10 Things You Must Consider Before Getting A Pet
Getting a new pet. (Photo: pexels)

10 Things You Must Consider Before Getting A Pet

I have always been curious about animals, specifically having pets. From having White Rats to Rabbits, and from Australian Parrots to Zebra Finches, I have learned quite a lot about keeping pets. If you are also planning to add a new member to your family, please do not miss out reading it till the end, it may help you understand a lot of things, which you should consider before getting a pet to your home.

Following are 10 things to should consider when getting a pet:


  1. Why do you want a pet?

The very first thing you must do is to question yourself, why is that you want a pet? Is it because you found one really cute or just want to cuddle it? If so, please reconsider your decision. Getting a pet is like adding a new member to your family and if you just want one because it looks cute, you may get bored of it after a certain period and won’t care for it afterwards.

If you need someone to complete your family or fill a void or maybe to add zest to your life, your decision may be a fair one. But wait! You have a lot of other things to consider.

Getting pet, Rabbit, pet, getting new pet
My Rabbit 🐇 (Photo source: Aastha Kochar)


  1. Time

When you get a pet, it is a whole new environment for it and it is your responsibility to make it favourable. Pets are just like infants, who require care, time and love. They need to be comforted, taken care of and accompanied. So, your decision of keeping pet should majorly depend on whether or not you have spare time. If at all you have enough time, are you ready to devote it to your pet and compromise on something else?

You also need to think if you have someone who can take care of your pet, while you are at work or elsewhere. If so, go ahead!


  1. Space

The availability of space in the house is an extremely important factor for deciding whether you should get a pet or not. This is because a pet is just like a kid in your home who has to walk around, play, eat and sleep. The need for space is even more in case of dogs, cats, rabbits among others.

Getting a pet, Rabbit, pet rabbit
My Rabbit (Photo: Aastha Kochar)


And this where I made a mistake. I was fond of keeping rabbits since childhood. Unaware of the necessities, I got them at home. Later I realized that providing them with adequate space is extremely important. They aren’t suitable for flats as they need an open space like gardens.


  1. Financial Status

Getting a pet may seem a one-time investment to some people. But trust me, it is not! Pets require huge care in terms of everything. They need nutritious food and bedding on a daily basis. They need vaccinations, neutering and expensive visits to vets in case they fall sick.

Would you be able to take care of all its needs? A lot of people get pets who require high maintenance in terms of money, and later they end up abandoning them. So always consider your financial status before getting a pet. You may not lose anything by abandoning your pet, but your pet may lose its world.


  1. Research

After you have finally decided to get a pet, read about it. Read and understand its needs first and then get one! Your decision of getting a pet should be based on all the above factors such as time, financial status, space and your choice of course.

If you have ample space available, you can go for a pet that needs more space to move around. In this case dogs or rabbits would be ideal. In case of flats, you can go ahead with small pets such as rats, parrots. Small pets require less maintenance in terms of both time and money in comparison to larger pets.

Research about the kind of environment they need, the food they eat, the age they live up to and how you can make them feel comfortable. Also remember to read about whether it is legal to keep that animal as a pet in your country or not, and if you need to get any kind of registration done.

Getting a pet, birds , zebra finch
Zebra Finch (Photo: Aastha Kochar)


  1. Training Pets

Most of the pets require training to adjust in a homely environment. Training may sound as if I’m talking about training a dog to go and pick up a ball. But in actual, it is much more than that! Many pets also require litter training.

Thus, you must also consider the time and energy you will have to devote to train your pet. Also, check out the age of the pet as it is easier to train and befriend a younger animal over an already grown-up.


  1. Allergies

Some people are allergic to the saliva, skin or urine of certain animals. This is a common case among those with respiratory disorders and even small kids.

On the other hand, the pet you are planning to get may be allergic to certain food items or surroundings.

Also, if you already own a pet, would your existing pet be able to adjust with it? You must read thoroughly about it and then make a decision. Neither your family nor the pet should suffer.

In case you have small kids, specifically infants, you should avoid getting pets as it may be difficult to keep them apart to prevent diseases.


  1. One or more pet

Apart from deciding which pet you should get, you also need to decide how many you to get. So, you may be thinking, why do I need more than one? Or that I will be happy with one! But will your pet also be happy if you just get one? Many animals, such as rats, rabbits among others, feel lonely even if they have humans with them. They need someone from their breed to keep them happy.

So, you need to know whether the pet you are planning to get, can live without a partner? If no, can you afford to keep a pair or more? Also, will you get them neutered? Or can you take care of their babies too, in future?

All these things need to be thought off before you go and get a pet.


  1. Veterinarian

This is yet another factor that should affect your decision. Many pets require regular veterinarian check-ups or care. If your pet turns unwell, can you call a vet on urgent-basis? Do you have a veterinarian near your place? Look out for whom you can reach out to when your pet requires medical assistance.

Dog waiting for a caring family to take him along♥️ (Photo: Pexels)
  1. Adopt, Don’t Shop

Last but not the least, I would strongly suggest you to not BUY a pet but instead, ADOPT. Shelter houses are full of beautiful creatures who have been given upon or abandoned by people because of multiple reasons. These pets are in search of homes and families who can take them, care for them and not leave them like they were previously left.

On the other hand, animal mills and pet breeders are making money by making animals breed multiple times, which increases the risk of getting infected as well as risks the lives of mother pets.




I hope this article was helpful to you in providing information about what all you should consider before getting a pet. If you already own a pet and feel like I missed out on anything, or want to share any of your experience with pets, please comment below.


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