19 Cute DIY Ideas for Valentine’s Day 2021
Cute DIY ideas for Valentine's Day 2021. (Photo: DIY PROJECTS)

19 Cute DIY Ideas for Valentine’s Day 2021

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and it’s finally the perfect time for you to express your love for partner. Instead of going for store-bought gifts, try out these cute DIY ideas for this Valentine’s day to make a gift that is full of love and adoration that would definitely capture the heart of your partner. Don’t worry you don’t need to be perfect for this. Just put your best and it’ll be perfect!

 Hand-painted tote bags

cute diy ideas for valentine's day
(Photo: Pinterest/Myplotofsunshine)

It is one of the most useful and usable gifts that you can give to your partner. It’ll serve its purpose well and act as a resonance for your love and a constant reminder of your presence. To make it, you’ll need a tote bag that is readily available in the market, or you can read the tutorial to make one from scratch. Grab some acrylic paint and let your imagination flow. You can write down the most memorable words of your relationship or any cute picture you deem romantic. Remember it’s not about perfection rather it’s your love!

 Love letter box

Try this cute DIY idea through which you can express your devotion to your partner. Don’t hesitate to pour your emotions out and string your thoughts on your partner. You can even reminisce your most precious memories or even just random things that you associate with them. And they’ll definitely love it!

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 Scrapbook

This is the perfect idea to bundle all your most adored memories of your relationship. So, collect the most adorable photos that you can grab and splash your scrapbook with it. Write the story behind each photo and bring afresh your memories with your partner. It’ll be a very thoughtful and cute DIY gift for Valentine’s day and they will surely adore it!

 Candle

Who doesn’t love pretty candles loitering around the room and a lovely smell plunging the room in a wonderful trance? So try these cute candle DIY idea to make a candle with everything from base. Remember to use the favourite flavour of your partner or any flavour
that remind you of them and they’ll always remember you when they light it up!

 Cookies

Valentine’s day marks a day with a lot of chocolates and a day adored by your partner if they have a sweet tooth. So why not bake them a batch (or two) for them? To make it more special decorate it with various valentine themed sprinkles and icing! You can even adjust the sweetness according to their sweet intake and they’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness and effort.

 DIY Wall hanging

Wall hangings are the cutest gift that will always remain with your partner and adorn their walls. So, follow this tutorial to make intricate hanging that will please them and see the work you put into making this day more memorable!

 Cute frame

What’s the best way to celebrate valentine’s day than a photo frame that has your favourite memory of you two together? It could be from your first meeting or your first date, but what would make it even more special is the photo frame that you could make by following this
tutorial rather than just a bland one from the market!

 Letter garland

Letter garlands are a very unique and a cute DIY idea, that has been a favourite among the couples who seek for something special for their partner. This is a very easy idea that will just require to write some special message for them, enclose it inside an envelope (if you can make it, then it’s better!), and string them together as though a garland and it’ll be serving as a perfect gift.

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 Cloth bag into hearts

If your partner is someone who’s conscious about the environment then this will be a perfect gift for them! It will just require a cloth bag and some effort from your part. You can put it on wrapped gift or as it is and they’ll definitely appreciate your efforts
and being thoughtful about their choices!

 Easy dishes

Cooking something from your own hands is such a cute and thoughtful present that your partner would not appreciate it! It will suit your requirements well if they are a foodie or especially love your cooking. You can go through the list of easy but still delicious recipes that will force your partner to swoon!

 Handmade ribbon roses

Wrapping gifts can be hard and wondering if just a store-bought gift would be liked by them can be troublesome too. So, try this tutorial to make you wrapping a little more adorable and your gift a little more special. Your partner would be very
happy to see your efforts go beyond and do something for them!

 Chocolate bouquet

I personally love chocolate and so do a lot of people. And this is a very common gift on valentine’s day. So if your partner loves chocolates too but you don’t want to just hand it over to them, then you can follow this tutorial to wrap your gift into a pretty bouquet that will make
your simple chocolates extra special! Trust me, it is one of the cutest DIY ideas for Valentine’s day.

 Heart wreaths

It is another perfect gift that won’t fail to convey your devotion and love for your partner. It is an extremely easy DIY that would work wonders to please them. You don’t need to have an upper-hand in crafts; you just need love and the will to make something for your partner!

 Simple Valentine Mason Jars

Masons jar are very trendy and very in valentine’s day present that is very popular amongst couples these days. But instead of going mainstream and buying it from the store, you can make one by yourselves that use it to express your love for your partner. You can follow the simple steps in the tutorial to make a mason jar for your loved one!

 Pompom bouquet

Giving flowers on valentine’s day is very traditional but you can make your own one stand out by making these pompom flowers and wrapping them in a handmade paper that will make it even more pretty and definitely loved by your partner. The flowers
may wither up but these pompom flowers would always be there with your partner!

 Heart Wind Chime

Chimes are another very popular gifts that are exchanged between couples. Instead of going for a store-bought one you can make yourself with stuff that’s been lying around your house. You can even customise it according to what your partner might like. Exchange hearts
for flowers or even your most memorable photos and watch your partner fawn over your thoughtful gift!

 Candy box

Everyone adores candies but again giving it out without wrapping it nicely won’t cut it on such a special day. So follow the steps of this tutorial to make a very pretty and super easy box from soft cardboard and splash it with the valentine theme!

 Romantic Pop up card

The stores are littered with thousands of cards. But the special day requires a little more than that! So, instead of going for a bland store-bought card, you can make your card with a heartfelt message for your love. You could go crazy with the glitters and decorations because this day comes just one day a year and your partner deserves all of your efforts and adoration!

 Heart coasters

If your partner loves coasters then this gift is absolutely perfect for them! Coasters could be expensive at times and giving something like this would definitely make them fall for you even more!

Be sure to try these cute DIY ideas for Valentine’s day that will serve as a way to make this special day even more surreal. So, what you’re waiting for? Try them and watch your partner’s eyes shine with joy and adoration, and they’ll fall a little more in love with you! Again, it is not about perfection but your effort!

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