17 Best Horror Movies On Amazon Prime India with Captivating Storylines
Best Horror Movies On Amazon Prime India

17 Best Horror Movies On Amazon Prime India with Captivating Storylines

It’s a tedious task to scroll through the genre to find a chilling movie to revel in your perfect movie night. But, we all know where our search ends: a rom-com, or an action. And though a rom-com and an action movie are great choices, it’s never always the best. To spice up your movie night, we have cruised through the humongous catalog for the best horror movies on Amazon Prime India.

So, let’s pop up some warm popcorns and see what are the scariest movies on Amazon Prime?

Bollywood’s Scariest Movie on Amazon Prime India

1. Tumbbad

A tale of a little boy who had a personal catastrophe. Later, he meets a shabby lady who claims to know where a buried treasure is hidden, which leads him down the path of greed. Later, he sets out to investigate the local legend of Hastar, a monster with gold medallions.

This movie is a fusion of horror and fantasy, where it showcases how lust and greed make a monster out of an ordinary man.

2. 13B

Manohar, a regular guy, and his family moved into a new flat on the 13th floor. Later, he notices a strange series of events and is disturbed by a television show in which the spirits attempt to communicate.

Thrilling plots and suspense are scarier than horrid faces, and this movie offers just that. And with the stirring plot twist, you will find yourself on the edge of your seat throughout the movie.

3. Bhoot- The Haunted Ship

Prithvi, a bereaved shipping officer, takes up the mission to unravel the truth of the haunted ship. What could go wrong?

A gripping storyline that is not based on typical Bollywood horror movies, where the ‘ghost’ is living in a lone house. But in a ship where you will spill the popcorns with all the jump-scares and plot games.

4. Pari

Arnab, a kind-hearted man, rescues Ruksana, who seemed to be traumatised. Nowhere to go, he offers her shelter. But later, things unravel and he learns of the conspiracies and mysteries of things that are better left alone.

A story, where pari gets a really twisted and nasty meaning; and is no longer a beautiful creature with wings and magic.

5. 1920

Arjun falls in love with Lisa and marries her, abandoning his family and faith. They move into an elegant mansion, where Lisa senses an unnatural presence. When she gets possessed, Arjun must prove his love and save her.

One of the best horror movies that can give me nightmares even today (no jokes, but that’s just me being a weak-hearted coward though). However, it’s a must-watch horror movie on amazon prime.

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Hollywood’s Must-Watch Horror Movies on Amazon Prime India

6. Evil Eye

A superstitious mother thinks her daughter’s new boyfriend is the reincarnation of a guy who attempted to murder her 30 years ago. So, what is the real truth?

Evil Eye is the original amazon prime movie. This mind-bending story flows on the Asian spiritual concept of reincarnation and karma. The story displays the perfect proportion of suspense and violence. Definitely, a must-watch.

7. The Wretched

When a young boy is dealing with his parents’ impending divorce, he comes across a witch who has possessed his next-door neighbour.

The Wretched is a brisk gory mash-up of horror, a genuinely scary fusion. If you are sensitive, watch at your own risk, as it can root the nightmarish primal fears of parents and children, like abandonment, issues of trust, etc.

8. Insidious

Josh and Renai, an ordinary couple, move into their new house for a fresh start. However, their son Dalton mysteriously falls into coma, and some paranormal happenings take place.

Insidious perfectly used the concept of jump-scare, tension, and creepy atmosphere to create genuinely frightening moments. These scenes are creepy enough to crawl under your skin and leave you to wake through the night.

9. The Ring

A videotape with nightmarish clips leads to a phone call foretelling the death of the viewers. Rachel Keller, a news reporter, is skeptical of the story until four teenagers die mysteriously exactly after seven days of watching that tape. Curious, she tracks down the videotape and watched it. Now, she has seven days to unveil the mystery.

This isn’t just a movie, it’s a thoroughly plotted story with well-crafted suspense and an amazing cast. And this movie is more than just a horror, it’s a creepy thriller, and the never-ending grey sky drizzle helped in keeping that way.

