Grief, Growth, and Gratitude – A Journey of Finding Yourself After Trauma

Grief, Growth, and Gratitude – A Journey of Finding Yourself After Trauma


No matter where you are in your journey, there is always something better waiting for you.

Caitlin pens down these captivating words right before taking us down to the journey of endless swamps and whirlwinds of hurricanes. She draws parallels in her life to those who had lost their loved ones and had never found the courage to get back up. You go through stages after losing someone forever – and it is alright to feel grief, she writes, but do not let it take you over. 

Hurricane Grief

The Grief Process is something I do not wish on anyone because it puts you in a space no one can get you out of except yourself.

Grief is like a hurricane trickling over in the corner, and just as you feel its sensation, it abruptly draws you in. Caitlin shares her experience of losing her mom unexpectedly – just when she thought her mom would get better, her hands were snatched. The author points out how her world got shrouded in this Hurricane Grief and her vision fogged with Grief Goggle. 

She was stumbling around in the dark when she started seeing the light in the form of therapy. But she stumbled again and ended up on her knees with the loss of her grandma and a breakup. 


Dark Space

Caitlin points out how grief is not something you are hit with at once – you’ll go through different stages. Each stage will pit you with emotions that will hurt you or even hurt others along the way. You go through ‘Firsts’ that make you confront memories that bring up a happy past and a ‘bleak’ future. 

She was floundering within herself — a lost soul, struggling to work, think, or even act. Grief hardly makes sense, but it makes it hard to make sense of the world around you. Depression constricted her. It was a dark cloud that never left you no matter what – constantly raining and making you feel as if no sunny days would ever come around. 



Allow yourself to feel grief but do not allow it to take over your life….grief as an opportunity instead of a curse.


Like everyone, she cursed her fate and blamed the god or the divine force for taking away her closest one. “Why do bad things happen to good people?” she asked herself as she tried to make sense of why she was the one who had to go through this.  

But as time passed and she started introspecting herself, she discovered that nothing happened without reason. When you lose someone, it helps you realize that you were holding back a piece of yourself from ever growing up. In retrospect, it might be the wounds of your past that you kept hidden without trying to let them out. 



Healing occurs when you want to change.

You’ll never get to heal or carve a ‘New You’ out if you keep blaming yourself over things that have been long since over. “….I learned that the present moment is where your happiness and healing start. The present moment is the only thing that exists, ” she very positively writes down. 

Further, in this emotionally driven yet positive book, she continues listing how she could get back to her feet and become the light she needed. She knew that there were still people who were still knee-deep into a swamp that seemed limitless. Ultimately this book became her way of helping others out and sharing her experiences. 


Manifesting into an exquisite selection of memories, ways to heal oneself and discover their true self, Grief, Growth, & Gratitude is for everyone who has been the victim of trauma, losses, hurt, and betrayals. The authors include how she overcame her trauma – the stages she went through, the books she read, and the routine she adopted. 

The book by Caitlin Burr will give you hope and ways to turn your life around and find yourself beyond who you were in the past. You will be able to relate to the instances of the author’s life and understand that trauma is nothing but a stepping stone of your life! 

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