13 Latest Fashion Trends of 2021: Update your wardrobe!
Latest Fashion Trends of 2021.

13 Latest Fashion Trends of 2021: Update your wardrobe!

2021 has brought a spectrum of new fashion trends that have taken the Fashion Industry by storm. The chic ways of wearing the same boring shirt as per ongoing trend are something that has revolutionized the industry.

These latest fashion trends would set your wardrobe apart and make you fashionable with great taste. Our ideas range from clothes worn in bitter cold or the dazzling heat, so grab your cart and get shopping!

Latest in trend clothes of 2021

Bright, single-colored suit


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This is one of the most in-trend fashion styles that has been dominating the industry and female fashion. This is one of the easiest styles that can be carried with a varied range of accessories. You can even pair it with Indian traditional necklaces and earrings.

This style has enough space to allow you to experiment. Models who wear suits have been either styling it with all three pieces or sometimes even foregoing the inner vest in favor of the jacket with the pants that are just as stylish.

Loose, overthrown jacket


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Jackets are amongst the trendiest clothes that continue to dominate throughout the years and it has continued in 2021 too. It can be easily matched with any sort of clothing.

With western, you could pair with a crop top and high-waisted jeans, and Indian wear could include a long Kurti, preferably at the same length of the jacket or shorter, with Patiala or leggings.

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Leather is one of the materials that never fail to disappoint the fashion industry. Any dress made out of leather is always the part of latest fashion trends.

Stylists are now taking its use to the extreme with models wearing all leatherwear, from the top to the trousers and even the footwear, and it is a personal favorite of many internationally renowned models.

Oversized Wear


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Oversized wear is one of the most favored clothes for models that go for the street look. Oversized hoodies and oversized shirts paired with either skinny jeans or oversized trousers are at the top of the latest fashion trends and they never go out of style. It is very comfy and still manages to make you stand apart from the crowd.



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Denim is again one of those old is gold wear that lost their charm in the last decade but is back with full fervor in 2021. Denim shirts, though still not completely favored by designers, have seen models carrying it as their daily wear.

Denim dresses are again in trend and being recognized as an up-and-coming trend that has got attention from the masses around the model. Carrying denim dresses is very easy and the lack of restrictions on the part of accessories allows you to pair it with anything that suits you.

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Tie-dye clothing is something that is fairly new in the fashion industry but has been dominating since its introduction. It has also seen being made a runaway trend for the sheer amount of freedom and variety that it offers.

Personally, I’ve witnessed several models donning it not just as a runaway look rather they have styled it as a street fashion. Tie-dye clothes have even started including skirts and jeans and are one of the best and easily worn clothe that manages to look trendy at the same time.



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These again are an evergreen fashion choice amongst the designers but the way it has been carried has changed over time. Where it started with proper two buckles holding the jeans together it has evolved to include the distress that used to be in fashion.

Recently the off-shoulder jumpsuit with a cowgirl twist has been a part of the latest fashion trends. Usually, to accommodate the look, a cowgirl hat along with rugged boots are being paired together and are seen worn as street fashion amongst the people.



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Striped clothes were often thought to be the thing of the past but they’ve again made an entry as the latest fashion trend of 2021. Foregoing either just the shirt or skirt/ pants, entire stripped wear is in trend and being worn by celebrities across the globe.

Designers have even started to make a same-cloth wear a trend now by introducing it in the runaway shows and the models are seen wearing this as a part of their everyday wear.

Fur fun


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Fur-lined or entirely made of fur cloth have been dominating the winter wear of the year. People have deemed this to be far more sophisticated than the usual winter wear and are donning it as streetwear. Bulky fur coats are seen as a personal favorite amongst celebrities.

Latest in trend shoes of 2021

Platform Heels

Latest Fashion Trends
Platform heels. (Photo: Flipkart)

When discussing comfortable street fashion, platform heels are always favored by the stylists who are looking to establish a statement through the celebrities’ everyday look while also ensuring that they’re comfortable. It also gives a slightly edgy vibe in comparison to pencil heels which always have a rather pushy vibe.

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Kitten heels

Latest Fashion Trends
Kitten heels. (Photo: Flipkart)

If you’re looking for chic footwear that is dominating the fashion trends then this one is for you. Kitten heels are very sophisticated wear that can go with any type of clothing that you are going for, be it formal or casual. So it being in trend all the time is a brainer!

Spiral Heels

Latest Fashion Trends
Spiral heels. (Photo: Nykaa)

It is a fairly recent fashion trend that has been on the charts since the beginning of the year. Be it jeans or dresses it always brings out the best in them. But recently celebrities have been seen favoring it with jeans and instead of hiding the spiral beneath it, they wrap it around the ankle to give a completely new look!

Knee-High boots


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Knee-high boots or just boots, in general, are again amongst the favorites of the celebrities who favor street fashion as their everyday look. Ariana Grande, a famous singer, is one of the best-known celebrities who sport boots with heels as their statement look.

All these latest fashion trends with a large variety of new and returning clothes and footwear have started the
2021 with a completely different statement! So what are you waiting for? Let’s go shopping!

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