9 Enchanting Fantasy Novels with Romance

9 Enchanting Fantasy Novels with Romance

Fantasy novels with Romance is a deliciously enchanting mix that makes readers go crazy. Though most of these enchanting stories appear in the young adults’ section, still there are plenty of other awe-inspiring masterpieces that need recognition.

So if you are on a constant hunt for fantasy novels with romance, where you crave some fantastic story with romantically daring characters on an adventure spree, you must check these out!

1. Rebel Of The Sands

by Alwyn Hamilton

Amani Al-Hiza, a talented gunslinger born and brought up in an unforgiving desert nation, Duskwalk. Where she will wind up dead or wed.
In haste and desperation to leave her dead home behind, Amani ends up with Jin, a mysterious foreigner.

Getting tangled up in a revolution, and discovering things that may just make her life a lot more complicated. She must find an escape or embrace the change.

A spell bounding Fantasy trilogy of Magic, Sand, and Djinns. Rebel of the Sands is a well-narrated novel that can entice anyone for their undivided attention. With all the shooting, train thefts, magical adventure under the stars, and skill-fully woven legends and stories, you’ll turn pages before the sun could hit the hay.

2. The Cruel Prince

by Holly Black

After witnessing her parents’ murder, Jude and her sisters were forced to leave everything behind and live in a whole new world. A world of magic, ball gowns, and beautiful faeries, but not every glamorous thing is pleasant. And being a human makes her more vulnerable to these pleasant dangers, and Cardan being one of them.

Living in shadows and sneaking her way through the cruel intentions of the courts, she must find her own place among these beautiful creatures, before she gets seduced by their charismatic lies and deceptive promises.

This is one cruel faerie tale. And a true page-turner. The Cruel Prince had me enthralled by all its twists and turns along with its unexpected cliff-hangers. Never would you be the same after reading the detailed description of the luscious characters and their endless void of hate and twisted Love.

3. Serpent & Dove

by Shelby Mahurin

Lou Le Blanc fled her coven and took shelter in the worst place possible- Cesarine. An unforgiving city for witches like Luo, where they are hunted and then burned on stakes.

Reid Diggory, a huntsman of a church, who lives by only one rule: Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live. And after a daring stunt by Luo, they forced these opposite ends of the earth into an impossible predicament- marriage. With secrets and unwanted feelings that grew stronger, Lou must choose between the two.

A world of unforgiving, biased men and powerful women with dark magic and intoxicating romance, a truly remarkable story of survival, faith, and resilience. And a fact that this book delivers a slow burn of enemies-to-lovers is the plus-PLUS point. Highly recommended!

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4. A Touch of Darkness

by Scarlett St. Clair

Persephone, a Goddess of spring, is a goddess in name only, for flowers wilted at her touch rather than bloom. Now all she wants is a normal mortal life with a job as a journalist, in New Athens.

Hades, the God of the Dead, built a gambling empire, and his bets are rumoured to be impossible. After an unexpected encounter, Persephone finds herself in a contract with Hades. And the terms are impossible to meet.

Persephone must cultivate life in the underworld, or lose her freedom forever. The bet reveals her failure as a goddess, as she tries to sow the seeds of her freedom while battling her growing passions against Hades- which is forbidden.

A divine retelling of Hades x Persephone in a modern world and deadly twists with dark romance. An exhilarating adult fantasy fiction, with a fresh narration of Greek gods!

5. To Kill A Kingdom

by Alexandra Christo

Princess Lira, a siren royalty and the most vicious of them all. With seventeen prince’s hearts under her bed, she is idolised across the sea. Until an unfortunate incident forced her to kill one of her own.

As a punishment, the Sea Queen transformed Lira into the thing she despises the most- human; and tossed out of the sea. Deprived of her melody, Lira has to wait until the winter solstice to deliver Prince Elian’s heart to the Sea Queen in atonement or stay human forever.

Prince Elian is the heir of the most powerful kingdom, but he finds his calling in hunting sirens. And when he rescues a woman drowning in the ocean, she is not what she appears to be. The woman swore to help him find a key to destroy all the siren-kind. But can he trust her words?

Who doesn’t love a diverse fantasy novel with romance, an evil mother, sirens, clashing kingdoms, and a perfect spice of hate with witty comebacks?

To Kill a Kingdom delivers a magically amazing experience, where the ocean crashes against the gold.

6. Crescent City

by Sarah J. Maas

Bryce Quinlan, half-fae and half-human, savours every second of pleasure that Lunathion, a.k.a The Crescent City, offers. Then a brutal murder of her friend shook the very foundation of the city and Bryce’s life along with it.

