Mental Health: Should We Just Talk About It?
Mental Health. (Photo: pexels)

Mental Health: Should We Just Talk About It?

Ever since Sushant Singh Rajput ‘allegedly’ died of suicide at his Bandra house; ‘mental health’ has become the talk of the town. So we have been calling out to people for checking with friends and known ones to know how they are, and talk to them which can make them feel better and prevent them from taking harsh steps like ‘suicide’.


Hey, hi!

I just want to tell those people out there calling out for mental health now, aren’t you the same person who bitched about your batch mates for how they dressed up, how they looked, lived, eat, sit, and what not.

Aren’t you the same person who negatively commented on people for making decisions about their own lives or choosing the way they wanted to live it?

Aren’t you the same person who made a classmate feel secluded because he or she didn’t “fit” into your lifestyle or group? And also, aren’t you the same person who never bothered to re-think what you said to someone? 

If not, please think now!


And yes, you aren’t the only one, it is all of us who have decided to not let each other live, to not support each other, and to not let the other succeed in life.

Intentionally or unintentionally we speak or act in a way that hurts people around us, every day, every minute, and every second. These little statements, comments, and actions of ours can make one suffer both— mentally and emotionally.

Do you expect that randomly talking to a person about his or her mental health can pull them out of depression or from any emotional or mental disorders? Maybe. But mostly not.

Because we have already dissolved that slow poison into their life, due to which they are losing their self-esteem and ultimately plan to give up on life.

We as a society have failed in making this life worth living.

This is because we are so busy peeing into others’ lives and finding flaws, criticizing them for every step they take ahead and showing them down. As a result of this, we even forget to live our own lives.

Now that I’ve started with the topic of mental health, I’ll be focusing on two things.

1. Identifying who needs help

2. Ways to help someone in need

The very first need is to identify people around you, who need help. There’s no set of rules for the same but there are some general noticeable changes that may help you understand that a person is depressed or not in a healthy state of mind. 

Once you know someone around you is not-so-healthy, you need to help them in every possible way.



Mental health, Depression, sad
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It is the most common thing you may notice in a person who’s going through a hard phase in his or her life. The person is likely to self-isolate or avoid any crowd. He or she may prefer to stay indoors and might give you excuses when you plan for a meet-up or party.

While it may be a common behavior in introverts, not necessarily they are going through something. But, a sudden change in their everyday activities is a sign of alert, and you should be more cautious.


Mood swings are common in human beings. But extreme mood swings may be a sign of depression. A person who is undergoing some form of distress or trauma may not just cry. At some point in time, they may cry but at another point, they may laugh like they are the happiest person on the Earth. This sudden change in emotions may be a sign that you shouldn’t ignore.


A person who is suffering or losing hope in life is likely to stay quiet. The person will rarely share anything about his or her life, what they are suffering from, and their pain. So, it becomes really difficult to interpret if he or she is fine. However, this silence speaks a lot. You must not ignore it.


If any of your friends, relatives, or loved ones are staying up until late without any reason, they are simply lying on bed and thinking or weeping, it may be a strong signal that something is making it difficult for them to be okay.


Now, this isn’t the same for everyone. But you are most likely to notice a change in the way of talking or behavior of the person who’s not well whether— mentally or emotionally. They may be talking negatively about life, or their beliefs or approach towards any particular thing may have changed.


Mental health, Depression, sad,
(Photo source: Pexels)



Once you know that a person isn’t doing well, the very first thing is to make them feel comfortable with you. Now ask them what is it that is disturbing them. Here, your role is really important. They may even tell you they don’t need you, but you have to be very patient and gentle with them.


After listening to what is troubling them, your goal is to make the person feel positive. It can be achieved by boosting their confidence, by telling them that it is not a big deal, and they can easily overcome it if they fight it today. To aid this, you can even share your personal experiences or instances of someone who dealt with a similar situation and came out happy. It is surely going to give the person, some hope and positivity.


You have to be gentle, polite, and emphatic. It isn’t possible for anyone to feel normal during tough times. So, give them time to feel comfortable. They may want to weep, let them! It may help uplift their mood sooner or later.


When you know about their condition, the best thing you can do is to offer them help in whichever way you can. If you can directly help them deal with the stressor, help! If you know someone who can, help! If they need medical assistance, help! If you can’t, at least help them with their everyday chores in case they are finding it difficult to do.


Another important thing is to not leave them alone. Not just mentally, but also physically. Try to be present with the person at all times. And in case you can’t be there, make sure at least someone is there! Leaving a depressed person alone can increase their chances of developing suicidal thoughts. So, be there with them and for them!

In the end, I would like to request you all to be an angel in someone’s life and not a demon at least! You can be a bliss to someone if you help them deal with tough times! But if you can’t, please don’t make it worse for them.

Mental health is a topic, we shouldn’t hesitate to talk about. But, just ‘talk’ isn’t enough, we must also make some changes in our behavior and actions to make this life worth living for every individual.

Also, please comment down, according to you what is making people feel depressed the most today?


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    Thats alot of information. good job!!! kudos!!! Its important to know that you should count on someone while you are depressed rather dan taking decisions in haste.

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    Very simple yet potent article. I think only way to be less depressed is to get detached from our thoughts
    that produce toxicity in our mind and get fully involved with whatever we are doing, be it as silly as singing in our bathroom and as important as our studies or career. Love more, laugh more, play more, care more, share more. Disclaimer- Just my humble opinion, not my verdict on how to overcome depression.
    I think what is making people feel depressed today is that, they are getting strongly identified with one or other thing, when we create an identity, we are basically creating a boundry and in our mind that becomes our whole world and when it gets affected, our whole world appears shattering to us.
    Also today we see someone as a girl, delhite, journalist, hindu but if she is aforementioned things, then these are just social constructs, perse life these things hold no value, no one asks or queries who she is, what she is ,she became these things but it doesn’t mean that she is these things, she is girl biologically, journalist because of survival, hindu because of belief, delhite because of geography and then with these things we create whole picture about someone. The day we start understanding, conversing with other people for what they are and not what social constructs they are wearing, we would create a better world.

    1. Aastha Kochar

      That’s so true Akshay! Also, we create a picture about someone in our mind, which is only created with what they want to show us or what we want to see in them. This too, obstructs us to understand who the person really is.
      Thankyou so much for your previous time and thoughts.I can’t agree anymore with it! Keep supporting🌼

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