9 Best Organic Cosmetic Brands in India

9 Best Organic Cosmetic Brands in India

Toxic-chemical cosmetics are crushing flawless and healthy skin aspirations. And beauty at the expense of health is a huge bargain.

And as we are gradually getting aware of the heavy chemicals and preservatives in our day-to-day beauty and skincare products, people are now opting for something less or totally non-toxic cosmetics, but which?

Fortunately, India is increasingly producing and encouraging the use of organic products that are not confined to cosmetics. And here is the list of trusted and some of India’s best organic cosmetic brands.


Khadi Natural

Khadi Natural is the oldest and most underrated organic cosmetic brand, voted to be in the ‘Top 5 Organic Brands’ list.

Its products are authentic and produced under the supervision and guidance of Ayurvedic experts, verified against harmful reactants and ISO, WHO, and GMP certified. These items are distributed to roughly 18 states and exported to 25 nations around the world.

Apart from offering A-class cosmetics like bath salt, body scrub, lip scrub, lip balms, essential oils, shampoo, face packs, even aromatherapy, and other heavenly scented and organic products, they are also mindful regarding their packaging, which is reusable and eco-friendly.


Let’s get this straight. Plum products are 100% vegan and paraben-free. Although it does not manufacture 100% organic products, it uses a low chemical alternative.

Plum offers a fantastic range of skin, makeup and hair products. Kohl and Face gel are its signature products- minus the fairness cream because it believes in diverse skin beauty while making women comfortable in their own skin colour, and that’s what lured the sweet little me to this brand.


SoulTree is an organic brand and also the first to offer European-certified beauty products. It has a variety of skin, makeup, and hair products that are authentic Ayurvedic formulations made with organic components.

It specialises in making kohl from nourishing oils, natural butter, and a few other ingredients like amount camphor (Kapur), which is good for your eyes. Apart from India, it exports its products to other major countries.


Himalaya is one of the top-ranking and trusted skincare brands. It offers products that are not only organic and pleasantly aromatic but also within a reasonable price range. Himalaya is well-known for its scrubs and face cleansers that contain some really beneficial ingredients like Aloe Vera.

Like products, like the packaging– just like its organic products, its packaging is harmless, as they are 3R’s followers.

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The Body Shop

The Body Shop is one of the best organic cosmetic brands in India. This luxury brand produces quality products that will significantly impact facial and body skin.

Tea tree facial wash, tea tree oil, and banana shampoo are some of The Body Shop’s famous and popular products. It uses recycled plastics for its packaging and strongly discourages animal testing.


Biotique is a 100% trusted organic brand known for its hair and skincare products. It is renowned for using advanced biotechnology for product testing (Hmm…Interesting). Their products are moderately packed and reasonably priced and are suitable for skin and hair development.

Forest Essential

It is a traditional skincare brand, with ancient Ayurveda as its foundation. And the combination of this ancient beauty ritual with a touch of modern aesthetic, Forest Essential has now become India’s luxurious Ayurvedic beauty brand.

Its products are handmade with natural and fresh ingredients like gulab jal (rose water), anar ras (pomegranate extract), coconut oil, organic ghee, etc. I found that this brand’s shampoos, body wash, and bath scrubs are pretty popular among a lot of celebrities.

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Raw Rituals

This flawless and 100% genuine brand stands up to its name- Raw Rituals. It inspires homemade self-care rituals that are simple to follow and effortless to use.

It will compel you to buy its products again and again. Its products contain zero preservatives and synthetic fragrances. From its luxurious body butter and gentle face serums to its handmade soaps, it only uses essential oil, which only adds to its benefits.

Lotus Herbals

Lotus Herbals is a trusted manufacturer of herbal and organic cosmetic products. Its skincare products comprise over 5000-year-old Ayurveda method, which was then handcrafted after much research.

Lotus Herbals provides a wide range of skin, makeup and hair products that are the fruit of ancient wisdom of Vedas and Ayurvedic secrets, aligned with modern technology. Lotion and moisturisers are two of its most popular products, and people love its SPF sunscreen lotion, which gives a matte look with hydrated and protected skin.

Best organic cosmetic brands in India

Isn’t it impressive? The above brands don’t just provide organic beauty products in India but also got many environmental benefits. Remember, every skin is different and needs a different care routine.

Also, don’t get confused between Natural and organic products; Organic cosmetic brands use zero chemicals, while natural skincare products are only 50% to 60% chemical-free.

So, which of these Organic Cosmetic Brands are you going to try? Let us know. And suggest some of your favourite brands that we couldn’t mention in our trusted cosmetics list.

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