How To Make Your Basic Clothing Look Aesthetically Pleasing?
Make your basic clothing look aesthetically pleasing. (Photo: Pexels)

How To Make Your Basic Clothing Look Aesthetically Pleasing?

Would you believe me if I told you that, your basic plain white top will be perfect for going on a trip or a movie night? Well, it is true. You just need to know the perfect way to style your basic clothes. Without even doing a lot, you can make your basic clothing look aesthetically pleasing. And here are some ways to do so:


Even though many people know about this, but they don’t actually use it to make their outfit look more aesthetically pleasing. Here are some of the accessories you can easily find at your home:

  • Belts –Just by adding belts to your outfit, you can see a significant change in the whole look. You can style belts with jeans, shorts or even dresses.
  • Socks – While wearing a casual outfit, a colourful pair of socks will lift up the whole outfit. You can choose from pastels to printed.
  • Jewellery – When you wear any solid coloured shirts, style it with a necklace or layered chains. You can also use earrings, rings and bracelets. For some gorgeous jewel pieces check out this Instagram store ‘Gorgeous You‘.
  •  Scrunchies – It can make your any boring outfit look super cute without actually putting a lot of effort. You can wear it either on wrists or hairs. And the best thing is, it can be also made at home, very easily.
  • Headbands – We don’t notice but there is a wide range of headbands. Fabric, bow knot and scarf headband looks especially aesthetic.
  • Hats – Hats like Beanie or baker boy hats can give you a girly look and at the same time it can give your outfit a tomboyish kind of look.

Even if some people wore the same basic outfit, statement accessories can make you look unique among others.

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Layering doesn’t only give your outfit an aesthetic vibe but is also a great way to dress if you are feeling cold or you feel uneasy in wearing a sleeveless dress for some reason.

Basic clothing look aesthetics
Denim jacket over a plain white top. (Photo: Pexels)


You can wear a solid/graphic t-shirt on top of a striped long sleeve shirt, a sleeveless dress on top of a neck turtle shirt. Or you can just add a denim jacket, leather jacket or any other coloured jacket to make your basic clothes look aesthetic. If you want to go for a formal look, then you should just add a blazer on top of a basic t-shirt.


Colour coordination

Just by matching your cloth colour to another one,  you can make your outfit aesthetic. Try matching the colours of your:

  • Belt & socks
  • Shoes & t-shirt
  • Hair accessories & t-shirt
  • Handbags & top

    basic styling accessories
    Pick the right color combination. (Photo: pexels)

If you have any pastel coloured top and shorts/skirts then, pairing those two will also look cute. Or you can also match your accessories like handbag & shoes. Matching only 2 items looks really decent, but it is completely up to you, how far you want to go with it.

For instance, if you are wearing a plain red top then put on red sneakers, now your whole outfit is giving that aesthetic vibe.



There are many ways to make your old clothes or shoes more interesting and aesthetic at home. Here are some of the examples:

Paint your shoes

basic clothing
Paint your shoes and show your creativity. (Photo: Pexels)


If you are bored of wearing your plain shoes, then be creative and paint/draw on them. It can be done by using just some paints or markers.

Simple embroidery on solid tops

You don’t even need a sewing machine for it. Just a needle and thread. You can make a small sunflower on your plain black t-shirt, a purple heart on your white tank top or any other thing.

Paint your back pockets of jeans or the back of your denim jacket

You can just play around with colours and paint your denim clothes. You can use stencils for it, and paint a quote on the back of your jacket.


basic clothing look aesthetically pleasing
Add on your beauty with some aesthetic jewellery pieces. (Photo: Pexels)


If you have chains, small beads or some wires, lying in your house then you can make
any jewellery out of it. There are many YouTube tutorials available for it.


You can create some cool badges by reusing the old ones. You can add these to your jacket or your shirts.



clothing look aesthetically pleasing
Try out different patterns. (Photo: Pexels)


To make your basic clothes look more aesthetic, try pairing your solid clothes with a pattern one, it can pop-up your whole outfit. Like, you can wear a solid shirt + pants with patterns or vice versa. You can play around with styles and add a belt, shoes, a handbag of different patterns. But don’t wear many different patterns all at once because that will just not look so aesthetically pleasing.


Some little things you need to take care of:


Different kinds of footwear can make a significant difference to your basic outfit. Strap heels or high heel boots can give you a night look. Your style can vary from heels to sneakers. You can colour co-ordinate your footwear with your outfit.


Cuffing your jeans can make you look more slim and fit. And it also gives the 80s and 90s vibe.


clothing look aesthetically pleasing
A simple knot can make a plain t-shirt look aesthetic. (Photo: Pexels)


A simple knot on the front or that backside of your plain t-shirt can make a great change and it also makes the t-shirt look more than just a solid top.


There are many hairstyles you can do to make your basic outfit look more cute or aesthetic. Like a messy bun can be aesthetic whereas ponytails or braided hairstyles look really cute. You can also use colourful or printed scrunchies or any other hair accessories, colour co-ordinating them with your outfit.

Do let me know in the comment below if any of these hacks helped you in finding your own style or you would like to read more about styling hacks.

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