What your clothes say about your personality?

What your clothes say about your personality?

What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language. – Miuccia Prada

Does clothing reflect personality?

Clothes are one of the basic requirements of human beings. But today, clothes are not a mere necessity, they are becoming our status symbol. Clothes have a psychology that defines our personality. Different types of clothes that we wear in our day-to-day life tell a lot about our behavior and mindset.

Colors also play an important role in defining our internal feelings and mood. Branded clothes represent our financial status. Clothes also define our mental state, attitude, and confidence level. They have the power to make us feel lazy, energetic, powerful, confident, attractive, or casual.

We can understand the psychology of clothes in terms of dress codes and colors. Read ahead to know what your clothes say about your personality.

What different color clothes tell about our personality?

what your clothes sat about your personality

Different color clothes tell so much about the personality, traits, and choices of an individual. Let’s have a look at the clothing color psychology:


This color represents passion and power. It shows energy and excitement.


The purple color shows royalty, creativity, and high class. This color is preferred by people who are emotional, sensitive, and passionate.


As the green color represents nature, people wearing this are peaceful, caring, kind, and active.


This is the color of happiness, positivity, concentration, adventure, and creativity.


When it comes to confidence, the blue color is the best. It represents you are calm, trustworthy, efficient, kind, sympathetic, and courteous.


White color reflects purity, innocence, and simplicity. This is usually worn by people who love freedom and optimism.


Black is a color that shows you are ambitious, practical, and intelligent. It also represents power and prestige.


The brown color represents the sand. It shows you are strong, stable, rational, reliable, and intelligent.

What your clothes say about your personality?

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Different dress code as per the personality and occasion

There are different dress codes that give different looks to you and your personality. The fit and shape of your clothes define how much you are conscious about your dressing sense.

Styling yourself with appropriate accessories can add attractiveness to your look. Your style statement can be enhanced by shoes, watches, scarves, hats, and neckpieces. Today you can even approach different brands for your outfits in case you are unable to decide which color and style suits you.


What your clothes say about your personality

Whether you are a man or a woman, your professionalism is required at your workplace. Professional clothing shows your positive attitude towards your work. A professional look can be attained by wearing clothes that fit you perfectly.

Do not use bright colors for a professional look. Keep it simple and well-fitted. Make sure your clothes are neither too short nor too long.


To slay in a casual look choose bright colors. You can even go for pastel shades. Choose loose and comfortable clothes to look casual.

Accessories that go well with casuals include watches, shoes, and any bold piece of jewelry. If you are going for an outing or to meet any friend, you can go for a casual look.


Today teenagers are much more obsessed with attractive looks. Attractive clothes not only appeal to others but also make you feel good. Just by looking attractive, your ways of walking and talking and dealing with things change largely. Wearing attractive clothes develops a sense of equality for the persons around you. You feel confident while talking to others.


If you are working in a corporate world or even in government sectors, formal is the look that you have to carry. Wearing formals gives you the confidence to communicate properly. It shows that you are a person with intelligence, knowledge, honesty, and competence. The colors for formals are usually black and grey. Minimal use of accessories makes your formal look perfect. Make sure your formals are clean and well-ironed.


Every person in this world is unique and so are their choices. This same statement applies to the dressing sense also. Everyone has a different taste for clothes i.e. everyone has their sense of styling.

Try to experiment with your clothes if you want to stand out differently. Use different patterns, prints, classic plaid, subtle polka dot, or a maxi dress.


There is hardly anyone in today’s world who does not want to be powerful in one or another way. To look powerful through your clothes, choose formal clothes. Formals make you feel and think like leaders. You consider yourself as an authority and start thinking practically and take better decisions.

You can go for bold colors that make you stand out and feel confident. You can even get inspired by the dressing sense of most successful persons.


Clothes put out the first impression of your personality whenever you meet someone. Make sure it is a good one. Your clothes are a mirror of your mindset and behavior. We should different types of clothes according to different occasions. We should also give a priority to the color of the clothes according to the situation, weather, and mood.

Make sure whatever you wear, you are comfortable in that outfit. Do not wear to impress anyone. Be confident in your choice of outfit without thinking of other people’s judgment.

Hope this article has provided you with some clarity upon “what your clothes say about your personality?



A proper dress code makes an impression that the person is presentable as well as professional. Even for social occasions and casual meetings, dressing appropriately (keeping the occasion in mind), is important!
Different color clothes reflect different things and personalities. What color you prefer and don't prefer, state about your choices and attitude.
Undoubtedly, yes! What you wear says so much about you. Clothes create the first impression about your personality.
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