Two years later, Bryce still visits the renowned nightclubs. But now seeking only oblivion.

Then the murderer strikes again.

Hunt Athalar, an infamous fallen angel, is assigned to spy on her every step; and Bryce realises she can not run away from the truth any longer.

Now, Bryce and Hunt struggle to solve the mystery which may ripple the secrets of the city. But their dark past surfaces, leaving them in a tangled mess.

A wild tale of monsters, brutal bloodbath, searing romance, and secrets hidden in every nook and cranny of the pages; with cell phones, internet, and high-rise apartments, a very imaginative narration of modern fantasy, packed all together in an impressive series of events and fate.

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7. House of Salt and Sorrows

by Erin A. Craig

Annaleigh lives with her father, stepmother, and sisters, at Highmoor in a remote mansion by the sea. Once twelve, now eight, as four of the lives of her sisters are cut short by a series of unfortunate events. Each death, more tragic than the last, led to the whispers that circulated in the village that the family is cursed.

In addition, the disturbing ghostly visions that made Annaleigh suspicious that her sisters’ death were no accidents. Amidst all this, the girls are sneaking out at night to attend balls in silk gowns and glamourous slippers; and Annaleigh is torn between stopping them or join their forbidden affairs. Because she isn’t sure with who— or what they are dancing with?

And when Annaleigh involves with a mysterious stranger, with secrets of his own; it becomes a race to untangle the secrets before it claims her next.

A spellbinding fantasy novel with romance and suspense; a retelling of the famous fairy tale “The Twelve Dancing Princesses” with Magical events that rustle their chiffon gowns in the dark hallways. Terrifying experience with ghosts, curses, and death lurking on every twist and turn.

8. An Enchantment of Ravens

by Margaret Rogerson

Isobel, a mortal human living in a town called Whimsy. A place where humans live in a world of fair folks and immortal creatures. Being a talented artist, Isobel offers her crafts to her immortal clients, for they are incapable of doing simple human tasks, like painting, writing, or baking, etc. They crave these crafts with an intense urge. But Isobel’s paintings are costly, and now she got a royal patron— Rook, the Autumn Prince. However, Isobel commits a grave mistake. She painted sorrows in Rook’s eyes, a weakness that could cost him his life.

Furious, Rook holds a trial in his court to punish Isobel for her crime, but something is terribly wrong in his world. They are getting attacked from every corner. Now, all they got is each other, and for the sake of survival, their alliance blossoms a strong trust, which later blooms the flower of love- which is forbidden.

Now, Isobel must use her craftsmanship against the fair folk. Because her paintings pose a threat, the fair folk have never encountered in their unchanging lives: her portraits have the power to make them feel.

A phenomenal tale of forbidden love, a perfect amount of danger on a swiftly paced adventure. An idol pick for Holly Black and Sarah J. Maas fans.

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9. Sorcery of Thorns

by Margaret Rogerson

Sorcerers are evil, and Elisabeth has known it for since long. Raised as a foundling, in an Austermeer’s great library among the sorcery tools— magic and Grimoire on shelf rattling under the iron chains. If provoked, they may turn into a nightmare of ink and leather.

Then an act of sabotage released the most dangerous grimoire, and Elisabeth is accused of the crime. With no one to turn to, Elisabeth seeks aid from her sworn enemy- Nathaniel Thorn, a sorcerer, along with his mysterious demonic slaves. Elisabeth soon finds herself in a centuries-old conspiracy that poses a threat to not only the great libraries but the entire world.

However, as her alliance with Nathaniel grew stronger, she can’t help but question everything they taught her about the sorcerers, the libraries, and even herself. For she has powers she could never have guessed, which led to a future that she never imagined.

A story of a true book lover. Elisabeth is not your typical headstrong heroine, but she is ready to pick a sword with trembling hands and stand up for truth, justice, and her beloved books. So, immersed in a world of foreshadowing mystery, romance, war, magic that thrills you to edge. A delightful gem of stand-alone fantasy novels with romance.


And these were the fantasy novels with romance from my Shelf. What are yours? Share your favourite ‘fantasy novels with romance‘ in the comment section.

Also, remember you are the leading character in your story, no matter who is reading!

Stay Safe & Stay Strong!


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Romance is the most popular genre worldwide. Although, it is 90% of the time center’s around women, written by the women and is for the women; it helps one develop understanding and encourages empathy.



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