Government Jobs VS Private Jobs: An In-depth Comparison

Government Jobs VS Private Jobs: An In-depth Comparison

The most common question that pops up when you’re about to graduate or as you step out to start your career is, “What’s next?”.

All your annoying relatives and neighbours keep pestering and advising you about your career options and what choices you should make. While all this buzz keeps happening around you, a significant turmoil that you face is choosing between – Government Jobs vs Private Jobs!

Without making any decision in haste, you should consider the following factors discussed in this blog in your mind before concluding. Your job type should depend on your professional needs and aspirations. Keep your way of life and interests in mind while picking a government or private job. 

Difference Between Government Job and Private Job

Here’s how a government job is different from a private job.

Government Job

Government or Federal jobs are public sector jobs that work under the government to provide service to the citizens in direct or indirect interactions between the public and the Govt. employee.

Usually Govt. publishes about their vacancies that are filled by employees after qualifying in national level tests and personal interview rounds and hence are believed difficult to grab!

Private Job

The private sector is a vast arena that majorly works for profit and is highly business-oriented. Private jobs are offered from small local companies to large MNCs. Employees are offered jobs after successfully getting through various interviews and HR rounds. 

You mainly need to impress your recruiter with good communication and work management skills. Hence, it is comparatively easier to grab a private job than a Govt. one. 

Government jobs vs private jobs

Government Jobs vs Private Jobs

Below are the key differences between a government job and private job.


The salary solely depends on the job no matter which sector you go for. There are many jobs in both the government as well as private sector that will pay you handsomely. 

However, Government jobs have a lower pay-off as compared to their private counterparts. While there are other perks alongside the salary of a government employee, the private sector certainly pays more. If you’re looking for a surplus source of income that might not provide other benefits, then you should take up a private job over a Govt. one.


Being a government employee also makes you a beneficiary of many insurances, medical and travel or holiday allowances that the government provides to each of its employees. In case of any emergency, the government tends to provide help to the concerned employee and, even in most cases, to their family members as well. 

In private jobs, you’ll hardly get to be a beneficiary until and unless you work at some reputable post for some big Multinational Company. 

Holidays and Leaves

The day-offs are something that you’ll enjoy in particular if you’re a government employee. The sick leaves are paid holidays along with the federal holidays in the government sector. While in private jobs one tends to receive hardly any holidays except for a few national or local holidays and the leaves are mostly considered to cause you a pay-cut from your salary, in most of the cases.


Private jobs allow you to grow swiftly if you work hard. At the same time, government jobs have standardized increments and promotions that mainly consider your age and experience into account. This makes the growth as an employee in the government sector pretty much dull and stagnant. 

On the other hand, private sectors provide annual as well as merit-based pay raises and appraisals, allowing you to promote yourself to a better post easily if you persistently perform well in the industry.

Job Security

Job security is one of the major reasons why people choose government jobs over private jobs. No matter how much more the private jobs pay you, when it comes to job security, you never know for sure how long your job will last. Market tension or low performance, or any kind of financial emergency in a private sector company will leave you jobless.

While the government jobs assure 100% job security until and unless you indulge in some illegal or unparliamentary act, once you secure a Govt. job, you’ll have the job with you even during all financial emergencies in the sector.


Both governments, as well as the private sector nowadays, announce different pension schemes for their employees, but certainly, the government jobs have an upper edge in this category. The government employees are provided with financial as well as medical aid post-retirement. They can also opt for early retirement if they wish to do so, provided they announce justified reasons for the same, but most private jobs do not assure any pension or post-retirement benefits, while even if they do so, then there are different penalties if you opt for early retirement.

Job Flexibility

In the case of a private job, you get to explore varied creative as well as professional aspects, but that’s not the case for a government employee. Government jobs cater to a work-life balance since you work within the fixed working hours of your job and can enjoy your life outside of it. In contrast, private jobs cater to the flexibility of remote jobs, work-from-home, or different working hours.

Government jobs are sometimes monotonous and restrict the creative liberty that a private job provides to you. You’re allowed to experiment in the private sector while you can’t do the same in the government arena.


Job satisfaction is something that only the employees can truly describe for themselves. Whether you’re having a government job or a private job, the satisfaction you derive out of it depends on your dedication and passion for your job. If your interests align with your job, then you’ll be satisfied in either of the sectors.

If you don’t feel like you belong to that job, then no matter what sector you choose, you’ll never feel satisfied or accomplished enough in your work life. So, choose wisely!

Government jobs vs private jobs

What Is Better: A Government Job or a Private Job? 

You need to choose for yourself. After carefully analyzing and aligning your goals and needs with the perks that both a government and a private job provide, you need to select the one you would opt for. 

In terms of security, government jobs are surely better than private jobs. They provide you with job security, paid holidays, emergency leaves, and medical and travel allowances. This helps you gain stability in your career. While the private jobs are suitable for you if you wish to explore, create and experiment. They are more flexible and pay you more. They’ll help you gain experiences that you crave for building a future of your accords. 

Therefore, in the battle of government job vs private job – your future wins!




If you wish to start your own company or invest in start-ups then a private job is more suitable for you. It will provide the necessary experiences that you need to create your own space,  you’ll get to be creative and harness your skills in the company. A private job will also allow flexibility to you, you can choose a remote job or a job with working hours according to your schedule that’ll allow you to build your own business alongside. 
Government jobs are more secure. They are better than private jobs as they provide you with job security along with paid leaves, medical and travel allowances, fixed working hours, pension, and a lot more. Even during an economical crisis, you’ll be paid and will have your job intact. 


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