! Gifting a grooming kit would brighten up their da— no, their lives for as long as it lasts. 🙂

These are value for money:

Okay, so one thing is clear, finding the perfect gift is the second most stressful job; curating a list of items still tops the list because “what do men even like????” (Just kidding) 

Fortunately, after a lot of research and confirmation with a few male friends, we saved you not just a lot of money but also a LOT of hard work. 

Anyway, these were the birthday gifts for boyfriend under 500 ideas that we could think of. Comment and let us know if you gifted any of these to your boyfriend and if he liked them. 



Two things you can do: 1. Plan a date. Take him out to a place that is emotionally connected, perhaps to that cafe where you met for the first time or 2. Plan a get-together with all his friends including the old ones. 
Guys like things that can be of immediate use to them. 
An anthology that best describes your relationship in the best manner possible or a handwritten letter.
Prepare a home-cooked meal and call him over for dinner, then go on a long drive and spend some quality time with him. 

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