35 Must-Haves in every Traveller’s Bag
Must-Haves in bag while travelling.

35 Must-Haves in every Traveller’s Bag

Packing can be utter chaos sometimes. Handling several big and small bags can be really tiresome and hectic. So, we bring to you a list of must-haves in every traveller’s bag that would cater to your needs even if you’re travelling to the deserts, the mountains or the beaches. This would make your journey a lot easier and a lot more fun.

Remember that the key to backpacking and even air travelling is saving space in your bag, so as to ensure that you don’t end up compromising on some items. Personally, I prefer rolling the clothes into a tight roll and sticking some small items between them, this not only saves space but also provide a semblance of arrangement and things are much easier to find!

So, get ready with a pen and check these must-haves so that you don’t miss out on any.



Must-haves in every travellers bag

If you’re travelling international, then this is definitely something that you need to keep handy. Never stash this deep inside your bags. Always keep this in your travel-on bag or pouches, so it is easier to access and find when required. Get your passport cover here.

Document Folder

Must-haves in every traveller's bag

Whenever you’re travelling, you always have a bunch of documents that you always need to carry. It is recommended to arrange them in a document folder so you don’t fumble when you’re supposed to present them and don’t waste time doing so.

Tip: If you’re aware of which document would be required when, then arrange them chronologically so it saves time and they’re easier to locate.

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Health Insurance Information

Must-haves in every travellers bag

Whether you’re travelling within the country or international, it is always wise to keep your health information handy, you might never know when it would be important.

Identity Information

Must-haves in every travellers bag

Any document that proves your identity, age or nationality is definitely a must-have. You will find yourself in situations where you are required to prove them, be it at a hotel or on the road. So carrying an identity card is a no brainer.


Safety Wallet

Must-haves in every travellers bag

Travelling to an unknown location means that you’re always prone to pickpockets. You can always buy undercover bra stash for your cards, neck wallet that isn’t conspicuous or leg wallet. They easily blend in with your gear and keep your expensive items out of reach from the pickpockets. Here’s an amazing card holder.

Travel Lock

Must-haves in every traveller's bag

It is one of the most essential items that you need to keep with you. Ensure that all of your bags have locks so no thief can access them and steal your valuables.

Money Belt

Money Belt is a must-have that will keep your money safe while also storing the small important items that you would need constantly. It significantly reduces the hassle of searching for things in your big bag.


Portable charger/ Power bank

Must-haves in every travellers bag

When your entire travel memory is dependent on your phone and camera, portable chargers and power banks become must-haves in your travelling bag as you never know when you might run out of battery!

Headphones/ Earphones

Travelling can be a hassle sometimes and it becomes important to just disconnect. So, don’t forget to keep your headphones and earphones with you and just put them on to jam to your favourite travelling songs!


Must-haves in every travellers bag

It is one of the most important items of the list. Cherishing memories of a wonderful trip is something that everyone wants, to relive all those moments. So never forget your camera and get clicking!

Universal Travel Adapters

must-haves every travellers bag

This item is very important while travelling internationally. Plug-ins change with different countries and it becomes difficult to charge your gadgets, so ensure that you do not forget to take one of these!

Cheap Phone Cover

Must-haves in every travellers bag

Personally, this is a very significant phone-saving trick. Instead of a flashy phone cover, that’ll draw attention towards it, stick to a cheap and mundane phone cover so as not to attract a pickpocket.


Travel Pillow

Must-haves in every traveller's bag
Comfort is the most important part of travel. Being uncomfortable would ruin the trip right from the start. So, if your journey involves long hours of sitting then a travel pillow is definitely a must-have. It’ll prevent neck cramps and give you a good sleep.

Eye Mask

must-haves in bag while travelling

An eye mask is again a great source of comfort while travelling. It shields your eyes from harsh light and let you sleep peacefully.


If your journey involves a lot of people and transportation then earplugs are definitely a must-have in your bag! It’ll block excess noise so nothing will disturb your sleep.

