42 Love Letters For Her That’ll 2x Her Love

42 Love Letters For Her That’ll 2x Her Love

The season of love never ends, nor does the trend of expressing your feelings to your SO. 

What could be a better way than to express your heart with a cute but deep love letter? Love letters are an inexpensive way of letting her know that you love her and only her. It’s a sincere gesture to show your love and gratitude to her for being there in your life.

If she’s someone whom your heart longs for, it’s your chance to let her fall for you even more. 

But if you struggle with describing your feelings out loud (which is quite normal) and finding the right words to write love letters for her, this article is the right place to learn all that.

You’ll get some great ideas in this article to confidently write your first love letter. And worry not, I’ll also share some essentials to get your first letter right. Let’s get started.

Why To Write Love Letters For Her? 

42 Love Letters For Her That’ll 2x Her Love

First, let’s be clear that you don’t and shouldn’t need a reason to write your heart out to your partner. Love, in itself, doesn’t need a reason. 

But there are many reasons why writing a love letter gives your dull love life another chance. She should know how much you love her and what makes you love her. Love letters put your hidden feelings into words, and writing them would surely attract her more toward you.

A relationship coach, Megan Luscombe, says people express themselves better while writing than being vocal about it, and that’s where love letters shine. Penning down a love letter by hand makes your efforts more sincere and instantly establishes a connection with your partner.

If you want to nurture trust and show gratitude towards your partner, there’s nothing better than those sweet love letters. But how do you write a letter that expresses your true feelings? Below are the tips to write your first love letter for any occasion.

How To Write Love Letters For Your Girlfriend? 

42 Love Letters For Her That’ll 2x Her Love

Are you thinking about how to write love letters for her without feeling awkward? Let me make it clear that it isn’t rocket science but the art of love. There are no hard and fast rules for writing a love letter. Just ensure you use emotions, a pen, and a paper for the best results. 

If you’re confused about where to start writing your first love letter, take hints from the following steps.

1. Start With An Affectionate Name And A Catchy Line

Start your letter using a pet name; it makes the letter conversational. Adding a captivating but sincere sentence after that can set the tone for the rest of the letter. It can make her reflect on the statement or sentiment and bring a smile she’d carry throughout reading the letter.

2. Tell Her About What Made You Write This Letter

Next comes up, sharing your ‘why’ with her. Are you missing her? Do you want to express gratitude? Start by letting them know why you’re dedicating this letter to her.

Stating a reason at the start helps you move on smoothly with the rest of the letter. But that doesn’t mean you always need a reason to write a love letter. Feel free to say what your heart wants to say to her.

3. Appreciate Her Good Qualities as well as Flaws

Penning down a love letter is incomplete without admiring your partner for who she is. Go all out to make her feel special, even about her flaws. This is the secret sauce for winning her heart.

4. Express Your Love (The More, The Better)

Make your love letter so full of love that she’d want to cherish it for the rest of her life. And only you know how you can win her heart with your love. Use memories, private jokes, or whatever personal touch you can add. Most importantly, be sincere in your approach.

5. End With A Hope

End your letter by telling her she’s your soulmate and a companion for your whole life. It should leave her in love with you more than ever. Try this test – If your handwritten love note can multiply your love, consider it a success. 

42 Love Letters For Her To 2x Her Love For You

Writing love letters for her isn’t limited to a few occasions. You should consider it a need and a magic ingredient to spice up your love life. You can write a love letter any day (or every day) and remind them that every day with her is special for you.

Are you ready to tell her sincerely how much you love her? So, what’s the wait for? Following are the 42 love letters for her to make her yours forever.

Note: Use a term of endearment at the top with her name (for example, dear Liza) to address her lovingly. Lastly, sign off the letter with something affectionate, for example; lots of love, Bill.

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Romantic Love Letters For Her

Let’s start off with some romantic love letters for your girlfriend.

42 Love Letters For Her That’ll 2x Her Love

1. We’re Together For 1000 Years

Dear Rose,

I can never forget the day when you said ‘yes’ to me. How you said those words is something I still carry with me. I wished to live and dream only with you when I met you for the first time. Now, I admire how lovingly you’ve been holding up our relationship.

In response to your 1000x yes on my proposal, today I also want to confess you’re the only one with whom I’d like to spend the rest of my 1000 years. Will you be mine for 1000 more years?

Truly yours,



2. You’re Made For Me

You know I am under the sky, watching those shining stars and thinking about our stars. Are we made for each other? I have a strong feeling that we are. What do you say?

