Green Flags in a Relationship

Green Flags in a Relationship

If you think relationships shown in movies aren’t possible in real life, think again. How someone cares for their partner, respects them and their space, helps them achieve success, or shares a great bond with them aren’t features of a fairy tale romance. They’re what we know as green flags and are much needed to grow a relationship to its fullest potential. 

We’re not unaware of red flags in relationships and are trained to look for negative signs only. But it’s time to look for and focus more on positives than negatives because a green flag partner exists and you too can become like that. 

But how do you know if you found the one for you, look out for the following 15 green flags in a relationship to find the right potential match for yourself. 

1. They Are Kind 

Green Flags in a Relationship

Kindness is a quality often appreciated in people and it becomes the most important when it’s about finding your future partner. A person who speaks kindly and is kind toward you and others can be a good partner. So, it’s better to choose someone who treats you well, in good times and even when they’re having a bad day. 

When you look for the kindness element in your potential partner, look whether they care for you when you’re ill, going through stress due to tough deadlines, going through a loss, or such situations. If you always find them by your side caring about you and your life the way they do about theirs, it shows they’re genuinely kind. You can trust it to be a green flag.


2. They Respect Your Views

Do you think a relationship survives without respecting each other’s views and self? It clearly doesn’t. The relationships that run without respecting each other are abusive, you must not stay in such relationships. You deserve respect and your partner should always be respectful towards you and your choices. You should never compromise on respect. Someone respecting you, your space, your feelings, and everything about you is definitely a green flag for your relationship. 


3. They Listen To You

Green Flags in a Relationship

Relationships work on communication and communication doesn’t work without listening. Initially, both partners have much to share about their day-to-day lives, work, and feelings. A relationship loses value when your partner doesn’t want to pay attention to how you feel, what concerns you, and what brings out your best.

When you find someone who listens to you and cares about what you have to say, it feels so great. They make you feel special just by giving all their attention to you. Experts say that active listening has healing power. What else can you need when you have someone who heals you just by being on your side? Is it a green flag? Yes, damnnn!


4. They Support You

A supportive partner is a blessing for a relationship. You don’t need to worry about many things when your partner will always be by your side if such a situation arrives. It gives you a kind of safety net that takes off a lot of pressure from your relationship. You perform well in every area of your life with unshakable support from your partner. 

When your partner cheers for your achievements and stands by you in the storms, you know they’re the right partner for you. You’ll barely find people who genuinely care about you, let alone give you a helping hand. 

If you’ve found the one who cares about you, supports you in your decisions, and helps you get through the toughest situations, you know it’s one of the most visible green flags in a relationship. Don’t let them go.


5. They Are Caring But Not Overcaring

Green Flags in a Relationship

Caring is how most people define love. It’s a vital part of being in a relationship and one of the most important green flags to look for. Checking in on your partner during rough times and even on normal days every once in a while shows you’re into them. It also assures them that you love them. Love thrives on caring about your partner. Genuine care is what helps a relationship grow over time. 

Caring for someone doesn’t mean regulating their every small activity. Some people try to monitor everything about their partner in the name of care. But if someone genuinely cares for you, they’ll also care about your space needs. A caring partner is hard to get. If you have someone who cares about your well-being on top of everything else, consider yourself lucky. 

Green Flags in a Relationship


6. They Encourage You All The Time

You might have seen people who try to control what you should say, how you should act, or even what you should wear. They leave you feeling discouraged and unsure of your own decision.  It’s a sign of a toxic relationship. On the other hand, a good partner always shows encouraging behavior towards the person they love. Instead of telling them what to do, they’d ask them to follow their choices and assure them they’d always support their decisions. 

They’d ensure you feel inspired by their presence and work toward your best self. They’d not try to drag you down. If you come across someone who pushes you to improve each day and promises to be with you even if things go wrong, they’re your best match. A green flag you must consider.

7. You Enjoy Every Moment Spent With Them 

Green Flags in a Relationship

A relationship looks uncomplicated when you are with the right person. They make every moment wholesome and every day you spend with them feels precious. You look forward to meeting them every time you make plans, or you even make plans to meet them which shows that their company interests you. 

Your intuition tells you this is the one for you because you feel secure in their company and enjoy their presence completely. Time passes so quickly and sharing your space with them never feels daunting. 

When you are with them, your body feels at ease and you can talk freely without fear or hesitance. If they make you feel alive and you experience a sense of calm with them, it is a sign your partner is a green flag. 

