10 Underrated Web Series On Netflix You Must Watch
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10 Underrated Web Series On Netflix You Must Watch

You might have binge-watched many popular Netflix shows during this quarantine and probably don’t know what to watch next. There are many shows which are not popular yet but are worth watching. So here is a list of some of the best underrated web series on Netflix with their genres.

Best Thriller Web Series On Netflix

 Get Even

This is a British thriller series, especially enjoyed by teens. The story is based on ‘Get Even’ by Gretchen Mcneil. The story focuses on four high school girls who create a group known as DGM — whose motive is to get even with every bully whether it’s a teacher, student or any staff. But one of their targets gets murdered by some unknown attacker and the victim is holding a card which shows “DGM” written on it. The life of four girls change after this incident and they wonder who is trying to frame them for this murder? There are only 10 episodes of 24-28 minutes of duration. So you can easily binge-watch the entire series. Trust me, this is one of the best, yet underrated web series on Netflix.

 Queen of the South

This story is about a poor Mexican girl named Teresa Mendoza who falls in love with a wealthy man who is a member of drug cartels. He showers her with wealth and after some time he gets murdered and now Teresa has to flee, as she herself is in danger. The starting story may sound typical but the story revolves around her being kidnapped to becoming a wealthy drug dealer or you can say ‘queen of the south’. Teresa is one of the badass characters with a strategic mind. ‘Queen of the south’ is a wonderful combination of thriller, action, crime and has a great plotline. There are 4 seasons available.

Best supernatural web series on Netflix

 The Order

This series is full of dark magic, werewolves and other supernatural elements. The story starts as the main character, Jack Morton joins the Belgrave University and is keen to join the university’s secret society which he and his grandfather are obsessed with. The story revolves around how Jack discovers some dark family secrets and the battle between the magical dark arts and the werewolves. Moreover, it has some aspects of romance as Alyssa Drake is assigned as his magical tutor and their feelings for each other develop over time. When you begin watching this show you might not find it great but if you keep watching then it becomes really interesting. It takes you to this horror and magical journey. Which is why it is an underrated web series on Netflix which you must watch.

 Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

This show is based on the Archie comic book series of the same name. Sabrina is a half-mortal and half-witch girl who is going to turn 16. But she needs to choose between the two worlds when she turns sixteen so we can see the struggle of Sabrina between her two different personalities. As a mortal, she has some great friends and a boyfriend whom she loves very much and as a witch, she is expected to embrace her magic and be on the side of the devil. She wants to create her path where she can be both and still have her freedom but is that possible? You need to watch the show to find it out, and there are many other storylines which are dark, eerie, magic and family mysteries.

Best Fantasy Web Series On Netflix

 Locke & Key

Many people compare this show with its comic book written by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez on which it is based. But the original comic can be described as more dark and violent whereas the series is light-hearted. The story is about the Locke family and their ancestral ‘key’ house. After their father’s death, they are forced to move back to the ‘key’ house. But this house is no regular one, it has its mystery and some magical keys. These keys not only open doors but other strange things and to know what those are, you need to watch these show. There are a total of 10 episodes in the 1st season.

 The Witcher

This series stars Henry Cavil, Anya Chalotra and Freya Allan. It’s a story about a witcher which means someone who has gone through genetic mutations to enhance them and make them more capable to fight the monsters that are in their world. The main characters, Geralt of Rivia, is a witcher but the story is not all about himself alone. It revolves around his life and two other women, Yennefer and Ciri. This series is based on its book and not video games. This series explores a whole new world of humans, monsters and elves.

Best Comedy Web Series On Netflix

 New Girl

This American sitcom is about a quirky teacher who is in her early 30s, named Jessika (Jess) who breaks up with her boyfriend immediately after finding out that he was cheating on her with some other woman. She goes on living in an apartment with three men and starts all new. The show focuses on different characters and their relationships. Nick, Schmidt, and Coach who are her roommates help Jessika to figure out her life. New Girl was originally aired between 2011 and 2018, and there are 7 seasons of this series.

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 Lovesick

This series is now considered as a Netflix original series although it started on British network channel 4. The story is about a boy named Dylan, who finds out that he has chlamydia and he has to call all his ex-partners to tell them that they should get tested. There are 3 seasons available of this show and the runtime of all the episodes is 21-27 minutes so, you can easily binge-watch it. All the characters and the structure of the show is great.

Best Sci-Fi Web Series On Netflix

 The 100

This series shows that humanity has destroyed itself with nuclear war and 12 space stations orbiting the earth have been joined in order to form the arc. It’s a giant space station city that houses what’s left of humanity. When the people in charge found out that the air on the arc is about to run out, they decide to send a hundred people on earth to find out if it’s still survivable. This show can surprise you, it may have a slow start but as the series goes on, it keeps getting darker.

 Lost in Space

The story is based on the family members of the Robinson family. Life is gradually ending on earth and to escape the extinction, a spaceship is created. This spaceship is created to find a place in space where life can be possible outside of earth. In this mission, they end up getting lost in space and then the have to deal with aliens, weather and most importantly to survive in space. There is also a mystery and some actions.

Comment down below, which Web Series you found out the most interesting? And would you like more recommendations like this in the future?

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