I know you might be smiling at this thought and thinking about what it’d be like living your life with this guy. I wish I could see your reaction.

I see you as my soulmate (my heart speaks out loud). Yes, you’re the one, and you’re the one for me. I’ll wait for you to say yes. Please say YES!!


3. Confession

Can I tell you my hands are shaking while I try to pen down the feelings hidden long ago? It’s the power of love that you have introduced me to. The guy who used to run away from love is now in love – it’s all because of you. It’s you!

Have you ever seen me crying? I can’t because I fear people’s judgment. But that day, I cried before you because I wanted you to see me even at my lowest. And when you eased my pain with your sweet smile and support, I knew it was you I’d be living the rest of my life with. 

Are you ready to give all your love to me?


4. My True Love

I remember the day vividly when I realized you’re someone special to me. I had lost all hope for life, but then I found you as a ray of hope to begin a new life. I know you were with me from day one, but your support made me believe in myself even more. You made me feel confident about myself. Now, my flaws don’t feel like flaws because I know you love me in every way. I feel so blessed to find you as my love.


5. Thanking My Present Self For Choosing You

To My Future Self,

I’m in eternal bliss at this point in my life. The reason for my peace of mind and happiness is this girl. I don’t know how she manages to be out of this world. She is someone whom I want to grow old with. You will thank me for this decision as I know I’ve made the best decision of my life. Also, I’ve sent her a copy of this letter because I don’t want to hide anything from her.


6. Our Laughter Anniversary

Do you remember which date is today? It’s our first shared laughter anniversary. I can’t open up with someone so easily, let alone share laughter with them. But you were so friendly and easy to talk to that someone so reserved like me could laugh with you. They say you don’t always laugh with everyone so freely unless you share a special connection with them. I realized you weren’t someone but ‘the one.


Emotional Love Letters For Her

Below are some emotional love letters for your girlfriend.

7. You’re Precious

How to live your best life? Have someone kind enough to appreciate your good deeds and savage enough to oppose you for your wrongdoings. You have both qualities. Can I be luckier? How do you manage to impress me each time you cross my mind? I promise I’ll never get over you.


8. You Are You

You’re bossy.

You are boring.

You don’t always listen to me.

You’re not the most perfect woman out there.

But whatever and whoever you are, you’re mine, and I’ll not let you leave my life. I promise to love you more with each passing day.


9. My Lifetime Is You 

I see my future bright with you, and I want you to stay in my present so that I can have you as my past. I want to be with you for the rest of my life to create a perfect life that can give couple goals to others. Will you be my love partner for eternity?


10. My Biggest Fear

I’ve not told you this before, but I have a big fear. I was fearless before you entered my life. But now I fear what if I lost you? Trust me, I felt terrible even while writing this here. I pray that you live longer and I get to spend my entire life with you in your arms. My fear gets over when I find you beside me. I hope you never leave my side.


11. You’re My Partner In Real Sense

I’m writing this letter because I think you’re someone who knows how to deal with this weird guy. I feel so out of place sometimes, but you understand me. Everyone thinks I’m not doing the right things, but your faith in me keeps me going. What else could I wish for?


12. Your Divine Presence 

You came as a ray of hope in my boring life. My face shines when I think of you. Your energy fills me with passion every time you’re around. You smell like growth to me. I can’t thank you enough to find your presence in my incomplete life.

Funny Love Letters For Her

Let’s now get to some funny love letters for her.

42 Love Letters For Her That’ll 2x Her Love

13. No Jokes About My Wife

Someone said to me you must be bored with your wife by now. I replied I only get bored when she’s not around. She’s my cheerleader and leader. She takes care of my silly mistakes and scolds me when needed. She takes care of my happiness in a way that no one can.

How do I make them understand I’m different from the rest of the husbands?


14. A Day Well Spent With You

I’d like to know if you’d be interested in joining my fantasy. It goes like this:

We’d wake up in each other’s arms (my wish).

We’ll do yoga together (yours).

I’ll prepare breakfast for you this time, and you’ll have to eat.

Then you’ll wear the black saree I’d bring for you.

And we’ll eat a healthy meal of your choice, but you won’t say no to dessert.

You’ll gaze at stars, and I’ll gaze at you smiling.

You’d wish to go home soon, but I’d insist you not to go.

And then you’ll oblige (at least this time?).

I can’t wait to hear what you think about it.


15. A Formal Wish

I am writing to let you know that I miss your face and the cute smile on it. It’s the same with your hugs and kisses. The memories we spent together keep me awake at night. You can see those memories in my heart’s cupboard, but you’ll have to lend me your heart first to see them.

