14 Best Websites to Learn Foreign Language Online

14 Best Websites to Learn Foreign Language Online

There’s no time or age limit to learn a new language. But, learning can be intimidating and requires a lot of hard work; yet, never impossible.

Besides, with today’s advanced sources, learning any new skills, let alone a new language is just a few clicks away. Doesn’t matter if you’re learning those skills for the sake of your job or just simply to amp up your skills-set and widen your horizon.

So, here we have a list of some helpful and high-quality sites that can help you learn a foreign language online.

Websites to Learn a Foreign Language online for FREE


Learning a foreign language usually demands 3-4 digits of payment from your pocket. So, with the help of rich internet resources, we found the following sites that are easily accessible and can help you learn a foreign language online for FREE.

1. Surface Languages

Surface languages offers an extensive database of free words, phrases, and expressions in many languages- 37 (to be precise). And with its audio courses and flashcards, you can start your language journey without the hurdle of making any registration first.

Although it can help you a lot, this site will just be your initial step towards learning your desired language.

2. Internet Polyglot

Okay! This may sound a little tricky. But, Internet Polyglot cannot help you learn a new language. Because this site specialises in strengthening the languages you already know.

You can use Internet Polyglot while being active in any language. But, it is not a dictionary. It’ll help you memorise things and build you up minutely existing language.

3. LearnALanguage

LearnALanguage simplifies your complications in the process of learning any new language. This remarkable site is the hard work of the US Institute of language.

Its prime goal is to bridge the communication gap caused by different languages. And it provides lessons for about 21 languages.

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Websites to Learn Foreign Language online with certificate

learn a foreign language online

With many opportunities available on the internet, it is confusing to choose and decide the right site to learn. So, here we have listed some of the Massive Open Online Courses, that won’t just have courses on languages but also provide you with certificates after the completion of the course.

4. Alison

It is one of the largest free learning platforms for education and skills training. And among all the eight languages that Alison offers, it has at least one introductory course, while others include advanced lessons.

Alison also offers certificates after the completion of the course and assessments, but only when you score at least 80%. I once enrolled in a course on Alison to build up my English writing skills, and I can assure you it’s a legit site to hone your existing skills or to learn something new.

5. Coursera

Coursera partners with 200+ leading universities of the world. It’s the global online learning platform that provides anyone, from anywhere, with the opportunity to start an online course or get a degree from renowned institutions.

Professional professors from the said renowned institutions teach the courses here. And with their abundance of courses, you can enroll in whatever language course you feel like.

6. edX

edX is one of the famous MOOC websites. It offers you many university-level courses; created and taught by professors from world-renowned universities.

It also provides you with ‘beginners’ to ‘advance’ level courses. You can also earn college credit at edX, through Arizona State University.

7. Open Culture

When it comes to language learning, they ain’t bluffing, mate!

Open Culture offers a huge list of free courses in 48 languages, from across the web. These courses are the collection of government resources, universities, and some private institutions.

It will help you narrow down your path of learning a foreign language with its enriching, free and high-quality content.

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Best Tools to Learn Foreign Language online

learn a foreign language online

So, you’ve got enrolled in your desired foreign language course? Good!
But that won’t be enough. Because when you are in school/ college, you don’t just use your textbooks but other materials too, for holistic learning.

Just like that, while you are learning foreign languages online, you should use other materials to practise the particular language for better progress. And here we have some interesting sites/apps for you.

8. Busuu

This massive online platform, Busuu allows you to access its free features including reading, writing, speaking, and listening lessons. Though they have flashcards and media for a better learning experience, the best feature has to be the direct connection to native speakers.

You can use your webcam, audio connection, or the Busuu chat window to ask and clear your doubts by the actual people. And also get firsthand language and accent experience.

9. Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone inspires the learners with its innovative digital learning programme. It offers over 30 languages, including several endangered languages.

Once enrolled, it’ll help you track your progress, and remind you to repeat important notes given here to keep them fresh in your mind.

It is the most popular paid learning programme available online. However, mind you, it is not cheap; it cost about €106, that is 9456/-.

Not sure? Check out the free trial pack and then decide if it’s worth your investment or not.

10. Duolingo

How can this list be complete without everyone’s favourite pushy green little bird, eh?
Duolingo is one of the most famous language-learning websites/apps. You can even use it on the go.

Though it’s a language-learning tool, it is not like those boring sites you’ve seen. Because Duolingo comprises a game-like approach for language learning, which is not only fun but also addictive and beneficial.

It’ll help by challenging you in speaking, translating, answering MCQs to know your progress. And then will reward you for your performance. Duolingo is dedicated to helping you learn, so you better do your part best.

11. Memrise

Memrise helps you get hands-on experience in your language lessons. Besides the audio and video clips that help you get familiar with the authentic voices and accents, it offers a more practical option- “Mems”.

You can use these ‘mems’ cards provided by Memrise, or create your own mnemonic by composing your own cards. Sounds like a better option, huh?

Video-based websites to Learn a Foreign Language online

Study. Education. Lessons.
Whenever you think about these terms, your brain somehow assumes you have read. But what we don’t consider is, you can also watch and learn things. Luckily, someone thought of it and gave these amazing sites to learn a foreign
language online by Watching.

12. Innovative Language

Since its establishment in 2005, Innovative Language has become one of the leading language lesson providers. Innovative Language offers free video and audio lessons in over 40 languages.

They update new lessons every week with learning materials, for absolute beginners to all the way up for advanced learners. Here, professional teachers teach grammar, vocabulary, everyday conversation, real-life situations, and culture.

13. FluentU

FluentU is for visual learners. It comprises an enormous collection of visual resources like movies, news, documentaries, music, videos, funny YouTube videos, just to name a few.

The key feature of FluentU is, it does not use animations or slowly pronounced video language lessons. Rather it offers “real world” videos, where it allows you to sneak into the native speakers’ lives while they are in their comfort of homes and sweatpants.

14. YouTube

Yes! YouTube can help you improve your already known language, as well as help you learn a foreign language.

With its vast collection of TV shows and international movies from all around the world, you can get your hands on your desired video in your desired language. If creative enough, even vlogs can help you! It’s just a matter of searching and finding.

Well, isn’t it crazy? Who would’ve thought there could be so many sites, tools, and ways to learn a foreign language online.

Share this amazing list of websites with your friends and start your courses together!! Because it’s no fun to do things alone; it’s always “the more the merrier”.

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