13 Romantic Holi Poses For Couples

13 Romantic Holi Poses For Couples

In a land encompassing a multitude of colours, people are always craving more splashes of fun. After all, who doesn’t want to get together with family and friends and drench each other in vivid colours? 

The day of Holi not only lets you have unlimited fun but also multiplies the fervour of festivals in India.

Holi 2024 is around the corner and so is the spirit of festive vibes! 

Now, it’s time to infuse the vibrancy of colours into photographs for everlasting memories. If you love getting clicked, make the most out of Holi 2024 to pose with your lover and see your moments captured in candid shots. 

This Holi-themed post offers several ideas about attractive Holi poses for couples to make the festival even more colourful. 

Creative Holi Poses For Couples

All you have to do this Holi is spread colourful vibes while striking some delightful poses with your partner.

Take a break from cliche poses and try these flamboyant Holi poses for couples to add more fun to your snaps. 

1. Celebrate Love Amidst A Riot Of Colours

There’s no alternative to using a colourful backdrop and posing with your significant other on Holi. Surrounded by endless colours, this pose is ideal if you want to click a drool-worthy picture with your bae.

2. Cute Kiss Of Holi

Clicking cute pictures never goes out of style. So, why not capture a colourful kiss this Holi? 

Also, to make it even more dramatic, you can keep your face covered with your hands or pose in a way that doesn’t show your face.

3. Holi In Traditional

Do you want to play dress up and flaunt traditional outfits with your partner on Holi? 

If you are ready to soak your beautiful traditional attire in colours, these poses will work wonders in adding charm to your Holi photographs. 

To add more colour to your pictures, go for colour-coordinated outfits with your partner and create picture-perfect memories!

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4. Sprinkle Love In The Form Of Colours

One of the most natural poses for couples on Holi, you only have to stand at the right angle while the photographer does the magic. 

To recreate this pose, stand with your back to your partner and turn around so that he can sprinkle Holi colours on your face. Remember to smile while looking away so that it appears to be a playful shot. 

Afterwards, if the lighting feels off, you can resort to a photo editing tool to adjust the colours. Thus, you will have the perfect harmonious Holi snap.  

5. Picture With A Prop

From a plate full of colours to water guns, the occasion of Holi involves several elements. These props may also come in handy in photographs if you know how to use them while posing with your partner. 

For example, you can get a picture clicked while pouring a bucketful of colours on your partner. 

A pose featuring both of you spraying colours at each other using pichkaris will be great for your Instagram feed. 

If you like these kinds of poses, you can also choose to take inspiration from this picture to elevate your Holi photoshoot.

6. As Fluid As Love

Do you want to get pictures that define your love and make everyone around you go ‘AWWW’? Then, pose in a way that brings out the essence of your love. 

Don’t feel shy to strike some goofy adorable poses in front of others and definitely don’t hold back in front of the camera! 

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7. Blow A Romantic Squish Of Colours

Another interesting pose would be blowing Gulaal from your hand in your partner’s direction or vice-versa. In this case, take a limited amount of powder so that it does not cover the entire face. 

Alternatively, both of you can hide your faces behind colourful particles or create a colourful cloud to capture stunning images.

8. Dance In Colours

What can be better than dancing on Holi with your significant other? It becomes all the more memorable if you can use the right camera angle and lighting to click creative pictures in the crowd. Note that the Holi crowd with people smiling their brightest smiles is a bonus element of your photograph! 

9. Hands Full Of Colours

Since your hands are going to be smeared with colours, opt for unique poses with your palms. 

For more colourful shots, you can ask the person behind the camera to include your bodies covered in holi powder. After all, more hues mean more brightness for your picture! 

10. Caught Candid!

While experimenting with poses for couples on Holi, do not miss out on candid snaps!

What you can do is ask a friend to keep the camera rolling to bring out your truest self in love. Smile, frown, or laugh as much as you want. Thus, you will end up with cute and colourful candids exuding love and happiness. 

11. Get Romantic Among Colours


How about getting a photo where you are smearing colours on your partner while being lost in his dreamy eyes? With a blend of romance and flamboyance, this kind of pose is perfect to tell your love story to the world.

12. Enchanted In The Colourful Smoke of Love

If you want to click a mushy and adorable picture, recreating this pose would be a great idea. What’s more? The smoke of colourful powder around the two of you will make your social media feed more lively and attention-worthy!

13. Portrait Pose

These kinds of poses not only look serene but also save you the trouble of coming up with quirky Holi poses. So, if you do not wish to experiment, simply pose for a couple of classy portraits with your partner. 

Final Words

Are you excited to snap some mesmerising Holi pictures with the love of your life? These 13 special Holi poses for couples will undoubtedly satiate your snap craziness like never before! 

However, remember to take all precautions so that harmful colour particles do not enter your eyes during photoshoots or otherwise.

Have a safe and love-filled Holi and don’t forget to click tons of pictures with your partner!

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