Please respond to my requests urgently.


16. You Are Lucky (OK, I Too Am) 

Yeah! We often fight over silly things, such as when I use your toothbrush by mistake. But don’t you think it’s cute? You, as a hygiene freak, don’t find this cute. But what do you think about the guy who prepares a half-cooked chapati for you at short notice? Girl, you’re lucky! 

You know we share everything, so you’re lucky because I am lucky.


17. Our Weird Promises

Can we make a few promises to each other? Promise me that you’ll call my name as many times as I wish to hear you, and I promise you to write sorry 100 times whenever I upset you. I promise not to disturb your sleep with my snoring, and you promise not to kick me out of bed. I promise to compliment you each time you wear something new, and you promise to complement me throughout my life.


18. Selfish For Your Love 

I’m trying my best not to look selfish, but when it comes to you, I always want more and more of you. I selfishly want to hold you in my arms to experience your warm hug as much as I want. I want to commit to being your partner. Please come and take my commitment.

We’ll exchange happiness, and don’t worry about your troubles; I will not let you face them alone.

Short Love Letters For Her

How about some short and sweet letters for your other half?

19. You Complete Me

Hey, listen! Do you know who you are to me? 

You’re everything to me – my life, love, strength, weakness, everything. With you by my side, I have everything I need to make the best of my life.


20. Your Presence Changed My Life

You made my day when I met you for the first time. You made my life when we decided to stay together. Can you imagine how benign your presence is for me? You are simply awesome!


21. Learning From You

I don’t know how you deal with my quirks, and that too with so much patience. You know what? This (your patience) is what I admire the most about you. And I have a secret to tell you (I’ve been trying to reflect that in my behavior also)! 

You’re such a great and sweet teacher.


22. A Gentle Reminder For You

You’re the most beautiful, gentle, loving, and courageous lady I have ever met. I won’t be exaggerating if I say that being daring and caring at the same time is something I’m learning from you.


23. My Soulmate

I wonder how incomplete I’d have felt if we had not met. In a way, you’ve made me enjoy life to the fullest with your company. You’re a blessing to me, my lovely soulmate.


24. Without You, Without Life

I’d like to remind you again that my life is yours. When you’re not with me, I feel lost. My life and I shine until you’re a part of my life. Please be by my side, always. Will you?


Valentine’s Special Love Letters For Her

Let’s get to some special love letters for your valentine.

42 Love Letters For Her That’ll 2x Her Love


25. A Colorful Valentine’s Day

My life has become so colorful since you’ve joined me. Monday blues don’t seem like blues anymore. I’ve been in the pink since I have you in my life. I’ve stopped seeing red about everything. 

Everything is so vibrant, especially the Valentine’s Day. I want you to be here to celebrate this colorful day with your prince. Will you?

26. You’re An Angel

Right now, I’m short of words to describe what you mean to me. I’ve watched movies, listened to songs, and seen amazing people, but you are someone who inspires me to become better every time I connect with you.

I don’t know about love, but I feel I’ve found it in you – all you do and who you are is love for me.


27. I Respect You

When I see you taking care of your family and carrying your responsibilities with so much ease, I fall in love with you again. You’re a blessing to the people around you, and I’d like to get this opportunity to date a woman I highly admire. I respect you more than I love you. Will you be my Valentine?


28. Partner In The Past Life

It feels like we were a couple in the past life. You match my vibes more than anyone can. I feel peace around you, and it’s like a magic spell. I’m spell-bounded by your charm and presence. Do you know what ticks me the most? You can cheer up everyone around you. Would you like to plan your future with me?


29. You’re The Sweetest

I got to know you looked after my parents in my absence. That was such a beautiful gesture from you. My eyes are teary, but I’m happy to have you at my back. I’ve got this happiness from you and will return it to you so much that you’ll get bored.


30. A Sweet Celebration

Let’s do something different this Valentine’s Day. I remember you told me that you like long drives. I’m planning to pick you up from your office, and we’ll celebrate our first Valentine’s Day. I understand you’re busy that day. That’s why I’m planning the date in the evening. I promise you won’t regret spending time with me. I’ll wait for your positive response.

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Love Letters For Special Occasions

Got a special occasion? Pick the most appropriate love letter for her.

31. First Love

You seemed as sweet to me as my favorite song. Your sweet talks were like morning melodious, easing all the restlessness around. I sensed that your smell was something I was fond of long before. Holding your hand felt like a proud moment for me. I couldn’t help but watch you when you laugh. Why did everything feel different to me? Was it the magic of love? Correction: first love! 

