12 Best Websites to Read Comics for FREE!

12 Best Websites to Read Comics for FREE!

Comic books are expensive, thus many opt for digital reading. And now, comic enthusiasts are on a constant hunt for the best websites to read comics for free.

So, if you are one of them, then you are at the right place, for we listed some best websites where you can read comics for free! Some of them are also designed as apps for easy access.

So let’s dive into the artistic works of talented folks.

Best Free Websites to Read Comics

Below are the 12 best websites to read comics for free.

1. Read Comics Online

This site offers a wide range of free comics online, all from Marvel and DC to X-Men with other intriguing comic series, that will appease the comic book junkie inside you.

However, though you can read comics for free, the annoying pop-up ads will press your nerves. But that’s a price you must pay.

2. ComicExtra

Get some killer Batman and Robin as well as Deadpool comics here. They even have Dark Horse(the comic books that brought in Hellboy), Marvel, and other super comic collections worth your time. Then again, watch out for the ads.

3. ComicBook+

ComicBook+ is a gem that is more precious than ruby and emerald; for they showcase both golden and silver age comics in the public domain.

It is a great resource for comic books fan, graphic designers, and historians; because they comprise some rare sections of the genres that are solely devoted to fanzines, pulp fiction, non-English comics, newspapers, magazines, adverts, booklets, public information posters of USA, even coloring books.

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4. ElfQuest

A comic of rambled fantasy world- ElfQuest. It is an independent award-winning comic that started in 1970 and issued its last update in 2014.

The story follows several characters, all in different arcs of stories filled with action and adventure. Though the publishers released the complete quests of the ElfQuest series in a collected edition, you can always go read comics for free online.

5. GoComics

GoComics is not your typical superhero comic collection, but a collection of strip comics that are usually found in newspapers and magazines. The collection of strip comics comprises a massive catalog, all from known to lesser-known comics.

6. s2manga

s2manga is a mine of manga, manhua, and manhwa. They almost got everything translated to English. I prefer the fantasy genre, and they got a humongous collection of it. Although, the only downside of this site would be their late updates, other than that it’s great.

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7. Manga1st

Just like s2manga, Manga1st has many manga, manhua, and manhwa. Right from romance and drama to fantasy.
The plus point about this site is you can filter your search with the Advance search option, and in a-z order, trending, latest, most view, and top ratings.

8. ViewComics

A treasure I stumbled upon. ViewComics is a package of many amazing series, new and old.
And the best part besides being free; ViewComics got a feature ‘advanced search’, which means you can filter your search based on your taste.

Apps to Read Comics for FREE

Read comics for free

9. Webtoon

Okay, let’s get down to business.
I can ramble on and on about Webtoon. It is the best site/app to read comics for free. It is a home for all talented artists with diverse art styles, cultures, or perspectives to showcase their work.

A very cool concept of Webtoon is Canvas, here fresh artists can try their luck and get noticed by the publishers, or get to be an official Webtoon artist. Though it’s free you can always try and support your favorite artists by buying coins and taking a fast pass.

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10. Tapas

Tapas, also known as comic panda has a great collection of manhwa, manhua, and other comics, as well as novels. And though they got some free comics, some of their content will cost a few bucks. Even so, I’m sure you can find something to your liking in the free section.

11. MangaToon

MangaToon, is a bomb app comprising hundreds of colorful manhwa, manhua, comics, novels, and even chat stories in many popular genres like romance, historical fiction, action, adventure, horror, and more.

But only limited chapters are free, and then later every chapter will be locked. Don’t worry though you can unlock them with reward coupons and points, if your nerves agree then you can see ads and unlock the next chapters as well.

12. Webcomics

A great app for any comic lover to have in their pockets. And just like MangaToon, it needs coins to unlock the chapters. And you can earn these coins for free, as the app rewards the readers to stay on the app.

But do note, that this app is definitely not for children under 18. As there many violent and sexual topics are discussed and portrayed, literally!

And we are done with the best websites to read comics for FREE! Hope these sites satisfy comic junkies like myself. Also, do let me know where you read comics for free? And what are your favorite comics? *subtly asking for recommendations.

Anyways, have a great time on reading sites for free.


In 1938, an action series of DC was sold for $3.25 million, in which Superman made his first-ever appearance. Each book costs 10 cents and is considered valuable.
Marvel mystery Comics of 128 pages edition is the rarest Marvel Comic. Only five copies are in existence and were distributed in New York City.
To all the comic book junkies, YES, it does make you smarter. Because, comic books portray the information visually, which is not intimidating like novels and textbooks, and is easy to comprehend the message. It is effective, especially for children.

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