What is Considered a Long Distance Relationship: All You Should Know

What is Considered a Long Distance Relationship: All You Should Know

Did you know that 75% of college students have been in a long-distance relationship at some point in their lives? Surprising, isn’t it? A relationship that should be centered around love and physical closeness is now confined to a small mobile screen. 

Long-distance relationships (LDR) have become common in the Gen-Z. With the use of technology, like video calls and social media, you can see your partner in real time. But it isn’t enough, right? Going through complicated situations alone and learning to believe in love in long-distance relationships aren’t easy. 

So, if you are wondering what is considered a long-distance relationship and how to make it successful, go no further. This article will cover all about an LDR and the essentials of a long-distance relationship. 

What is a Long Distance Relationship?

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A long-distance relationship involves being romantically connected with a partner who lives far away from you. In this kind of relationship, you see your partner living their life through FaceTime or video chats. Couples meet on certain occasions, spend some time together, and part ways to be on the video calls again. 

Usually, the main reason behind a long-distance relationship is career or studies. A study of long-distance found that 40% of couples live in an LDR due to work and 31% due to study. 

Is 4 Hours Away a Long Distance Relationship?

When living away from your partner and not being able to wake up beside them daily, it is considered a long-distance relationship. However, living a 4-hour distance from your partner allows you to meet them on weekends and make things work out.  

Is 2 Hours Away a Long Distance Relationship?

Yes, a 2-hour distance is considered a long-distance relationship. The average LDR distance is 125 miles, which is a 2-hour drive. You can’t travel a 2-hour distance to meet your partner every day. But you will choose a weekend or a day in the mid-week to hang out with them. So, even though 2 hours isn’t a very long distance, it’s far enough not to meet daily. However, living in the same city has its perks of meeting more often.

Is an Hour Away Considered a Long Distance Relationship?

One hour is a small distance, and you can visit them daily. It will be considered a short-distance relationship. Long-distance couples move to small distances to meet each other more often. Studies show that short-distance relationships are more likely to work than long-distance relationships.  

Pros and Cons of a Long Distance Relationship

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Every type of relationship has its perks and weaknesses, including an LDR. Being in a long-distance relationship is hard, but it has its perks, too. Below are some benefits and downsides of an LDR.  

Benefits of Long-Distance Relationships

  • Long-distance relationships help you to appreciate your partner more often. Living away from your partner brings that void in you, which you fill by talking to them daily. 
  • Long-distance relationships bring patience. Having an LDR helps you to be patient with the ups and downs in the process. Many times, when you want them, they aren’t there for you, but you learn to tackle the situation with patience.  
  • One of the perks of having an LDR is that you put more effort into making the relationship work. You don’t just give it up but try to give your best.  
  • In a long-distance relationship, you understand the value of time. The little moments you spend with your partner, you never get enough of. You always seek for more time. But you also value it and try to make the most of it.
  • Another perk of an LDR is that you get time to focus on your life. Living away from your partner leaves you with plenty of time for yourself. You get to learn more things about yourself and cherish the moments when you are with them. 

Downsides of Long-Distance Relationships

  • When in an LDR, couples generally miss the dates that are valuable to them. Be it a first-time meeting anniversary or birthday, long-distance couples celebrate them on a video call. 
  • Being in an LDR, communication plays a crucial role. Your whole relationship depends on the way you communicate with your partner. It either builds it or destroys it. Lack of communication hinders the relationship’s growth, and both partners suffer.
  • LDR grows insecurity in couples. Adjusting to an unknown place and meeting new people makes the partner think less of them. The guilt or fear of losing the partner makes it difficult to sustain a long-distance relationship.  
  • Couples living in separate cities make you and your partner drift apart. You experience life in different places, meet new people, and learn different things. These changes in your lives become the cause for parting ways. 
  • One thing that you surely miss in an LDR is physical intimacy. Being able to touch each other is a big part of a relationship. But the distance that comes in the way makes it hard to experience that connection.

5 Essential of Long-Distance Relationships

Long-distance relationships can be exhausting, and it’s not strange to feel like giving up sometimes. It’s tough when you are always there with your partner but not having their back when you need them the most. 

It makes you feel isolated and left out. Here are five essentials that are must-haves before coming into a long-distance relationship. 