10. Unsane

Sawyer Valentini, a perfectly well person, gets herself admitted to a mental care institution. What’s worse? One of the staff members is a dangerous stalker. Now, she has to prove her sanity before it is too late.

An exceptional psychological thriller movie that is scary and will keep you guessing, because you know what is scarier than horrid faces? Mind games.

Korean Best Horror Movies on Amazon Prime India

11. Train to Busan

Seok Woo with his daughter boards on a train to Busan, on her birthday to meet his wife. But the journey turns into a nightmare when a zombie apocalypse breaks out. Now all the passengers are trapped. Who all can survive this disaster?

This movie is a horror action, which also takes an emotional turn with significant character development and a satisfactory ending. It’s terrifying, it’s emotional, and it’s a must-watch!

12. The Wailing

Suspicion turns into hysteria when the rural villagers link the series of brutal murders to a stranger.
This movie is a masterpiece; all from the amazing story and outstanding casting to all its chilling plot and suspense. It is not just a horror movie, it’s a psychological thriller, suspense, mystery, demonic, black magic, epidemic movie!

13. The Grudge

Muldoon, a detective, investigates a murder scene, which somehow had a connection to the case her new partner was working on. The murders happen in a haunted house by a curse that seems to pass on one that dares to enter the said house.

This movie is the remake of the American movie ‘The Grudge’ and the original Japanese movie ‘Ju On: The Grudge’. It is a lot gory than the original pieces, although it has the same story style, but with little different plots.

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Underrated Horror Movies on Amazon Prime

14. Mama

Lilly and Victoria, two young children vanish into the woods on the day of their parent’s death. Their uncle Lucas and his girlfriend Annabel sent a frantic search team. And after five years, they found the girls miraculously in a run-down cabin. Lucas and Annabel welcome them with open arms, but as Annabel tries to re-introduce the children to a normal life she finds someone- or something still wanting to tuck the girls in at night.

Mama is purely a story of a mother’s love, blood-related or not. With, a beautiful storyline that introduces a unique combination of haunting scenes and touching moments. It’s a truly underrated movie.

15. A Quiet Place

If you want to live, then hush it down; cause if they hear you, they’ll hunt you. A family must avoid the mysterious creature that hunts with the slightest of sound, by abiding by only one rule: Silence. Evelyn and Lee are determined to find a way for their children to live without fear, and for that, they must fight back.

A fine horror movie with a sci-fi storyline. It is decently plotted with equally decent characters, since it’s all visual with minimum dialog.

16. Horror Story

A group of friends planned to meet and bid farewell to one of them, that was going abroad. Later they decide to stay at an abandoned hotel, which changed their lives for the worst.

A basic story plot, with an amazing plot twist, and intense scenes. With all the thrills and chills this movie contains, it is undoubtedly underrated.

17. The possession of Hannah Grace

A diabolical spirit lives in her body, and because of a reckless exorcism, Hannah Graces dies. Later they moved her body to a morgue guarded by an officer who experiences some paranormal events.

The possession of Hannah Grace is a decent movie with great plots and well-acted casts. This is a horror-gore and violent movie that circles around the concept of demons possessing over bodies.

Best horror movies on Amazon Prime India

Alright, so these were some best horror movies on Amazon Prime India. Which ones of these movies caught your eye?

Do share your preferences in the comment sections. And make sure your popcorns are ready and cokes chilled, before starting the movie.

Take no stress, get yourself a yum cake, and stay safe!


Raat (1992) is the no.1 horror movie, for its supernatural storyline and thriller scenes. It doesn’t go over the top to define the horror.
1. Raat (1992) 2. 1920 (2008) 3. Raaz (2002) 4. Ragini MMS (2011) 5. 13 B (2009) 6. Mahal (1949) 7. Bees Saal Baad (1962) 8. Horror Story (2013) 9. Shaapit (2010) 10. Ek thi Dayan (2013)
Dead Alive (1992) a Hollywood, is recorded as the bloodiest movie ever made.
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