10 Morning Habits To Kick-Start Your Day
Morning habits to kick-start day. (Photo: Unsplash)

10 Morning Habits To Kick-Start Your Day

You must have heard, “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise”. But do we follow it? In this modern life, we can’t pinpoint anyone who is not following this golden rule. Because in reality, due to hectic schedules & workload, our life has become inactive and miserable. So the question arises for us. When does our morning start? When we wake up? At sunrise? When alarm rings? Or when elders give us wake up call? When does it start for you, for me & everybody else? It’s a question that can have a very subjective answer, as it differs as per individual routine and needs.

A good morning routine helps us to sort-out our daily activities in an organized manner. It not just enables one to complete everyday chores effectively, but also provides one with ample “Me-time” and “Family-time.” In this article, I’ve stated 10 morning habits that can help you kick-start your day.

10 Morning Habits to Kick-Start your day

1. Say No to Procrastination

“I’ll do it later, it’s too early” these thoughts are a common sign of procrastination. Procrastination is the root cause for all the failures we face one time or the other, like following a routine, discussing doubts, doing tasks, meeting someone etc. How to deal with it? It’s simple. I’ll do it now! Now or Never attitude is to be developed but not just as a formality but as a commitment like you do love it. You should do it as the first thing to do for better mornings as if you would miss a day pay if you delay.

2. Gratitude

Be thankful. (Photo: Unsplash)

If you had a good sleep, you should be thankful to yourself, your loved ones and nature. Thinking of something good or which brings a smile on our face not only boosts our morale but also makes us notice those minute things that we would otherwise take for granted.

3. Review previous day target

When you review any activity, you realize whether you were efficient or not. Reviewing your previous day activities lets you know the challenges faced and lessons learnt while completing a task. The review is a post-analysis for anything, which not only helps to find minute details of your success or failures but also, lets you re-arrange the tasks for better efficiency.


4. Schedule

Once you are in a good mood, your mind gets stabilized. It not only helps to calm your mind but also ensure a quality time for planning or scheduling the day. If someone is angry or agitated, then they must not plan at that time. Planning is the foundation of activities to be executed whether personal or professional and you don’t want to get on the wrong foot at the start of this race. If you are a student then you plan it for playing games, chapters to read/revise, comics to read, meet a friend and so on. In such a manner you can prioritize the things without even giving much time to it. If you are a professional, then you plan for tasks in hand, meetings to attend, pending tasks, meet a friend, time for family and so on. It becomes very important for the people who want to stay ahead in their game. Because execution without a plan is useless.

5. Motivate

Why do we need motivation? Motivation is the ‘will’ that helps us move forward. Like a toddler, who doesn’t know walking, tries to walk to grab candy or play with someone. He doesn’t know whether it is safe or not yet, he moves forward with hope. It’s the same for the adults but they lose their will after some time because they are afraid of losing and insecurity of rewards. Hence, they don’t get motivated. If we don’t prize our self, then who will? So every time you achieve something, use that to motivate yourself every morning. It boosts confidence. If possible learn from the rising sun, it teaches us to rise without giving up to follow his path without stopping for anything. We can’t be Sun but at least we can be like sunrays which give a warm welcome and light for someone.

6. Exercise

Morning habits to kick-start day
Exercise every morning. (Photo: Unsplash)

Exercise or Yoga, it helps you to focus, stay energized and increases our alertness. Exercise not only helps in making body light but also saves us from injury/strain or sprain due to sudden jerk. So find an excuse, jump, run and stretch for some time in the morning either alone or with family or friends for quality time. If still not willing to exercise, get jealous of the six-pack abs of your favourite star. So, don’t make excuses now or call yourself fit, and move your butt, a little every morning.

7. Be Active and fresh

The final villain/boss is not outside but inside. If you are not feeling fresh, then nothing will keep the stress away from you. You can get rid of laziness and other negative elements if you remain fresh and active and you’ll get rewarded for it. The more you remain active the more energy and idea you get. So, get a cool bath and stay active throughout the day.

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8. Read

Morning habits to kick-start your day
Read every day. (Photo: Unsplash)

Whether newspaper, novels, or comics or whatever you like but you must read. You speak what you read. If you read daily in the morning, it not just enables you to learn something but also helps you develop focus, analytical skills. At this time your mind is free from stress so, utilize it well. Reading is a simple exercise for the grooming of mind.

9. Breakfast

You’ll need fuel to keep going if you follow the above-mentioned points so, have a rich breakfast, as breakfast is necessary as per the experts as well as our ancestor’s guide to never set foot out on empty stomach. So keep yourself replenished especially in the morning.

10. Rehearse

After completing all the points, spread your aura around you and rehearse/visualize, as if the things you planned are happening. Follow the concept and it will happen as soon as I think. Never start your day just to get going unplanned, procrastinating and then blaming others for your failures. Successful people do not do different things, they just do it differently and with dedication.

Well, it’s all philosophical stuff that most of us lecture others about, but we don’t follow it. But I hope you would actually follow these morning habits to kick-start your day.

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