8. Both Of You Trust Each Other 

Your relationship has a solid foundation when it is based on trust. It survives all the odds with an impeccable amount of trust. When you find someone whose vibes match to the extent that you give in all your secrets to them, you know you can count on them.

Informing them about all your happenings, sharing what you consider to be a little odd, and not trying to hold back on the tidbits of your life can be done only with a person you trust.

But you can’t trust just anyone to this extent and when you do trust someone wholeheartedly after spending a lot of time with them, you gradually realize they’re someone you can trust your entire life. Knock knock! It’s a green flag!

9. Your Partner Cares About Your Privacy 

Green Flags in a Relationship

Privacy is the most important foundation of a relationship. Many people don’t feel very comfortable with the concept of privacy in a relationship. They think you must be on the wrong side if you have to hide something from your partner. 

But relationships work on trust and understanding. Having your personal space is as necessary for people as having trust from their partner. You can still trust someone without having to control each and everything about them. Control eats away the sweet charm of a blooming relationship. A study presented the role of phone snooping in relationship problems. The findings showed how a lack of trust in your partner can lead to checking their phone which can further lead to emotional distress and breaking up of the relationship in the long term.

You should be able to trust your partner to the extent that you don’t snatch their privacy rights. You should keep enough space for your partner to breathe on their own. If someone does it for you, they’re a green flag. 


10. They Inspire You To Work On Your Dreams

Your dreams should be your priority. They make you invest in yourself and attract the right people when you’re not just waiting for them but working hard on building your best self. People who don’t need others to feel happy are the best matches as they tend to be secure partners who not only work hard on themselves but inspire their partners to do the same.

It’s a green flag when you find someone who appreciates your aspirations, encourages you to live them wholeheartedly, and believes you. You must not let the person go because it’s hard to find someone who pushes you and encourages you to move forward and achieve your dreams. 

11. They Become Happy While Seeing Your Happiness

Green Flags in a Relationship

You won’t find many people who truly care about your happiness and success. Sometimes, partners don’t feel comfortable with their partner’s achievements, this is mostly the case with men. But this scenario is changing slowly. If someone tries their best to make you happy and goes the extra mile to see your smile, they have the potential to be a good partner for you. If they also celebrate your achievements and help you succeed for your happiness, they are a green flag. 

12. They’re Clear About Their Feelings 

Who likes the feeling when you are so much into a person and they don’t even reciprocate your feelings? It’s okay if they’re not interested in you, you’ll find your match soon. But if they play mixed signals games and leave you confused about the status of the relationship, they’re not worth the effort. 

If your potential partner shows genuine interest in you and communicates it properly with their words and behavior alike, they are the one you should never let go of. A relationship can take many turns but if the person you’re seeing has the same feelings for you and is clear about them, it’s a sign they’re a green flag. 

13. They See A Future With You

Green Flags in a Relationship

You’ll find many people promising to be a good partner only to have fun for a while. These people won’t promise you a stable relationship or won’t talk about how your life will look with them two years from now on. It’s okay if you too are looking for a temporary hook-up. 

But when you want a long-term commitment, someone ready to see a future with you is the right partner for you. A good future comes with responsibilities, that’s why many commitment phobics don’t go for this. But if you find someone who not only includes you in their present but weaves a future with you, they are a green flag. 

14. They Practice Honest Communication

Your relationship can’t survive for longer without honest communication. The way you communicate your feelings, needs, expectations, and thoughts on any situation decides the flow of your relationship. You’ll have to be very clear and honest about your intentions and expectations from your partner to deal with potential conflicts easily. 

Honest communication is not easy at the beginning of a relationship. But when you’re in it, you know this should be the only way to strengthen the bond and survive the odds of future miscommunication. 

15. They Show Their Vulnerable Side

Green Flags in a Relationship

Being vulnerable is as important for a relationship as the relationship itself. Vulnerability is important for having an emotional bond in a healthy relationship. You can’t be invested in your partner without being vulnerable with them. 

Sharing your lows beside highs is what vulnerability requires from you. When someone shares how they feel about you, show you their soft side, open up on their weak parts, know that they’re a green flag and a good match for you.

Final Words 

Relationships function on positives, so knowing about the green flags in a relationship is as important as the red flags. A good partner should help you realize the goodness in your relationship and become a better person. They should bring out the best in you to be a green-flag partner and not the other way around. Have you found your green flag partner?

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