Evergreen Fashion Pieces Every Woman Should Have In Wardrobe
Evergreen fashion pieces for wardrobe. (Photo: Pexels)

Evergreen Fashion Pieces Every Woman Should Have In Wardrobe

We girls just love adding chic pieces to our wardrobe every year. In 2020, we hardly have any parties, formal meetings and outstation trips lined up and this is what has been stopping us from buying some beautiful outfits. Although it is quite evident that fashion is dynamic, there are certain evergreen fashion pieces that you can must-have in your wardrobe.

So, following are some evergreen fashion staples you must buy now if you don’t already have them in your closet:



Little black dress or LBD is an iconic fashion piece that traces back to 1920s when it was introduced by designer Coco Chanel. The dress is known for its elegance and versatility as it has redefined women fashion wear.

This black attire is a subtle yet classy piece, which can be worn at any place and time. Your closet is incomplete without a little black dress.

Little black dresses. (Photo: Pixabay)


  • Gotta go to a formal meet? Pair it up with a subtle jacket.
  • Looking up for an elegant outfit for an evening party? Add on some exquisite pieces of jewellery.

And trust me, you’ll never regret buying it. This may prove to be one of your best mini-investments this year.



A plain white-shirt is yet another must-have for your wardrobe. You may be wondering how a plain white shirt can be worn anywhere except for formal meetings. But let me tell me, it is one of the most versatile fashion staples which you can wear at any time throughout the day especially in summers. From ‘pairing it up with black pants or skirts’ to ‘using it for layering over crop tops or dresses’, you can steal the show.

Classic plain white shirt. (Photo: unsplash)


  • To make your plain white shirt look classy, add on some exquisite pieces of silver or oxidized jewellery.
  • For a party, team up your white shirt with a pair of denim jeans. But wait! How can that look be complete without a knot on your shirt?

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Denim jacket or the jean jacket (as it is commonly referred) is an amazingly versatile piece of cloth that’s perfect for layering. You can wear denim as a shirt as well as over your beautiful outfits. Originally and most popularly it is blue, but now you may find various other colours in it. You can definitely try out some new shades of red, white, pink and even green.

Denim Jacket. (Photo: Pexels)


  • In summers, put on your jacket over a plain white shirt or t-shirt, tucked inside a black mini skirt.
  • In winters, wear a khaki coat over your denim jacket along with a denim jean.



High waist jeans are love. They make you look taller, sexy and chic. Whether it be as boyfriend jeans, bell-bottoms or ripped, they always look classy. You can wear it either on a loosely-fit outfit or tucked t-shirt. For its high versatility and retro look, it becomes a must-have for every wardrobe.

High waist jeans. (Photo: Unsplash)


  • For a sassy look, wear a crop top along with your high-waist jeans.
  • Pair a white shirt with your high-waist jeans and to complete that look, add a denim jacket.



Whether you go to a wedding or a simple birthday party in winters, you will witness at least one out of 10 people wearing a long blazer. And this is why this list is incomplete without it. If you are willing to buy some really classy coats at reasonable prices, visit the ‘graffiti lane’ of Sarojini market in Delhi.

evergreen fashion pieces
long coat. (Photo: Unsplash)


  • Wear your long coat over a one-piece with a similar length. Make sure you pick up the right colour combination.
  • For those really chilling days, pack yourself in the coat, worn over any shirt and jeans. Also, add a scarf to complete your look.



Maxi dresses are my absolute love for every season-whether it is summers, winters or spring. The best part about maxi dresses is its comfort and some beautiful floral prints that make you want to wear it throughout the day. For all those times you feel low, put on your maxi and get your photoshoot done, you are surely gonna feel flowery.

Printed maxi (Photo: Unsplash)


  • Get yourself a tan-coloured leather belt and it would give you a ten times better look when worn over a printed maxi.
  • Your maxi-look is incomplete without a leather sling bag. So, do not forget to carry it.


Your wardrobe is incomplete without accessories. So below are 4 evergreen fashion accessories you must invest in:



Hoop earrings or hoops (as we love calling it) is an elegant accessory that can complete your western look. Irrespective of whether you are looking for a classic option for your every-day wear or for an occasional outfit, you are never gonna regret buying it. If you are looking for some really classic hoops, you must check out my Instagram-based jewellery store ‘Gorgeous You’.

evergreen fashion pieces
Big silver hoops. (Photo: Unsplash)


  • Pair your silver plain big hoops with a one-piece or jeans-top outfit for your everyday college look.
  • Get a fancy pair of hoops (with pearls or diamonds) and wear it with your gown or any other western attire.


Let us accept it! Those tiny pocket in our jeans or jacket isn’t enough to carry our essentials. And having handbag becomes a must especially for those of us who go out regularly for work or study. A solid handbag won’t just help you carry your everyday-stuff but also add-on to your look aesthetically.

Timeless fashion pieces
Solid handbag. (Photo: Pexels)


  • Carry a solid handbag when going out on a short trip or workplace while wearing a simple yet classic long coat.
  • When wearing a short-dress or middi, hang your handbag from the shoulder using a sling chain.



If you are someone like me, who doesn’t like to buy a perfect match for every attire, black heels may prove to be a saviour. For all of your western dresses and formal outfits, black heels would be an ideal choice.

evergreen fashion pieces
Black heels. (Photo: Unsplash)


  • Put on your black heels when going for an interview. For a complete look, wear a white shirt along with a black pencil skirt or trousers.
  • Moving out for a dance party or date? Pair it up with your little black dress or simply a blue jeans with any colour shirt.


Everything apart and Ankle Boots on the other side! That’s the importance of ankle boots. Although thigh-length boots look pretty classy, it doesn’t work with every outfit. But ankle boots can literally be worn with any winter outfit. So, invest in a pair of good-quality ankle boots this year.

Evergreen fashion pieces
Ankle boots. (Photo: Pexels)


  • If you have a pair of super cute-retro style sunglasses, add on when wearing your ankle boots.
  • Try to match the colour of your boots and your handbag (if carrying together).


These were 10 evergreen fashion pieces you must have in your wardrobe and 2020 is perhaps the best year to invest in these fashion staples. Do let me know in the comment section, how many of these do you already have in your collection?

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