Yes, you had me in the first meeting itself. I’m waiting for this love to grow stronger. Hint: I’ve started seeing my future with you.

32. First Fight

I’m blessed that I have a lover who doesn’t always agree with my thoughts. You challenge my limiting beliefs and inspire me to become a better human being each time.

Do you remember our first fight? We both were angry, but I was ready to give up on the fight. Do you know why? You’re my why, my love. 

Will you find it buttering if I say you look so beautiful in anger? Okay, I’ll find better ways to say that I love you so much. And you?


33. Sending Love On Your Birthday

On this special day, I want to admit that you’re the most special person in my life. You’ve been an inspiration, and I want this inspiration to flourish day and night. I understand how ambitious you are; I wish you reach new heights in your career and your life. If you ever need me, I’ll be there with you – no matter what life throws our way. Happy birthday to my lady!


34. Anniversary Celebration

Today is the day of our union, but the saddest part is we’re not together yet. I hope you’re not getting emotional. I should have been there with you on this day, but I didn’t get the leave. Does it mean my love for you is less if we’re not celebrating together? My heart and all my love goes to you. I can’t wait to be with you and see your eyes beam. Just to remind you that all my love supply is only for you. I wish you a happy anniversary, my love.


35. When She’s Your Crush

I wish I could have told you earlier how much I love you. It’s been over a year since I had a crush on you. I like every little thing about you. Every gesture of yours seems very lovely. I ask others about you to know you more. I feel you, too, have feelings for me, but I was too scared to ask you. 

Do you like me too? If yes, I’ll consider myself the luckiest person in the world.


36. When Your Girl Is Serious 

I know you give me an annoying look when I over-compliment you, but trust me, I don’t lie. I will never run out of ideas to compliment you. I’ll keep coming back to you even if you hate me for being clingy. You’re my everything, and I’ll do everything for you (even if you don’t ask for it). Take care of yourself, sweetheart!

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Love Letters For Her When You’re In A Long-distance Relationship

Can’t see her often – but can send a love letter, yeah?

37. I Miss You

Will you come if I say my heart is longing for you? I just keep thinking about you, about our future. How beautiful my life would be with you as a partner! Tell me, why are you so far from me? There are still many things that we need to know about each other. Come here soon because I can’t wait to see your quirks. And remember! Everything about you that seems childish to you, I find lovely. Just stay like this forever. I love you.


38. I Want To Be With You 

First, tell me, have you had your lunch? Have you visited the doctor – you had an appointment, right? I wish I could be there with you, then you wouldn’t have to do this all alone. But don’t worry! We’ll soon find a solution for this.

But why is this long-distance relationship so hard? I can’t stay away from you. I want to take care of you like a child. Just a few days more, and then we’ll spend the rest of our life together.


39. Saw You In My Dreams

Will I get a few moments of love with my love? By the way, I saw you in my dreams – we both were in a place where no one could disturb us for anything. I wish all those beautiful dreams come true and we get to spend a good amount of time together – just you and me. Till that time, I’ll keep dreaming about you. Would you also like to try this?


40. A Monsoon Date

I couldn’t be happier when you shared that your favorite season is also monsoon. I found this common thing between us, and I’m sure it’s not the only thing. 

Let’s plan to meet this monsoon and do a rain dance together. What say? We can also have some junk food if you’re not on dieting. Did I say date? Are you up for this date?


41. I Want It To Keep Going 

It’s just the beginning of our relationship, but I feel so comfortable with you. I appreciate how you support and advise me. Remember, you have my support too. I want this relationship to work, and I’ll do everything to make it work. I hope you also wish the same.


42. Best Part Of The Day 

You get me out of bed each morning. The reason is the happiness I feel within that one hour when I get to e-meet you. You’re the best part of my day. If anything ever drains me, I think about you, and it calms me down. Your texts and calls are my support systems, and your smile is my buddy in rough times. Have a day as nice as you are!

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Final Words 

My love for you is incomplete, yet

I try to find ways to love you more

I see your love everywhere 

Can I be in love with you more?

Writing love letters for her is another love language or a slightly different way of saying the classic ‘I Love You.’ They might sound like an old-school thing, but are a cool way to express your feelings to your girl.

Be it a love poem or a love letter, a handwritten note from you can be of value and make her chuckle. They can even turn her bad day into a lively one. Your partner loves you in every way possible, so now it’s your turn to cheer for your love.

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