Best Winter Clothing Tips for Women
Winter clothing tips for women. (Photo: Unsplash)

Best Winter Clothing Tips for Women

Winter is here, and we all know that it’s time to switch to our warm clothes. This particular season can be challenging as we have to keep ourselves warm and look fashionable at the same time. Sometimes we just look like we are under a pile of wools. But if they are styled in the right way, winter clothes can be elegant and classy. So here are some winter clothing tips for women to look fashionable and not worry about feeling cold.


Layering is an obvious choice for the colder months. But the trick to comfortable layering is opting for loose outer layers and a comfortable one beneath. A thin layer of thermal under your clothes is perfect to retain your body heat while remaining seamless.

Bright colours

Winter clothing doesn’t have to be dull or boring. If your wardrobe is also looking a whole lot of black and greys, then it’s time to add a splash of colours into your day. You can pair your bright summer clothes with the winter ones. Like, wear neutral coloured thermal beneath a bright summer skirt.

Winter clothing tips for women
Wear bright colors. (Photo: Unsplash)


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Wardrobe essentials

If you are planning to redo your wardrobe for winter or just planning to add some warm clothes, then you should invest in some winter essentials.

  1. Turtleneck

    Most of us might not have been a fan of this clothing piece when we were little but as we grew up, we realized that turtleneck can be a great way to style our winter clothes and this can be paired with anything be it, jeans, skirt or trousers.

  2. Plaid skirts

    You can have big or small checks as per your preference. This also pairs with everything and gives your look a European vibe. Even if you buy a skirt that is a little above your knees, then you can wear it with stockings.

  3.  Knit sweater

    You can wear knitted sweaters casually or you can also wear this in a lot of glamorous ways. You can accessories this with pendant or chokers.

  4. Trench coats

    This is basically a long coat which gives you a classic and vintage look. You can add muffler or shawl to your whole outfit.

    Winter clothing tips for women
    Classy long coat (source: Unsplash)
  5.  Trousers

    Trousers are loose, they don’t stick to your body, they are comfortable to wear and they keep you warm at the same time. It’s like an all-in-one thing that you should definitely invest in.

  6. Oversized hoodies

    Hoodies have always been in trend but now, oversized hoodies are getting more popular. You can get this in so many different colours and designs. You can wear this at home and if you pair them with jeans and sneakers then you are good to go.

    Winter clothing tips for women
    Oversized hoody. (source: Unsplash)
  7.  Mufflers

    Mufflers are an important part of layering, you can take it in a lot of ways around your neck and it will keep you fuzzy, warm and it’s really comfortable. Even if you are wearing the same outfit over and over again with a new muffler each time, it will add a lot to outfits.

  8. Pair of Boots

    Winters are incomplete without boots, wouldn’t you agree? You can keep thigh-high boots or knee length boots if you live in a colder region. But if you live in a slightly less colder region, then you can go with ankle-length boots. Most importantly you should buy a boot in which you feel comfortable and can wear them all day long.



Your hands, feet, ears and neck are the areas of the body, which are the most susceptible to feeling cold. So if you keep these parts of your body warm, then your whole body will stay warm. You can add accessories to the mix and protect them with your warm beanies, gloves, fuzzy socks and scarves.
We layer up so much during winters, we have at least three to four layers on ourselves, so it’s best to avoid wearing big necklaces or big earrings. You can replace them with minimal accessories like watch, pendant necklace and others. These minimal accessories actually add a little bling to your winter outfits.

(source: Unsplash)

Warm ethnic wear

Not just western or modern winter clothing but tips for ethnic wear are also important. So pick heavy fabrics in your Kurtis and pants. Layering with ethic wear is all about making the colours work. A simple Kurti will go hand in hand with a bright cardigan.

Winter trends

There are many winter clothing trends out there, and you need not follow every one of them but you can definitely experiment with your outfit and take your time to figure out your style. You can take some inspiration from here:

  1. Jackets

    You can see the shirt jacket being very trendy during the fall time and if you have a mild winter then you can definitely get away with the same. You can layer underneath them, they are also very easy to pair with different outfits and it just looks so effortless and chic. Other jackets like faux shearling and thicker faux leather jacket are also in trend.

  2. Sweater vests

    One of the most popular ways to wear the sweater vest is with a collared shirt underneath. It gives your whole outfit a school girl kind of vibe.

  3.  Chunky sweater

    No matter which year it is chunky sweaters are always in trend, they are just a really essential piece for winters.

    Winter clothing tips for women
    Chunky sweaters. (source: Unsplash)
  4.  Faux leather pants

    These pants are particularly in-trend because you need to maintain the proportion, remember when you are wearing something loose on the top then make sure you wear a fitted bottom and vice-versa. This is an important winter clothing tip for women.

  5.  Oversized long coat

    Taking about coats, oversized long coat is an evergreen fashion staple evergreen fashion staple, especially the black or beige or grey. You can prefer wearing oversized long coats if you like wearing more inside, more layers and not feel so bulky.

  6. Puffer jackets

    You might have seen on Instagram or Pinterest that puffer jackets are in huge trend. They are big, comfortable and keep you really warm.

    Puffer jackets. (source: Unsplash)

These were some of the most classy winter clothing tips for women. Comment down below how you are going to style this season and which trend you liked the most?

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