25 Things You Can Do At Home To Feel Happy
Things to make yourself happy. (Photo: pexels)

25 Things You Can Do At Home To Feel Happy

Maybe you are not feeling good or your day is not going well. Many of us are just bored at home or we feel like we are all alone. In May 2020, a survey was conducted in the United Kingdom which concluded that there has been a negative impact on people’s day-to-day feelings because of this global pandemic and subsequent lockdowns. You can check the results of the survey by clicking here. It has become necessary for us to take care of ourselves and our loved ones. Being worried about this situation will not solve anything. So here I have listed a few things you can do at home that can make you feel happy.


1. Re-decorate your bedroom

You don’t have to move all your furniture. You can just change your bedsheets, organize your
wardrobe or you can put some photographs on the wall.

2. Journaling

If you don’t have someone with whom you can share your feelings or thoughts, then start
journaling. You can write what are you feeling, what you did today and what you are planning
to do next. It will really cheer you up.

3. Painting

painting, things to make yourself feel happy, not so complicated
Painting. (Photo: pexels)

Don’t worry if you are not an artist. No one is here to judge you, just like when we were kids and
we didn’t care about making a masterpiece. Just fill those pages with some colours.

4. Take a nap

You did that already? No worries, do it once again…

5. Unfollow some people

All those people who show you that their life is perfect and makes you feel miserable, just
unfollow them. This will give another level of satisfaction.

6. Re-watch that movie

There are some movies which you can’t get enough of. Even after watching it for 56th time, you
can still see it. I assure you, I do it myself.

7. Read a book

Read books. (Photo: pexels)

Do you think books are boring? No, my friend, you just need to find a book that you cannot put
down. There are many books. You can pick anything from your favourite genre.

8. Lay down and look at the sky

Take a mat or a blanket and lay it on the ground. Lie facing the sky and now you have the best view. (
You can do this especially at evening or night)

9. Make yourself a snack

cooking, things to make yourself happy, not so complicated
Cooking. (Photo: pexels)

You don’t need to make a big meal, start with something easy. Making something out of nothing
can give you real pleasure. Click here to know some recipes that can be prepared in just 15 minutes.

10. Make some DIYs

Just as we used to make crafts when we were a child, you can make some DIYs and be creative.

11. Talk to your friends or family

Even if you like being alone, just call a friend or have some tea/coffee with your family member.
Trust me you will be much more happy and fresh than before.

12. Play a board game

Monopoly, scrabbles and other games are still enjoyable.

13. See old photographs

I don’t know what in the world can make you happier than seeing yourself living those
great moments and those vacations. You can take a moment and look at what you did rather than
always dreaming of how you want to live.

14. Listen to songs

Listen to your favourite songs or a song that will bring back some joyous memories.

15. Doodle

Take a marker or some colour pens and start making patterns or figures on pages. When you
give your imagination a structure, it lifts your mood.

16. Compliment someone

Just pick a random account on social media and message them what you genuinely liked about
there feed or about them. When they will reply you then you will realize that you are the cause
of this positive vibe. And trust me that compliment will come back to you in one or another way.

17. Put on some nice clothes

Groom yourself. (Photo: pexels)

I know there is no point of dressing up when you don’t have to go outside. But when you dress
up, you feel like you are preparing for something, there is some purpose for you. Or else just
click some pictures.

18. Write an actual letter

It can be for anyone. You can write about what you feel for them. And this letter can make you
realize about your true feelings towards them.

19. Dance

You don’t have to make a video or you don’t need to know the exact steps. Just dance like you
don’t care about anything or anyone. Live the moment and feel your body move on beats.

20. Learn a new skill

I will suggest you to pick up a creative skill like making soft toys at home, baking, playing any
instrument or any other.

21. Take a break

Just stop what you are doing or stop thinking about anything that is worrying you. You can
meditate for 5-10 min, do a light exercise, eat that piece of chocolate or just play with your pet.

22. Watch cute animal videos

Are you a dog person or a cat person? It doesn’t matter, you can get any animal’s video on
YouTube. After doing this if you are thinking about adopting a pet, then do consider these things before getting one.

23. Smile 🙂

Being happy makes you smile, but that might just work the other way around, too.

24. Write what you are grateful for

There are a lot of researches that have proven that practising gratitude can significantly improve
both, our physical as well as our psychological health.

25. Let go of the negative feelings

Sometimes we tend to worry about all those things which are not our responsibility. And when
we stop thinking about that or engage ourselves in some other activities, then we feel relieved
which ultimately makes us happy.

“The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily

William Morris

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