How To Fix A Toxic Relationship: 10 Practical Ways

How To Fix A Toxic Relationship: 10 Practical Ways

It’s not easy to maintain a healthy relationship for a longer period, because as humans we aren’t perfect, and that’s why we do not possess the capacity to create perfection in love. 

A healthy relationship takes a lot from us which includes some important elements like our communication skills, time, effort, care, commitment, and awareness. If any of the partners didn’t take care, your relationship would surely turn into a toxic one sooner or later. 

Every relationship doesn’t always go smoothly, there will always be rough patches now and then. So, nowadays it’s very important to know how to fix a toxic relationship if you don’t wanna lose your partner. 


Can A Toxic Relationship Become Healthy?

How To Fix A Toxic Relationship:  10 Practical Ways

While it is important to know when to walk away from a toxic relationship, toxicity can be meded. However it requires both the partners to just acknowledge their toxic behavior, this may involve taking the help of a therapist or a relationship counselor. 

If your relationship becomes toxic, there are surely certain things or behaviors going on that are affecting the health of your relationship, you need to change those to make your relationship healthier again. 

Both partners need to be willing to accept their mistakes and take the responsibility to move forward.


10 Ways To Fix A Toxic Relationship

Toxic relationships can cause a lot of damage to not only your mental health but also your interpersonal bonds and families. That’s why it’s important to know how to fix a toxic relationship.

Toxic relationships can be mended through conscious efforts and most importantly a will, to change and accept the responsibility factor. 

Here are some of the ways through which you’ll learn how to fix a toxic relationship:

1. Accept The Toxicity 

The 1st step would always be “Acceptance”. If you both know the relationship is not going well and it needs improvement, you guys already climbed the 1st step. Recognizing the past behaviors that have taken your relationship to this point is so vital on both ends.

There’s another point, even if the toxic behavior is triggered by the behavior displayed by one partner, the other partner too gets sucked into it.

In other words, you both should accept your part in contributing to the toxicity, from jealousy to not speaking out with each other about any disappointments or concerns whatsoever.

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2. Open Communication


How To Fix A Toxic Relationship:  10 Practical Ways

Communication is something that plays a vital role in relationships and only those people feel regret who don’t pay attention to this very important aspect. 

If you communicate openly and regularly with your partner, it will become almost impossible for your relationship to touch the level of toxicity. Relationships only choose to go the wrong way if it sniffs silence. 

One more important thing is to try to use the “I” language instead of the “you” language. For example, don’t always say, “You did this”, try to say, “I feel uncomfortable when you do this”. This will help your relationship to be less toxic.

3. Be Willing To Invest

If you both are equally willing to invest in the improvement of your relationship, that’s a winning sign. Toxicity from your relationship won’t go anywhere if only one person is willing to put in the effort and the other shows no interest whatsoever.

If you two genuinely want this relationship to become as healthy and happier as it was before, you both need to put effort into making it happen. They say, partners in a relationship are like two tires of the motorbike, they have to work fine to move the bike (life) forward.

I can explain in a way for your better understanding, you can devote your time, attention, understanding, support, patience, respect, friendship, and more importantly love, to your partner. Through this, you can make them feel wanted and loved.

4. Shift To A Positive Approach

Negativity won’t take you anywhere neither in life nor in any relationship. You have to shift your approach from being pessimistic to an optimistic person. 

If we take an example, instead of saying, “It’s all your fault, it’s a habit of yours to do all this stuff,” you might try to say, “I think we both misunderstood the situation so let’s give this a 2nd chance,” or “I know why you’re feeling so upset, just tell me how can we both work on that?” 

These small changes in your approach will surely lead you one step ahead in fixing the toxicity in your relationship. 

5. Find  A Therapist

How To Fix A Toxic Relationship:  10 Practical Ways

You shouldn’t feel ashamed if you need professional help to get things back on track through individual or maybe couple counseling.

Sometimes fixing a toxicity in a relationship requires the help of a professional. You can consider seeking therapy or couple counseling to learn and find healthier ways of relating to one another.

A therapist or a professional in couple counseling can offer and guide you about different valuable insights and strategies that would lead you to address underlying issues.   

6. Re-Create Your Good Memories

How to Fix Toxic Relationships : 10 Practical Ways

Re-creating good memories helps make relationships stronger and healthier.

If you want to fix the relationship, you have to go the extra mile. You can try to recreate your good memories with each other. Try to surprise them uniquely.

Trust me, these little things would do wonders for you.

7. Re-build Trust

If the relationship turns toxic, that automatically means, you do not possess the same level of trust that was used to be there. Now, you’ve to rebuild your trust level in that person.

Rebuilding trust can be challenging, but it is quite possible if both the partners are committed to the process. 

You know that person more than anyone, so you’d definitely know some of the secrets through which you can upgrade your level of trust.

8. Hold Space To Accept A Little Change

You would feel a slight change in their behavior towards you, but you don’t need to worry much about that. We are humans and we always need some time to adjust, as we enter any new situation. 

So, just hold space to accept a little change until they reach the level of comfort that you both used to share.

9. Be Patient

You should remember that things won’t change instantly, you’ve to possess some patience in yourself for that.

The 1st few weeks would be tougher, things might not go as planned, but you have to be patient and wait for the right time. Things would gradually get better and you’ll see that time would heal every toxicity that your relationship ever had. 

10. Evaluate The Progress

Lawish emphasizes “Both partners must acknowledge their part in fostering the toxicity”.

This means you both need to identify and take responsibility for your actions in the relationship. It also suggests that instead of avoiding difficult conversations, try to stay present and engaged in those situations. 

You should regularly assess the progress of your daily efforts that you’re putting in, to fix the relationship. Try to reflect on whether both partners are equally committed to change or whether the toxicity is still not moving from your relationship. 

Final Words

Fixing toxic relationships is not an easy task, but it’s quite possible with some hard work from both sides. You have to make sure and pay attention to whether the change is happening as you do the work.

Toxic behavior can crack the foundations of your happy relationship, but you don’t need to stand by and watch the relationship with your partner crumble. 

If you both are committed to creating a change, the solutions that I mentioned above will gonna help you in removing the toxicity from your relationship.

Everyone deserves to be in a healthy and happy relationship, so do you. Never settle for anything less in your life ever.

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