16 Interesting things to learn during Quarantine to hone your skills

16 Interesting things to learn during Quarantine to hone your skills

Amidst Covid-19, millions of us are searching for ways to entertain ourselves at home. But sadly, our quarantined life is limited to us binge-watching TV shows and raiding our fridges.

And with us being cooped up inside for god knows how long, one will go crazy. Hence, a solid reason to take charge of our lives and prioritise our well-being. So, we have picked out some of the most interesting things to learn during quarantine, which are listed below.


Productive Things To do For Students

Being a student, you can do a hell lot of things during this big break of an excuse: Quarantine. And use this time to hone your existing skills and also build up a new one with the ideas stated below.

Keep A Journal

Sometimes, only paper will listen to you,”

Keeping a journal entails is not only about sharing or writing one’s secrets or “love-life”.

It can also track your habits, how?

You can keep records of your doings, more like a schedule planning but in a story format. And that doesn’t mean you have to write about your entire day, all from brushing to pooping; No.

Just pick a moment out of your day that weighs down on your mind the most. And then write it down in great detail with dialogues, of course.

This habit will help you emotionally and academically.

Enroll On A Free Course

things to learn during quarantine

With all the free time at your disposal, you can enrol on a free course. The course can be based on your personal or academic interests. Either way, this will help you in building a clear future path by earning an impressive CV, and if lucky some experience as well, with the abundance of internship opportunities offered today.

Tap Your Artist

Arts and crafts are more than just DIYs and paintings. It is a way to express yourself in a creative way.
You can either paint, draw, doodle, or craft up some jewellery, candles, and even sewing. These boundless ideas will surely tap your inner artist and bring out your creativity.

Volunteer Your Service

things to learn during quarantine

Let’s not confine volunteering to physical services. You can offer so much more while being in the comfort of your home. You can volunteer to tutor kids in your area or online; and help them, since the schools are closed during the pandemic. Or you can become an influencer, by empowering people and encouraging them on social media.

Professional Skills To Learn During Quarantine

Work from home has become a “thing”, it’s a #hashtag followed by many. And because of this, employees are a great advantage. They can now rearrange their schedule and make time for these extracurricular
activities mentioned below to strengthen their job opportunities.

Master Excel

Excel is more than just making a table, it is a sophisticated software program. And there is no downhill from learning it. It can help you keep your data organised, for easy navigation and analysis; it can also help you with basic, as well as complex mathematic functions.

And with such resourceful networks just after a few clicks, you can get yourselves enrolled in an online course.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is ‘online’ marketing. Since the digital and online platform has become constant in our lives, digital marketing has skyrocketed. And since every other person’s found online, it will opportune you in reaching new customers while maintaining a good relationship with your old clients.

So, if you want to try Digital Marketing, then go for Google digital marketing course, apart from being free they also offer a certificate.

Web Designing

things to learn during quarantine

Web designing is a multi-disciplinary job, where designing isn’t the only knowledge you need, but must also know the skills in developing a website. And opting to learn web designing, you’ll add new skill-sets to your resume.
Besides, with the advanced-learning technique, you can find many websites offering Web Designing Course, Coursera is one of them.

Time Management

We can consider time management as the king of all skills. And having this skill is crucial since everything is easily recovered and replaced, but time. Time management basically involves learning how to track time, how to prioritise
your tasks based on their importance and urgency; and also how to allocate your tasks and organise your work and vacations.

Random Things To Learn During Quarantine

What to do that does not fall into an academic list, but is rather fun? Don’t worry. We’ve got that covered too. Just do all the random things you can think of; plus we’ve listed some ideas below for you to consider.

Train Your Pets

Learning new skills doesn’t just apply to you, it can also be for your pets. You can start by giving them a name, then teach them some basic things first, then later some amazing and bold stunts.

And if you don’t have a pet, then adopt one. Cause, what’s better than a pet as your lovely companion.


With an abundance of YouTube tutorials how can one fall short on entertainment, and if it taps your hidden talent then it’s a win-win. Besides, learning how to style, cutting, and caring for your hair will save a lot of your pocket, even after the pandemic. You can read blogs, watch YouTube tutorials, and even enrol in an online hairstyling course.

Kitchen Try-Outs

“Nobody’s going to cook for you always,” said my humble, loving Mother; and I second that, because no one will. Plus, ordering a takeout during the pandemic is kind of risky.

So, put on your aprons and start cooking for yourself. Start with simple dishes, and try not to get intimidated when things don’t turn out as you’ve expected. Also, don’t go all out being extravagant with your dishes; because no matter what, if it’s your first time cooking then even a simple dish will feel 5-star worthy.

Video Editing

things to learn during quarantine

You shoot clips that are amazing, but short. So, here’s your chance: learn video editing, and try to put your clips together. But don’t stop there, upload them to get feedbacks and devote yourself to get better. This extracurricular activity will help you in building a creative perspective.

Hobbies To Learn During Quarantine

Doing courses and working while juggling around with other chores can get anyone to become a little antsy.
At such times you need to stop to take a breather. And do something that calms your nerves; and what can be more perfect than developing a hobby?

So, we have picked out some creative hobbies that can serenate all your storms.


things to learn during quarantine

Gardening is fun and relaxing, and also a way to feel connected with nature. It is a great hobby to cultivate since it is good for your body and mind.


It is always calming to play in the mud. So, why not make it into a hobby? Pottery is fascinating since you can create beautiful pieces. And after having this hobby learned, you can turn it into a business as well. As pottery pieces cost a lot and are antique.


things to learn during quarantine
It is one of the most soothing activities, and according to studies, it reduces anxiety too. Knitting keeps one’s brain sharp and helps maintain a good concentration level.

This craft is simple to learn and will never get you bored since it has infinite patterns and techniques that are yet to be learned.


We are more creative when using our hands, and learning calligraphy as a hobby can only be beneficial. Apart from improving your hand-writing, it will help you develop fine motor skills and memory retention.


productive things to learn during quarantine

These were the list of things to learn in Quarantine. Whew! Tons of possibilities, and infinite opportunities; so, just grab your ropes of life, and decide on what things to learn during quarantine.

AND, DO NOT STOP HERE! Keep learning and keep growing.

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