10 Best online book reading sites for free

10 Best online book reading sites for free

“The world belongs to those who read”  – Rick Holland

“Books” the word itself can soothe a reader’s soul, but buying new books can be a pain in the neck. And a constant reader knows the hardship of buying new books every week, especially when you are aware of that hole in your pockets. And having to face pandemic again threw us behind a blind alley.

Although your hands crave the feeling of the raw and smooth touch of papers, you and I both know that’s now a ‘not always‘ thing. And such desperate situations call for desperate measures: eBooks.

Even though technically they are books, yet it feels a waste to spend one’s hard-earned money on something you can’t even hold physically. Thus, here we are to put that burden off your shoulder.

Below are 10 amazing online book reading sites that won’t just appease your inner reader but will also help you save a lot of your earnings.

And following the words of Anna Quindlen:

“Books are the plane, and train, and road; they are the destination, and the journey; they are home.”

Without waiting further, let’s travel around the world and through unknown realms to our home.


10 Best online book reading sites for free

ManyBooks is one of the best online reading sites, offering over 30,000 eBooks. Their collection includes more than classics, and all at the cost of nothing!

This site has great categorisation, which makes browsing easy. It lets you browse by genres, authors, and languages too. Surely, here you will find your next bunch of books to fall in love with.


Hugh McGuire started LibriVox in August 2005. It is the perfect site and the best app to find you some free audiobooks. You can browse your way through genres and languages of your choice; however, their collection largely comprises Children’s Fiction.

Here they record books that are in the public domain. And though providing for free might be their strong point, the downside would be their audio quality and performance, which may vary since the volunteers read them.

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Internet Archive

Internet Archive began in 1996. It is in the list of top 300 websites in the world; offering its services to millions of people every day.

Internet archive provides eBooks and other scholarly materials like audios, music and images with field magazines, etc. It is the major source of archaic books. And with its tremendous collection of books, from every imaginable field and genre, you won’t get bored easily, because it has everything, literally!!

Open Library

Open Library is the sub-branch of Internet Archive, providing over 2.5 million eBooks. Their goal is to deliver all the published materials of humankind, to the world. Their resources focus on eBooks from diverse fields. Here you can find your fresh addition of eBooks for your digital library in any genre including thriller, romance, fiction, and even recipe books. This site is easy to navigate and is a perfect place for reading online.

Google Books

Google knows everything and has everything, even books!! Google is the popular and most used website, and its separate section of books is no different. They comprise many incredible books. You can easily access the Google eBook store from your Google Playstore. Just click on the Book option on your Playstore app or on the site, and Voila!! Free eBooks just click away.

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle offers many incredible and free eBooks; it includes many books and has enormous collections of novels from every genre.

Get easy access to these collections by logging in on the amazon kindle app. The plus point of amazon kindle is that if you are unsure about a certain book, peek through their reviews and then decide on your interest. Amazon also has other sites that provide free books for kids online where you can find children’s book readers and storybooks for kids.


free book reading sites online

DailyLit is another amazing resource, which provides about 100 thousand books. Their collection includes many fictions, suitable for various subjects.

They also provide great new series and short stories and are currently working on developing a mobile reading app to help their readers get an easy reading experience.

Project Gutenberg

Michael Hart found Project Gutenberg in 1971. It is the first resource to offer free eBooks and
continues to inspire the creation of eBooks, even today. It is an online library of over 60 thousand books, and for free. They provide eBooks in all formats, including epub and kindle, on multiple subjects.

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Inkitt is the world’s first reader-powered publisher, providing a free platform for readers and an opportunity for nameless potential writers to helps them turn into successful authors. You can also brush up your writing skills with their guides and contests.

They provide all kinds of novels on various genres; just browse through and find yourself knee-deep in different stories every day. The books here may not be very popular, but rest assure, they’ll quench your thirst with their wide range of oases.


Allen Lau and Ivan Yuen started this mind-blowing global entertainment company. Wattpad is purely based on stories where small authors get themselves discovered and readers hunt down their daily goals of new books.

With their amazing authors and dynamic, innovative ideas Wattpad continues to change the social platform of storytelling. Although most of the books are free; mind you, some of them are premium. But we are not here for the premium stuff; so browse through your favourite genres and start reading your brains out!

Bottom line

These were the trusted online reading sites with their abundance of book collections. While the above sites are great and provide an amazing collection of eBooks; I am a loyal user of Wattpad and Inkitt. And if you are into poetry like me, try ‘Poetizer’ site, which is also an app.

And remember, books are the best therapy and great solace, from all of your stress caused because of the pandemic. So chill out, grab this opportunity and visit the above sites for online book reading sites to read any book of your interest for free.

Comment your experiences and share these online reading sites with your nerdy friends.

Stay positive, stay safe, and read loads of free books online!

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