What Is Learning? Understand The True Meaning Of Learning!
What is Learning? Love to learn. (Photo: Unsplash)

What Is Learning? Understand The True Meaning Of Learning!

When we think of the word ‘learning’, several questions might arise in our minds. These may be: “Do we stop learning when we complete your education?” “Is learning a way to wisdom?” “Do we need to keep on learning?” “Can we change our method of learning?” and in fact, “What exactly is learning and why it is important to learn”.

In this article, I’ll talk about learning & its significance.

What is learning?

Learning is an experience accumulated through actions, not only yours but also your surroundings. Whether by alive (humans & animals) or inanimate objects. Actions like walking, reading, communicating and even observing give us a thing or two to learn. Processes & methods for learning differs with every individual. There is no criteria or boundary for learning.

When and how does learning begin?

From the moment you are born, you start learning. Depending on the brain’s capabilities, the process can be fast or slow. You learn until you die. You have something new every moment in you, whether emotionally, behaviourally, theoretically or by actions. But the result of learning is reflected when you focus on yourself and not others.

What to learn?

Now, the things you need to learn cannot be not specified by anyone. There is no rule for it. Firstly, you need to sort which things are the best for you. “As only you know your character better than anyone, so why follow anyone’s path, if you can create your own.”

“Do we need to know every information out there?”

The information you intake is boundless so choose the relevant information, to begin with. But every individual’s need is different. If you have spare time, it’s good to know various things which might be helpful. But, it won’t significantly improve your lifestyle. So, I hope you understand, how to specify the things you need to learn.

For instance, a sportsperson must learn, how to maintain or improve his posture, speed, alertness and the other pieces of information. The information which helps a sportsperson grow and improve his life is not relevant to an office worker.

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Are you learning?

To learn and grow, you often find yourselves watching or reading on the Internet or engage in some unproductive tasks which neither groom your personality nor your thought process. It is necessary to live your life to the fullest, enjoy every challenge and opportunity that comes your way. It means to learn from your actions, the mistakes you commit and utilize those mistakes as a source of information to make your everyday life more interesting and enjoyable.

what is learning
Think about things differently. (Photo: Pexels)

How do you learn?

We mostly go for “To-Do books”, “our Elders” or “our Friends” to learn. It’s because we don’t know the correct way to learn something. To a certain extent, it works if our mentor knows about learning and its processes. The approach towards learning should be different, for every individual, the ideal method may differ. To grow means continuous learning, whether developing skills for personal or professional purposes, making commitments, setting goals and targets. More accurately, do the things which give you mental peace as well as personality development for life long.

Are you learning or pretending to learn?

To determine whether you are learning or not is very simple. Sometimes we don’t realize a simple learning process to differentiate between learning and pretending to learn.

If you feel that the actions or things around you are teaching & helping you to grow and you are making your life better, then you are learning. Otherwise, if you are trying to learn under some pressure, affection or jealousy; then you are pretending to learn. In the second case, you are either pleasing yourself or someone you like, which definitely won’t help you learn.

Does learning ensure success or education?

Education makes you eligible for better chances of survival. Not everyone is capable of struggling throughout life or have divine luck. Education is the same for all but Success is not.” There are certain times after completing your education, you feel the need for more qualification. This occurs mostly after you start working as an employee or find yourself trapped at any point in life. You start thinking of “education as a ladder for success, rather than a process of learning.” This is the point where you commit a mistake. In the list of top billionaires or successful people, most of them are a school or college dropout. Which means you are more eligible than those billionaires when it comes to education.

So, “Why they are more successful than you?”

It’s because they know how to learn, and it’s significant to know. They know the meaning of learning. They go beyond education and learn various skills to grow, and most importantly, they focus on themselves.

For success, start sorting the things meant for you rather than pretending to learn.

Learning is somewhat a more dynamic approach of education, not limited to some degree or classes but it is about a complete life cycle of a human being not only ours but our elders as well. We mostly enjoy our spare time by doing irrelevant tasks, which do not improve our working or thinking aspects. Although these tasks put our minds at ease, they also divert us from our primary target.

So stand in front of the mirror & ask yourself: what, when and how you learn every day. It can be the biggest asset to an individual. The warrior or the king is inside you but it is chained by the shackles of useless information and insecurity. So, I hope you and I will learn continuously till the end.

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