8 Easy Milkshake Recipes You Can Try At Home
Easy Homemade Milkshake recipes. (photo: pexels)

8 Easy Milkshake Recipes You Can Try At Home

Are you bored of drinking that plain milk every day or is it your kids who are not willing to drink that glass of milk? And you even tried to make it interesting but doubt whether it will be healthy. Or maybe it is the required ingredients that stop you from making one? Here I have listed some easy milkshake recipes with minimal ingredients, that you must try out.


To make thick and creamy milkshake we require ice cream, but what if you don’t have it or you are afraid that you will catch a cold. So here are two thick and creamy, easy milkshakes which can be made without ice cream.

Banana split shake

easy milkshake recipes
Banana milkshake. (Photo: Unsplash)


 2 banana
 1½ cup cold milk
 1-2 tbsp sugar if required
 Cherry or dry fruits (optional)
 Chocolate syrup


Cut 2 bananas in thin slices and freeze them for 2-3 hours. Add 1 and a ½ cup of cold milk and the frozen banana slices in the blender. You can add sugar if you require but it is not necessary. Then blend the mixture smoothly until there are no chunks. Pour the mixture in a glass then you can add some sliced banana on top. You can also add a cherry or some dry fruits. Then drizzle some chocolate syrup on top and your creamy, thick milkshake without ice cream are ready.

Chocolate milkshake

easy milkshake recipes
chocolate milkshake. (Photo: unsplash)


 Kit-kat 60 gram
 Cocoa powder 1 tbsp
 Sugar 2 tbsp
 Ice cubes
 1 ½ cup cold milk


Take 60 gram of kit-kat or you can also use another chocolate bar like snickers in place of it. Add 1 and a ½ cup of cold milk, cocoa powder, 2-3 ice cubes, sugar as per required and chocolate in the blender. Let the mixture blend smoothly. You can add chocolate syrup in the glass. Pour the mixture out in the glass. Your tasty and easy chocolate milkshake is prepared.


These 2 milkshake recipes do not contain any sugar and all the ingredients are nutritious that will keep you energized all day.

Oats and almond milkshake

easy milkshake recipes
Almonds and oats (representational pic: unsplash)


 1 ½ Cup of chilled milk
 1 ½ tbsp roasted and quick-cooking oats
 2 medium-sized dates
 4-5 almonds
 1 tbsp honey


Chop the almonds and dates. Put all the ingredients in the blender one by one. You can also use 1tbsp of sugar in place of honey or nothing at all. Blend the mixture for 30 seconds and your quick healthy milkshake is ready. This drink is perfect for your busy schedule as you can store it and have the drink later also. This drink provides you with vitamins, minerals and energy that are necessary to keep you ticking all day.

Dry fruits milkshake

Dry fruits. (Photo: Unsplash)


 ¼ cup almonds
 ¼ cup cashews
 ¼ cup pistachios
 ¼ cup raisins
 ¼ cup = 6 dates
 ¼ cup =9 dried figs
 1 pinch of saffron (optional)
 3 cup chilled milk


It is not necessary to have all these dry fruits you can use any dry fruits that you have at home. First, soak all the nuts and dry fruits in warm water. Cover it and set it aside for an hour, if you are using regular water then set it aside for a couple of hours. Now, put all the dry fruits and milk in the blender. After blending it, pour the drink in the glass and add some saffron of top. This is totally a sugar-free milkshake as dry fruits have a good amount of natural sugar present in them. It is an easy, nutritious drink for kids and it also makes a great fasting food.

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Seasonal Fruits is something which is easily available in your house. They are very healthy and by combining many fruits, you can make a refreshing and delicious milkshake.

Fresh fruit cocktail milkshake

Fresh fruits cocktail milkshake. (Photo: Unsplash)


 1 banana
 1 slice of melon
 1 chikoo (peel and deseeded)
 2 dates (deseeded)
 2 frozen strawberry
 2 slice of apples
 Sugar as per required
 1 cup milk
 Ice cubes


Put 1 cup of milk in the blender, add all the fruits to it. You can add other fruits also. Now, add some sugar if you require otherwise it is not necessary. Blend all the ingredients completely. Your fresh fruit cocktail is ready. To make this super easy milkshake, you can use any seasonal fruits which are available near you.

Mango milkshake

easy milkshake recipes
mango milkshake. (Photo: Unsplash)


 2 mangoes
 1 cup cold milk
 4tbsp sugar
 3-4 ice cubes
 1 ½ tsp grated cashew nuts
 1 ½ tsp grated almonds
 1 ½ tsp grated pistachios
 1-2 cherries (optional)


Chop the mangoes and measure if it is 1 cup. Put these mangoes in a blender. Add cold milk, sugar and ice cubes in it. Now blend it until you get thick mango milkshake. If you want less thick shake then, add some more milk and sugar to it. After blending it, add the grated cashew nuts, almonds and pistachios in it. Mix everything using a spoon so that shake will have some crunchy dry fruits.


You can easily find these biscuits in your near grocery store. Using biscuits to make milkshake can give them a chocolaty flavour and is enjoyed by kids as well as adults.

Oreo milkshake

easy milkshake recipes
oreo milkshake. (Photo: Unsplash)


 12 oreo
 2 cups cold milk
 ¼ cup of sugar
 Ice
 Whipped cream (optional)
 Chocolate syrup (optional)
 Oreo crumbs


In a blender, add Oreos, 2 cups of cold milk, sugar. Blend it completely. Add some ice in the blender and again blend the whole drink. Spill some chocolate syrup in the glass. Now pour the dink in the glass and add some whipped cream on top of it. You can also sprinkle some oreo crumbs on top of the milkshake.

Parle-G milkshake

Parle-G shake. (Photo: Unsplash)


 8 Parle-G biscuits
 1 ½ cup cold milk
 Ice cubes
 Vanilla ice cream
 2 tsp sugar
 Whipped cream (optional)

Recipe –

Add 8 piece of Parle-G biscuit, cold milk and 3-4 ice cubes in a blender. If you want your drink to be colder, then you can add some extra ice cubes. Add sugar as per required and 180 ml or approximately 3 medium scoops of vanilla ice cream in it. Blend the drink for couple seconds and serve it right away. But before serving it, add some whipped cream and biscuit crumbs on top of it.

Comment down below and let us know which of these milkshakes you found the easiest and most delicious?

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