How To End A Situationship

How To End A Situationship

You want to end a situationship, and at the same time, you also do not wanna become a reason to hurt your partner’s feelings; it’s pretty much understandable to be feeling confused in this scenario. You need to remember that you can’t control how your partner would react to that; you can only control your own emotions and reactions.

So, in this blog, you’ll learn how to end a situationship positively. You’ll also learn how to stay friends after that. But before we move to that, let’s understand why ending a situationship is hard.

How To End A Situationship

Why is Ending a Situationship Hard?

END, in itself, is a word that brings sadness. Anything that once was a reason for your happiness cannot be surpassed with ease. 

But before moving on to how to end a situationship, we’ll first discuss why ending a situationship is hard.

Here are some reasons why you feel sick at ending a situationship:

Emotional Connection

How To End A Situationship

It’s obvious that at one point or another, you are both involved in an emotional connection with each other. Although you guys didn’t label your connection at any point in your life but still developed genuine feelings and kind of emotional connection with each other, now ending it might feel like losing something valuable.

Shattered Illusion

Another key factor involved here is the shattered illusion of a future together. You both might have shared hopes and dreams, and it’s very possible that one of you (or maybe both) most probably even envisioned what it would look like if the situationship turned into a committed relationship. Not getting the potential you once saw for the relationship can keep you stuck in the heartbreak.

Confused Mind

How To End A Situationship

The nature of the situationship is undefined and confuses you about whether you should fight for it or let go. The question of “What if?” is something that might confuse your mind. It would create uncertainty, which might make you dubious about taking decisive action.

Social Pressure

How To End A Situationship

Most of the time, the opinions of others (Which include your friends and social norms) significantly influence whether you should continue your situationship or leave it. If you are a person who does navigate these external voices, then it would complicate your decision-making power.

Loss Of Friendship

Situationship often start after being friends with someone, and ending this might also cause you a friend loss. So, the fear of ending that connection might force you to think twice about this decision.

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When to End a Situationship?

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Situationship often comes with an expiration date; most of us know that from the very beginning, but it can still be hard to know when to say when and that too when you know, you’ve developed feelings for the other person. Despite already knowing that you’re not “official”, your feelings are still real. 

If you don’t know how to proceed with your situationship, here are the five signs telling you when to let go.

Don’t Commit

When you’re the one who’s completely ready to take this situations as your long-term or, in other words, are ready to turn this into a relationship, but your partner doesn’t see things in the same way. They try to give you multiple reasons for not committing, such as;

  • They’re not ready
  • They need some more time
  • They don’t see you that way

Not Serious

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If your situationship hasn’t introduced you to their friends’ circle, it simply means they just don’t see you as their long-term partner or else they’d have wanted their social circle to interact with you. 

Suppose someone feels excited about you and has strong desires to take this situation into a long-term relationship. In that case, they allow you to take part in group outings to get to know one another.

If the above happens, you must understand that they don’t want you to incorporate it into their life.

Your Loyalness

Even though you guys haven’t defined a relationship and can date other people freely without getting blamed, you still consider it cheating because you feel an emotional attachment to your situationship. It’s an alarming situation for you as you’re giving the most precious thing on the planet Earth ( that is LOYALTY) to a person who won’t even call you their partner. So, if you’re single, you’re allowed to act like it.

Enough Time

A quarter is enough to know whether you want to commit to someone else. If you still don’t know their mind, then it’s best to just walk away. 

Remember! Not making a decision is also a decision.

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How to End a Situationship and Be Friends?

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If you want to end a situationship in a good manner and want to be their friend, it’s possible. You just require a balance of respect, honesty and communication. Although it’s very challenging, it is still possible with the right approach.

Here are some tips that will guide you through the entire process of how to end a situationship.

Give space

Just allow yourself a period of distance and limited contact to adjust to that change. In that particular time, you spend time with your other friends or focus on some individual interests. It will allow you both the opportunity to process your emotions and accept this change.

Set boundaries 

After the end of your situationship, setting some clear boundaries for your new friendship is crucial. You need to discuss the behaviors necessary for moving forward, like holding a check on physical affection and avoiding the topics that reminded you of the previous time.

Moral Support

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If you want to be their friend, you must first act like one. It includes moral support and being there for them when they are looking for a friend. And you need to tell and realize that although this is a big change for both of you, you’ll still be here for them whenever they have something to share.

No Jealousy

One or both of you will start dating other people. If you want to maintain your new friendship, you need to avoid jealousy.

It also includes showing true happiness to your friend when they find their new partner. You could also share your dating experiences and give them some advice if they need it.

Don’t force 

Remember! You can’t force someone to be your friend; you can just try making them one. After ending a situation, if they don’t wanna become your friend, it’s their choice; you can’t force them.

When you know that maintaining a friendship isn’t healthy, let it go with grace.

Make Your Mind

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Transitioning (From situationship to friendship) can be challenging, and there might be moments of frustration, confusion or rejection, so be mentally prepared.

It’s pretty much possible that the other person may or may not feel comfortable about this transition. If this happens, you must accept their decision and give them space.


The answer to “How to end a situationship” is not that difficult. You have to understand some points (that I mentioned above), and you’re good to go. Just remember one thing: situationships never go on forever. It wasn’t something that you wished for.

Your situationship shouldn’t last for more than three months, as you won’t catch feelings for the other person. Suppose you want to avoid a long-term undefined romantic relationship; in that case, you need to decide within a quarter whether to turn that into a relationship or simply leave it. 

It’s a bitter reality of today’s generation that most relationships kick off like that before they gradually become more serious.

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