Top 5 New Anime Coming Out in 2022

Top 5 New Anime Coming Out in 2022

2021 was an excellent year for us anime freaks with new gems like Odd taxi, Ousama ranking, To your eternity, etc. This year looks even more stacked! Here are the five new anime coming out in 2022 that will blow your mind.

Chainsaw Man

Studio- MAPPA

Release date- No confirmed date, but it is set to be released in 2022.

Chainsaw Man is a dark fantasy anime about a young teenage boy named Denji who hunts devils with his chainsaw devil pet, Pochita, to earn money to repay his father’s debt.

One day he is betrayed by the yakuza and killed. But at his death, he fuses with his devil pet to become the Chainsaw Man. The Public Safety Department then recruits him to hunt down the devils, and a wild ride ensues.

It’s dark, It’s edgy, and It’s fun.

You don’t need to be a prophet to see that Chainsaw Man will be the next big anime, especially now when we know that the studio animating the series is MAPPA. We recommend you read Chainsaw Man manga online before watching the anime because the artwork in the manga is too good.

You can watch the Chainsaw Man trailer here:


Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku

Studio- MAPPA

Release date- No confirmed date, but it is set to be released in 2022.

Hell’s paradise is a dark, supernatural anime that follows the story of a cutthroat shinobi known as Gabimaru the Hollow, the epithet perfectly encapsulating his cold-blooded, emotionless nature.

In the midst of a job, Gabimaru is betrayed by his companion, which leads to his capture. Along with other death row inmates, he is sent on a mission to a mysterious island that houses the elixir of life. The island looks like a paradise but is a living hell, hence the name of the series- Hell’s Paradise. Whoever returns with the elixir will be pardoned by the shogun. His only reason to live – his wife.

The author of Hell’s Paradise, Yuji Kaku, was an assistant to Tatsuki Fujimoto, the author of Chainsaw Man. You can see the similarities in both these stories. They both give somewhat eccentric and weird vibes. What’s more, both of these series are getting animated by the same studio- MAPPA. So we know for sure the animation will be incredible.

You can watch the trailer here:


Spy X Family

Studio- Wit studio and Cloverworks

Release date- April 2022

It’s time for James Bond to stand down because a new spy is in town. This action-comedy series follows the adventures of our main protagonist Loid Forger, Codename- Twilight, the greatest spy in the world.

Loid’s latest mission is to investigate a man who doesn’t make public appearances except for his son’s school functions. To accomplish his mission, Loid must have a family and send his child to the same school.

He ends up adopting a little girl named Anya, but she is secretly a telepath. He also marries a woman named Yor, but she is secretly an assassin. Anya, being a telepath, can read minds and hence finds out the secrets of her parents. She doesn’t reveal their secrets because she thinks it’s very cool.

This family dynamic leads to hilarious situations and lots of fun.

You can watch the Spy X Family trailer here:

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Studio- Drive

Release date- October 2022

Junji Ito is arguably the greatest horror mangaka in the world, and this anime is the adaptation of his manga by the same name. This four-episode miniseries will be produced entirely in black and white style to imitate his original work.

The story takes place in a small coastal town of japan, Kurozu-cho. According to Shuichi, the boyfriend of our main character, Kirie, the town is haunted not by any entity or any being but by a pattern: Uzumaki, the spiral.

Yes, a spiral, and if you think what’s so scary about a spiral, just give Uzumaki a watch. Your life will never be the same again.

You can watch the trailer here:


Blue Lock

Studio- 8-Bit

Release date- No confirmed date, but it is set to be released in 2022.

We don’t know when Haikyuu!! Season five will come, but we do have another sports anime coming up to fill the hole in our hearts. Blue lock is an anime that revolves around soccer. However, it is not your typical sports anime. While most anime focus on teamwork, blue lock focuses on an individual’s ego.

After losing in the Round of 16 in the 2018 world cup, the Japanese football association hires Jinpachi Ego to forge the best striker in the world and win the next world cup. Our protagonist, Yoichi Isagi, and 299 other strikers are invited to a facility called Blue Lock. Here the players will eat, sleep, train and battle amongst themselves under the guidance of Mr Jinpachi. Only one player will come out on top to become the best in the world.

You can watch the trailer here:



So, these were the 5 new anime coming out in 2022. Aside from these five, many incredible shows are returning with a new season like Mob Psycho 100, Made in Abyss, etc., 2022 sure will be a good year! Keep coming back for more anime updates.



Yes, it is time to change your anime pfps to Ichigo, as bleach is set to return in October 2022.
Not to be confused with Naruto Uzumaki or Kushina Uzumaki, Uzumaki is a horror manga by Junji Ito. It is set to be produced as an anime miniseries in 2022.
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