How To End A Long-Distance Relationship: 10 Easy Ways

How To End A Long-Distance Relationship: 10 Easy Ways

Being in a long-distance relationship isn’t that easy. It takes so much courage, patience, and immense love for each other. 

We don’t see so many people, especially in this era, who possess these qualities. 

If you want to end your long-distance relationship but are confused and don’t know how, then this blog is surely for you. In this blog, you’ll learn how to end a long-distance relationship step by step without deeply hurting the other person.

Earlier than that, let’s discuss some important questions to ask yourself before ending your long-distance relationship.

How To End A Long-Distance Relationship: 10 Easy Ways

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Ending Your LDR

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You need to ask yourself some important questions before ending your long-distance relationship. Look, you’ve tried everything to make your long-distance relationship work, but it didn’t work out the way you wanted it to. 

So, now it’s the time to ask yourself some important questions:

  • Do I want a breakup? Or do I want to sort things out?
  • Am I still in love with my long-distance partner, or am I just pretending?
  • Is there any way I could resolve the differences without taking this hard pill?
  • Should I get advice from a relationship coach?

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How To End A Long-Distance Relationship?

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If you’re not feeling the way you used to feel about this long-distance relationship and are exhausted from your daily fights and arguments, it’s time to change your path. 

There comes a point in most long-distance couples when it’s better to learn how to break up rather than just staying with that person.  

Breaking up is not easy, and there are no nicer and gentler ways to do it. It doesn’t matter how smoothly you’d do it; if the other person is attached to you, it will be painful. The only good thing you can do is state some positives about them and then come on to your point. 

I wish I could tell you the easiest way to let someone down, but unfortunately, there isn’t one. 

But here are some of the ways you can do it in a less hurtful way.

1. Be Clear About Your Decision

Once you made up your mind, you will never regret it. You tried everything to sort things out, but nothing worked for you. It won’t be easy for either of you, but it’s better to leave a toxic relationship rather than staying in it and hurting each other.

Staying in a toxic relationship is a hard choice that both of you might not prefer to take. So, after finalizing your decision, just be clear about it. 

2. Don’t Take Too Long To Address It

Try not to take too much time to make a decision. Analyze the situation and finalize your decision accordingly ASAP. The amount of time you take to make a decision will only create a fuss in your mind.

If you find the right balance between not rushing into the decision and taking it slowly, it may sound tricky, but you need to trust your gut feelings. You are the only one who can figure out what’s best for you.

3. Talk To A Close Friend

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Best friends or close friends are the ones who know you more than you know yourself. If you’re lucky enough to have one, I’m giving you a good idea: just meet them and open your heart to them. They’ll surely give you some piece of advice to cool up your mind, even if not, you’ll surely feel much more relaxed. 

4. Talk To Your Partner

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You need to have a serious conversation with your partner before making the final decision. You shouldn’t hide from your partner that you’re processing a breakup in your mind. They’d surely get hurt if they found out this news from somewhere else. 

Talking to your partner is necessary because this should be in their subconscious mind so that they won’t make any further plans even in their mind for the future. If you don’t tell them, they’ll do so and will get hurt more deeply when you finally break that news to them.

5. Discuss Your Main Concerns

When talking with your partner, try to discuss your main concerns. Tell them each and everything that’s bothering you in the relationship. You don’t need to hide anything at this point. If you discuss with them, there would be a chance of resolving the matter because things do get clear in a discussion.

If you don’t discuss things with them, there won’t be any chance for things to get back on track.

6. Tell Them Why It’s Not Working

How To End A Long-Distance Relationship: 10 Easy Ways

Distance and trust aren’t the only things that can separate you from your long-distance partner. A major part of being in a committed long-distance relationship is being a part of each other’s lives. This includes interacting with each other’s friends, family, and social circle.

Without this, long-distance relationships can feel pointless.

Discuss your main concerns with your partner. You must tell your partner about your main concerns behind this big decision. Don’t hide from them; tell them why it’s not working for you. 

7. Be Polite

You don’t need to be harsh. Be polite and gently tell them whatever you want to. Try to create a peaceful atmosphere and talk with them like a friend. Don’t jump straight to the breakup; approach the topic with empathy and concern. 

You can expect some tears at this point; a little yelling may also occur, and this is allowed. For the one last time, seek to hear them out.

8. Give Them Some Time To Process And Express

When you hear something that you don’t expect, it may lead to anger, yelling, and tears. You’ve to give your partner some time to process this and express themselves in whatever way they want it to. It’s not easy for everyone to calm themselves down after knowing something they would never expect. 

Allow yourself and your partner to go through the shock, sadness, anger, and acceptance together.  

9. Try To Understand Their Point While Expressing Yours

How To End A Long-Distance Relationship: 10 Easy Ways

When you express your point of view, try to understand their side of the point as well. They may have the answer to your queries, and it’s possible that you two could resolve the issue without moving towards a breakup. 

10. Take Some Time To Grieve The Relationship

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If you have decided to end things, make sure to give yourself enough time and space to grieve. It doesn’t matter that you don’t have the right to mourn, even if you took the first step towards a breakup.

6 Ways To Cope Up From A LDR Breakup

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It’s difficult to return to your normal life after the breakup. It takes time. As they say, time heals everything. Just give time to process everything for you. 

Here are some of the coolest ways to cope with your LDR breakup. 

Take A Break

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You’ve to take a break from everything. Breathe a sigh of relief that you finally took a stand for yourself and exited that toxic relationship. 

Taking a break after the breakup is important because your soul needs time to accept and process everything. 

Analyze What Went Wrong

You shouldn’t feel bad about yourself that you can’t make your long-distance relationship work. Long-distance relationships aren’t built for everyone; some people are just born differently, and you’re one of them. 

It’s okay if it didn’t work; just analyze the mistakes you and your partner made so that you can learn from them for a better future.

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Don’t Become A China Wall

You don’t need to act brave and show others you don’t care. Being sad after your breakup doesn’t make you less worthy in society; it just means that you need some time to get back to your normal daily routine. Allow yourself some time to deal with your emotions and feelings. 

Reconnect With Your Circle

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Often, people who are in relationships don’t give enough time to their friends. If you’ve been one of them, consider this an opportunity to reconnect and spend more time with them. 

If you start spending time with your circle again, you’ll surely feel better quickly. Those are the people who know you better and even know the earlier version of yourself that you were before this long-distance relationship, so they can help you recover faster.

Get Some Support

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The people you love and trust are the ones you call your support system. They could be anyone, from your friend circle to your gym buddy or even your coworker. You shouldn’t feel bad asking them for help when you’re going through a hard time, and trust me, it’s perfectly normal.

If you’re an introverted person who doesn’t want to discuss their long-distance relationship, you can always seek help from a relationship coach or psychologist. 

Try To Enjoy Little Things

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Enjoying the little things in the healing process is very important. It could be anything—whatever you’re doing—just try to feel good about it. Even the slightest part of your daily routine could become a happy part ONLY if you want it to. 

You’re still the same person you were before this long-distance relationship. Trust me, it didn’t take away anything from you or your personality; it just made you stronger and a better version of yourself.

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Final Words

Being in a long-distance relationship is hard, and breaking up is harder. So many people in the world choose to stay in a bad relationship rather than leave it just because they don’t have a proper roadmap, so I thought this article was much needed.

It’s your life, and there’s nothing wrong with making the right decision for yourself; you shouldn’t be ashamed of that. The roadmap described above gives you a chance to plan your situation more mindfully. 

Whatever decision you make or whatever happens, you’ll surely be proud of yourself that you made your decision with a proper roadmap and awareness, and you’ll never regret that.

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