Comfy shoes/ Flip-flops

must-have essentials while travelling

Comfortable shoes or light flip flops are vital for a successful vacation. If your legs start paining or they get blisters, you won’t be able to enjoy your vacation properly. So, be sure to pack shoes or flipflops that suit your leg and have enough space to not be too cramped.

Wet wipes

Must-haves in every travellers bag

These wipes not only retain skin moisture but also gently remove dirt and grime, soothe the skin as well as help in the removal of stubborn makeup.

Water Bottle/ Light snacks

Must-haves in every travellers bag

It is always wise to keep your water bottles filled and grab some snacks whenever you can. You never know when you’ll be stuck in a place that doesn’t have them. So, its best to be cautious and keep them in spare.

Foldable and light backpack

Must-haves in every travellers bag

Wherever you’re travelling it is best to keep a foldable backpack with you. You can use it to keep your water bottle or any souvenirs you might’ve shopped for.


If you’re going for a sunny vacation then sunglasses are something that you must have in your travelling bag. Also, if you wear spectacles and are going for a trek, then replace it with contact lenses so it doesn’t hinder your journey and you can enjoy your trek.


Hairbrush/ Comb/ Hair ties

Must-haves in every traveller's bag

Taking care of personal well being is very important. So, some basic hair accessories like a little hairbrush or comb are must-haves in every traveller’s bag. Keep them handy so that you could brush your hair whenever you want to.

Sunscreen / Moisturiser

Even if you might find these in your hotels it’s never too much to keep small bottles of sunscreen or moisturiser handy wherever you go. It can happen that the ones given to you don’t suit your skin type hence it’s best to be precautious.

Lip Gloss/ Chapstick

must-haves in bag while travelling

Change in temperature can make your lips chapped and dry and its definitely annoying! So keep a little stick of your favourite lip gloss or Chapstick while travelling.

Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Toothbrush and Toothpaste are definitely must-haves while travelling. Pack your own toothpaste and toothbrush that suit your mouth. Don’t rely on your hotels for such items.

Body Wash

It’s best not to compromise your skin health by relying on hotel soap, while on vacation. Take a small bottle of your daily body wash and use it on the trip.


Keep a hand towel with you all the time during travelling. It’ll be easy to wipe sweat or dust off your face.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Must-haves in every traveller's bag

Just like your skin health, it’s important to maintain your hair during vacation too. You never know what is used in your hotel shampoo so you need to carry your own hair products.



Must-haves in every traveller's bag

Any kind of painkiller that you can manage to grab would be very beneficial for the journey. Even a little help in an unknown place can be life-saving!


If you find your temperature rising even a little its best to check it, to be on the safer side. Keep a thermometer handy with yourself for your health and safety.

Prescribed Medicines

Must-haves in every traveller's bag

Always ensure that your prescribed medicines are with you, even keep a little more than you need so you’re not in a fix if you run out.

Eye drops

Itchy eyes can suck the fun right off your journey. It’s definitely better than taking chances, so that you enjoy the sights of the awestriking places with utmost fervour! Do not forget to pack your eye drop.

Allergy medicines

Must-haves in every traveller's bag

Travelling to strange terrains means that you can encounter things that you might have an allergy to. So, it’s best to keep some amount of allergy medicines in your bag!


Books, Magazines or Kindle

must-haves in bag while travelling
Constantly travelling, with lots of plane and train rides can make anyone bored and I completely understand! Personally, I always keep my favourite book with me on all journeys so instead of being bored, I find myself on another mystifying adventure. So this is definitely a must-have for your bag!

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Travel Journal and pen!

Must-haves in every traveller's bag

There are some moments that you just want etched on your brain and relive them again and again. What’s a better way than writing them down and coming back with a smile! So be sure to grab your travel journal and a pen.

Small portable games

Must-haves in every traveller's bag

If you’re travelling with kids then this is something that you definitely keep with yourself! It’ll keep everyone thoroughly entertained and add fun to your travel!

These were some must-haves in every traveller’s bag. So, what are you waiting for? Grab all these travel accessories and get ready to go for some memorable and remarkable journeys! Happy travelling!

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