Don’t Keep Secrets

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Not telling the truth can really hurt a long-distance relationship. When you keep secrets from your partner, you lie to them. The loss of trust increases the suspicion of the partner. 

Sometimes, you may keep a secret to protect them or not to worry them, but if not told at the right time, then it may backfire. Talk to your partner and share what’s on your mind. Even if it may look scary and make you vulnerable in front of them, it will make the relationship stronger. 

Sharing your thoughts and feelings will help in building your long-distance relationship even better.

Be There for Each Other

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Having each other’s back is important. It makes you feel safe and valued. Occasionally, when things fall apart, it is crucial to be there with your partner and support them. 

Be it any work-related emergency, the loss of a loved one, or any joyful occasion, be there for each other. Emotional support is important in times of crisis, and coming from the person they care about the most gives them strength and hope. 

Be there during the highs and lows of your relationship. Talk to them. Show your love through text messages. Send surprise gifts. Ask them about their rough days. This is what is considered a long distance relationship. 

Schedule FaceTime

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The biggest drawback of LDR is that you see your partner on a 5 by 6-inch screen. So, to improve it and have a good chat even for a little while, schedule a face time. Even on a busy work day, find some time to sit face to face on a video chat and talk about your day. 

Scheduling FaceTime will help you stay organized and make sure you talk regularly.

Schedule In-person Dates

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To continue the spark in your relationship, make time to meet your partner. 

Meeting in person connects you with your partner on a different level. If you two live at a little distance, consider spending your weekends together. If not, plan special dates during the holidays. Talk about how you feel about your long-distance relationship and just enjoy each other’s company.

 Plan Your Future

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Entering a long-distance relationship means it’s really important to understand each other. To make sure you both want the same things by asking questions like, “Where do you see us in a year or five years?”

Share your life goals and support each other. Create a future where you both are involved. The chances of a successful LDR without a mutual future are low. Your Relationship is like a game, and you need to work as a team to win it.

What is the Hardest Thing About a Long Distance Relationship?

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Any relationship stands on three pillars – trust, respect, and honesty. But when it comes to romantic relationships, intimacy jumps into the list. 

The distance that comes between you and your partner makes the relationship challenging. Lack of physical contact pulls you away from your partner and brings a real distance in the relationship. An emotional connection that you make vanishes when you come into an LDR. 

Statistics show that 40% of LDRs eventually don’t work out, but the rest do. You may need time to fit into this new life, but gradually you do. Compromise when needed and adapt when necessary because you wouldn’t want to lose the person you love.

How Often Should You Visit Each Other in a Long-Distance Relationship?

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Meeting your partner in person is crucial. It reconnects your bonding and helps you understand each other better. How often you should meet may vary for different couples. 

Some long-distance couples can’t live a week without seeing each other, while others who live far away may not see their partner for more than six months. However, even if it’s difficult, you should meet at least every quarter. The gap of three months is more than enough to see your loved one’s face. Seeing their face can make up for the days you have spent apart. 

So, try to visit your partner more frequently. Schedule a weekend and spend time with them. Catch up on the moments you have missed and the days you have lived alone.  

How Not to Be Clingy in a Long Distance Relationship?

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It is usual to get insecure and become clingy in an LDR. However, insecurity can create numerous problems in the relationship. To avoid it and try not to be clingy, follow these tips. 

Identify the Reason 

Nobody gets insecure without any reason; you just need to figure out yours. Are you worried about losing them? That’s why you continuously call them? Or do you want more attention? Once you know the reason, work on addressing it.

Set Boundaries

Having personal space in a relationship, long-distance or not, is necessary. Sometimes, people in long-distance relationships lose themselves. Take some time to focus on yourself and be okay.

Talk to Your Partner

Long-distance relationships work with communication by expressing your thoughts and listening to your partner’s. If you miss them or feel like you’re losing them, talk to them about it. They won’t ignore it and will pay attention to details.

Final Words

Being in a long-distance relationship is not a piece of cake. Understanding each other from a distance is challenging. 4.5 months is what it takes to break a long-distance relationship. But isn’t love more meaningful when there are challenges? With the essential ups and downs, you at last find peace with each other. It makes you grow up and learn to comprise when necessary. This is what is considered a long distance relationship.

So, if you are in a long-distance relationship, share your thoughts in the comments. Tell us what’s the hardest and the sweetest part about living miles away from your partner and being in an LDR for the long term.

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